STRIVE News & Updates
June 1st, 2021
Are you, or is someone you know in the market for a new job? We're hiring! We have full time, part time, and per diem opportunities available! During the month of June, we are also offering a $500 sign on bonus plus an additional $250 bonus for those that are already DSP or MHRT certified! Click Here to browse our open positions! If you have questions about our current openings, contact Betsy Morrison at or at 207-879-0847 x207.

Here's what's happening in our programs!
Things are busy at STRIVE U! We welcomed the incoming class with a New Student Reception in mid-May. The students were able to see their new apartments and meet their roommates – we are excited for them to start their time on campus. On the opposite end of the spectrum, Many of the 3rd year students have moved into their off campus apartments. They have been settling into their space and practicing the new routes around the neighborhood. The students also spent two days cleaning up the campus, planting flowers, weeding, raking and then had a BBQ to celebrate afterward!”
STRIVE U is a comprehensive two-year residential, post-secondary educational opportunity for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. To learn more about the program, schedule a virtual tour, or get an application, please contact Olivia Fraioli, STRIVE U Admissions Coordinator at or call (207) 774-6278.
We are excited to share our schedule through 2022. We will continue to offer day and evening sections with a student social scheduled between each class. We are always looking for new topics to add to our growing list of courses. If there's a topic you would like to see developed, please let Anne Ryan know at
STRIVE WorldWIDE is STRIVE's online program that teaching independent living skills. For more information about STRIVE WorldWIDE, contact Dr. Anne Ryan at or at
This is such an exciting time of year for TOPS! On Wednesday, June 2nd at 5:30 p.m., we will be celebrating the accomplishments of 7 graduates from the TOPS program at our virtual TOPS graduation. These students, as well as our 11 returning students, have worked tremendously hard to reach this milestone during such an extraordinary year. Whether in-person or virtual, each TOPS student has persevered and pushed themselves to learn as many skills as possible. They and their families should be very proud of what they have achieved. We certainly are!
Please contact Betsy Morrison for more information about this special celebration or if you would like more information regarding the TOPS program. Betsy can be reached at 207-879-0847 or  
Interested in TOPS? TOPS (Transition Outcomes Program for Students) provides transition programming for high school students from area school districts who are typically in their 13th & 14th school year. For more information, please contact Betsy Morrison, or by phone at 207-879-0847.
STRIVE Bayside
The month of May flew by so fast! This month we were happy to have three new participants join us on site. We've welcomed Charlie, Nate and Yazmine to our “in person” sessions. They have been loyally participating in our activities through Zoom. It is great to have them here and get the group together to learn, explore and socialize.

This month we have been visiting places in our community virtually and studying why they are important to our towns. Among a variety of sites; we visited the local Town Halls and what services they provide for their neighborhood. We also learned about the different types of departments and jobs in a police station, and what a librarian does in their local library.

One goal this month has been menu planning and budgeting. Participants start out with a budget of $100. Using fliers from grocery stores to guide them, they plan three meals a day for the week. This allows them the independence to make choices and aids their math skills by having to add and subtract from their budget and even multiplying when choosing more than one of an item.

We are so proud of the efforts of our participants, they have been working very hard.  It is truly amazing how they have adjusted and handled all the changes this year.
STRIVE Bayside is a unique community supports program that is dedicated to exploring and increasing independence. Some of the goals we work on are grocery shopping, budgeting, cleaning, navigating the community, cooking and social skills. We run five days a week, Monday through Friday and have two daily sessions, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm and 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm. We operate out of an apartment in down town Portland to simulate actual apartment living. If you would like more information about our program, or to schedule a tour please contact Kim O'Connor at
Although Next STEP is currently on a hiatus due to the impact of COVID-19, please contact Betsy Morrison with questions or for more information about the program. Betsy can be reached at or 207-879-0847. 
We are ready for summer here at ACTIVE and WAVES! Groups have made the most of our outdoor area and have been creating a trail around the property through the woods as well as some beautiful garden beds. Movement group, music therapy, and outdoor games groups have all been highlights of this month. We are looking forward to beginning to transport again and explore some outdoor areas like local parks, trails, and beaches.

This month, participants on Zoom went on a Field Trip Friday adventure to the waterfall at Royal River in Yarmouth. Just in time to see the trees and flowers as green as they have been all year! Folks have also been loving Thursday morning’s music group. There, they have been exploring music from cultures all around the world and throwing in a little karaoke as well! Needless to say, program on Zoom is keeping us busy from home. Happy Spring all!

