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June 2021 /Sivan-Tamuz 5781
Our Mission Statement:
Temple Sholom is a Reform Jewish congregation that welcomes traditional and non traditional Jewish families, and individuals, aspiring to create a warm and caring Jewish atmosphere fostering inclusiveness and community. We engage in life long learning, worship, lifecycle events, and social action (Tikun Olam), while cultivating a love and understanding of our Jewish heritage and promoting the perpetuation of Judaism. Temple Sholom strives to be an inclusive and accessible synagogue, welcoming to all who wish to meaningfully participate in our Jewish community.
Temple Sholom Annual Meeting on June 6th, 1pm

It is important to attend this meeting because we vote on our new Board of Trustees and the budget. A quorum of 27 member families is needed for our voting process. Awards are also given out to members for their fine service to the Congregation.
Who will receive the Penny Margolies Award?
Achievement Award?? President's Award???

Temple Sholom Board of Trustees
Our Board meets monthly to discuss relevant topics concerning the Temple, ensure our financial stability, and membership engagement. They are a dedicated group of volunteers that give their time and energy to make Temple Sholom the best it can be.
Pamela Brander, President
Bill Nadel, 1st Vice President
Jonathan Kaplan, 2nd Vice President
Emily Serna, Secretary
Linda Nieporent, Treasurer
Jason Ross, Assistant Treasurer
Mark Nussenfeld, Immed. Past President
David Carton
David Drapkin
Geri Flood
Dan Jablon
Matt Klein
Aron Laufer
David Liss
Beth Mitchell
Lisa Rossello
Lainie Sokolsky
Honorary Board Members
Marjorie Cohen
Natalie Darwin
William Dreier
Sandra Dreier
Catherine Gilbert
Luna Kaufman
Suzanne M. Lyte
Sandra Nussenfeld
Steven Saltzman
Martin Schwartz
Susan Sedwin
Neil Smith
Lucille Taub
Karyn Weingarten
Susan Weiseman
Professional Staff
Rabbi Joel N. Abraham - rabbi@sholomnj.org
Cantor Darcie N. Sharlein - cantor@sholomnj.org
Barbara Cooke,Temple Administrator - office@sholomnj.org
Amy Levoy, Bookkeeper - bookkeeper@sholomnj.org
Andrea Redmount, Religious School Administrator - sholomrs@sholomnj.org
Thank you Temple Sholom Benefactors
Under the new Mishpakha Benefactor program, members who give 18% (Chai), 36% (Double Chai), 54% (Triple Chai), or 108% (Pillar) over the Sustaining amount are recognized as Benefactors. We thank them for their commitment and generous support of Temple Sholom.
Pillar Benefactors
Ellen Berman
Natalie Darwin
William & Sandra Dreier
Double Chai
Stacey & Austin Bender
David & Lisa Drapkin
Lynda Goldschein
Claire Greenberg
Robin Lyons
Janet Weinstein

Triple Chai
Marv & Pam Brander
David & Linda Nieporent
Dan & Ellen Wolff

Rachel & Joel Camargo
Marjorie Cohen
Roger & Adrienne Graubard
Bruce & Jill Harris
Alice Jaffe
Matt Klein & Nicole LaCorte-Klein
Jeffrey Messing & Grace Braverman
Alan Nacht
George & Marlene Pogosky
Jill & Christopher Wallis
Interested in learning how you can become a Benefactor?
Contact Pam Brander at president@sholomnj.org
Rabbi Joel N. Abraham
This message by Rabbi Abraham originally sent May 20, 2021

שַׁ֭אֲלוּ שְׁל֣וֹם יְרוּשָׁלִָ֑ם  

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Psalm 122:6

At each Bat and Bar Mitzvah service, on behalf of our movement the Union for Reform Judaism, and our youth arm, NFTY, we present a gift certificate toward a trip to Israel, because we hope that each student will get a chance to meet and visit our family there. We do this because we feel there is an important connection between being Jewish and the state of Israel.

Right now, we are all torn about what is going on with Israel. At varying levels, we feel an attachment to our Jewish homeland. Some may have lived there, some visited, or others just spent years donating to the little blue box. We also see the loss of life - of Jews and of Palestinians - as a tragedy. We are concerned not only with the survival of the state of Israel, but also how it is perceived and how we are perceived in the world. Israel is portrayed as a bully, as an apartheid state. We are ashamed and, so often, we do not know what to say or how to address such a complex situation, and so we remain silent. We may be supportive of Israel, but not of its current government. We may feel that in a time that everyone else is attacking Israel, our responsibility is to publicly be supportive, and keep our criticisms to ourselves. We may feel that, to the contrary, speaking up about what we think Israel is doing wrong gives us more credibility to defend what Israel is doing write. Or, sadly, we may be just so conflicted and without hope, that we do not even want to hear or think about it.

Please know that we believe that our congregation is a place where we can share our thoughts, grow our knowledge, and find comfort and support in each other. We have been addressing the situation, as we often do, in all of our regular venues: We have prayed for the healing of those injured on either side in our Shabbat services. At the request of one of our teachers (who is Israeli), our fifth grade students added a song for peace to the beginning of the Teacher Appreciation service they led last Friday. On Monday morning, during our Shavuot Yizkor service, the texts we studied were from Ahad haAm, that helped us wrestle with our connection to Israel, and the modern state's connection to our religion. The subject was the theme of our Friday afternoon Welcoming Shabbat and was a topic in our Tuesday morning class. Monday evening, the Board of Trustees decided that we needed to reach out to the congregation as a whole and not only let people know that we continue to make an integration of world events a part of our regular calendar, but that we make a special place for Israel, and are always available to make more opportunities to come together.

In addition, I have listed below some statements and resources from across the Reform movement, and from our Federation.

If you are struggling, reach out. If want to pray for peace with friends - join us at our Shabbat services or at the Cantor's Wednesday Morning Meditation. If you want to gather together for a conversation, let us know when is a good time and we can set up a space for sharing. If you need to speak privately, please call or e-mail me. We know that we have a wide-range of feelings about Israel in our congregation, just as Israelis, across political spectrums, also have a wide-range of feelings and beliefs. We are firmly committed to being a place where we can all come together, despite those differences, as we all hope for the same thing in the end - peace, in Jerusalem, in Tel Aviv, and in Ramallah and Gaza, as well.
Cantor Darcie N. Sharlein
Every spring after the Hebrew School year has come to a close, I like to share with you some highlights of what we did during t’filah (services) on Tuesday afternoons. This time of exploring prayer and building community with our 3rd through 6th graders is always a highlight of my week. As with everything this year, Hebrew School t’filah looked different than in the past, and I am proud of our students for being open to new experiences as we gathered over from our homes (or, sometimes cars or other spaces!).

Praying together over Zoom meant we all needed to get creative. Rather than using our Tuesday afternoon siddur (prayerbook) that we could hold in our hands, we created a digital version everyone could view on their screen. We did scavenger hunts, made art, and got really good at using the chat box to share our ideas. One time we kept things mellow with a meditative service, and one time we brought the energy up with lots of movement (dubbed our “Zoomba” service). We learned about Jewish prayer mostly by experiencing it, but also through activities and programs with silly skits. You can check out our Padlet on the Sh’ma and its Blessings section of the service as well as some original prayers we wrote exploring prayers of praise (“wow” prayers), petition (“please” prayers), and gratitude (“thank you” prayers).

It was wonderful to see the student’s faces and to sing together, even if we were mostly on mute. In past years older students were paired with younger students as prayer buddies, with the older students helping the younger ones get comfortable with services by pointing to the words in the prayerbook