For more information on PSL Services/STRIVE's Community Support Day Programs, Active & Waves, please contact Emily at
Wednesday Night Educational Series
We just wrapped up a great series about Healthy Relationships! A big thank you to Olivia from Planned Parenthood for joining us for two weeks. Healthy relationships is such an important topic, and it's always good to revisit topics like friendships vs. intimate relationships, decision making, and the human body.

June marks the start of summer (yay!) and we thought it would be a great time to learn about some Outdoor Safety topics! We will try to cover everything we think is important to know while being outside this summer. We will start the month by discussion "sun safety", and then move on to talk about bugs, plants, the importance of staying hydrated, and staying safe while doing some of our favorite activities (riding bikes, hiking, etc.). We hope you'll join us this month!
The Wednesday Night Educational Series is held every Wednesday at STRIVE (but are currently virtual) for participants 15-24 years old. Series are between 4 and 8 weeks and topics vary from month to month! The price per series is $20-$30, depending on the series' length. Contact Olivia at for your link to join class.
We are so excited to be offering Camp STRIVE in-person for Summer 2021! Due to the ongoing pandemic, though, Camp will look fairly different this year. Since we have several other PSL Services/STRIVE programs that share our space, to ensure social distancing, Camp will be held outside under a large tent this summer. The tent has removable walls - so we can zip them on during inclement weather, and take them off on hotter and sunnier days. We will have outdoor restrooms (including an accessible option) provided for our campers and staff.

We have some updates on how camp will run this summer! --

Beginning June 1, the following will be in place:

Staff: Per federal CDC and OADS guidance, our staff will continue to wear masks/face coverings both indoors and outdoors.
Fully Vaccinated Campers Outdoors : Fully vaccinated campers can be outdoors without masks.
Un-Vaccinated Participants Outdoors: Unvaccinated must continue to wear a mask and social distance.  

Agency Transportation of Participants:
Staff: May transport up to a 3:1 ratio of 3 fully vaccinated campers to 1 staff.
Un-Vaccinated Participants: Limit of 1:1 staff and camper per vehicle and both must wear face covering.
Vehicle Owner/Driver reserves the right to require all passengers to wear face coverings while in their vehicle.

What this means for Camp STRIVE as of today:
To assist with social distancing, we will still be holding Camp STRIVE outdoors, under our tent, with a maximum of 10 campers per day. Fully vaccinated campers will not need to wear their mask, but unvaccinated campers still will. Our staff will be wearing masks/face coverings regardless of their vaccination status, per CDC guidelines for healthcare workers. On your campers first day of Camp, we will ask for their Vaccination Card so we can make a copy of it to keep on file.

The new and updated guidance also allows us to slowly reengage going on community outings with camp. We are excited for the opportunity to venture out safely a few times per week. Our plan current includes a focus on outdoor spaces such as outdoor spaces such as parks/trails/beaches, and we will continue to add other locations as possible as the summer goes on.

We will still be utilizing port-a-potties as the primary restrooms for camp, but are now able to use the inside restrooms if/when needed.

We are still working on the schedule (and now will need to revise it with this update), so we thank you for your patience as we work to piece that together. We will send along the schedule as soon as it is finished!
There are a very limited number of spots still available! If you are interested and still haven't registered, contact Olivia asap! Camp STRIVE will run June 23rd-September 3rd, from 9am-5pm (full and half day sessions available).
Camp STRIVE runs during all school vacations as well as for the full summer. Camp STRIVE offers half and full day offerings and is for campers between the ages of 11-24. For more information about Camp STRIVE contact Olivia at
After School
Although STRIVE's After School program is currently on a hiatus due to the impact of COVID-19, please contact Betsy Morrison with questions or for more information about the program. Betsy can be reached at or 207-879-0847. 
May was such a fun month for our weekly Tweens! We've been enjoying our planned-out activities, and getting to hang out together each and every Friday. Check out what we've got going on in the month of June! Interested in joining in the fun? Reach out to Olivia at for your link to join!
Tweens is a safe and fun environment to build new friendships and learn new skills for folks 11-14 years old. Structured in our Teen Center, we run every Friday from 3:30-5:30pm. We have a scheduled activity each week, with free time built in to maximize socialization. For more information about STRIVE Tweens, contact Olivia at
We had so much fun during our Friday Night's in May! It's been so great to watch so many members' social skills flourish in this online setting, and to watch so many friendships bloom, and be sustained over the past year! We've also been having so much fun putting on elaborate karaoke performances, playing some intense and hilarious rounds of bingo, and so much more. Want to join in the virtual fun? STRIVE Night is EVERY Friday from 6-9pm - contact Olivia at for your link to join us!
Friday Nights at  STRIVE, fondly referred to as "STRIVE  Night," is a relaxed but fun evening of socialization for 15-24 year olds. New members are always welcome, and your first night is free!  STRIVE Night is every Friday from  6-9pm, with at least one special "theme" night happening each month.  For more information, contact Olivia at
STRIVE 25 is always so much fun, and May was no different! We love being able to get together with peers and friends that we may not get to see often since most of us are still at home. Each time we meet, we have between 25 and 30 participants attend, which shows how important making and maintaining these connections is! Even better, we're always welcoming new members to join in on the fun! Are you new to STRIVE and over the age of 25? STRIVE 25 is the perfect way for you to meet some new friends!

In June, we will be meeting twice- June 10th and 24th! Hope to see you then!
STRIVE 25 is a social event for folks 25 and older, and typically happens here at STRIVE the first Thursday of each month (currently running bi-weekly online during COVID-19). For more information on STRIVE 25, Olivia at
May was an exciting month for the STRIVECast! We had some awesome guests join us, like John Naylor of Rosemont Market, our friend Mike Lamberti of Proper Chop Woodworking, Jeff Shaw from Maine Academy of Modern Music, and more!

The STRIVECast is a podcast brought to you by the team at PSL Services/STRIVE in South Portland, Maine — bringing you engaging, hilarious, and thoughtful conversation through one interview week by week. Co-Hosted by two young men with Down Syndrome, the STRIVECast aims to change the voices we typically hear on the radio and through podcasts, as well as to provide meaningful dialogues with all sorts of public figures in our world. We are very proud to be both hosted, produced AND edited by people with disabilities! Like what you hear? Shoot us an email at!
Thank you to our May Donors!
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Member Spotlight
Meet Lucas! Lucas is a current student at STRIVE U, who will be graduating in just a few short weeks! Lucas has been in several STRIVE programs throughout the years, including being a weekly STRIVE Night member, and a former Next Step, STRIVE Bayside, and Camp STRIVE participant! We are so proud of how far Lucas has come in the time that we've been lucky enough to support him - and can't wait to see all of the exciting things he'll do after graduation!
In Memoriam
As you may have heard, our agency lost a longtime friend and colleague last month. Bill Hughes passed away on May 10th.  Bill has worked in this field for a very long time, and was a great advocate and pioneer for people with intellectual disabilities. Right here at PSL Services/STRIVE he served in many capacities, leading the creation of our Bayside Program, overseeing Next STEP, and also overseeing STRIVE U and then STRIVE U admissions for many years. Bill was someone who did not want or need the spotlight- but was always found behind the scenes assisting in whatever way needed. Bill's obituary can be found HERE.
Bill left a mark on many of us, both personally and professionally. We will miss him deeply.
General Announcements
STRIVE has been selected by local Shaw's store leadership as the benefiting non-profit in the GIVE BACK WHERE IT COUNTS Bag Program!
For the month of June 2021, STRIVE will receive a $1 donation from each purchase of the $2.50 reusable GIVE BACK WHERE IT COUNTS Bag at the Shaw's store located at Shaw's 417 Payne Road, Scarborough!

Thanks for selecting us, Shaw's Supermarket, and to all the shoppers who pick up a bag (or 2!) this month!
Community Members Wanted!

Did you know that STRIVE hosts a monthly, free, networking group for those in our local community? The STRIVE Business to Business Networking Group is just one way that we try to be a mutually beneficial partner, with the hope of expanding the networks of our partners and local businesses. 

We are looking to grow! The group meets at noon on the last Wednesday of each month (right now we are meeting virtually). Are you or someone you know interested in joining? Contact Pete ( or Whitney ( for more information about the group and your link to join!
Don't forget, STRIVE has a new store! We've launched an online store to purchase all your STRIVE swag needs! Take a look at all the shop has to offer HERE! There are so many items to choose from AND you can customize any item by choosing the color and STRIVE logo that you want. Happy shopping!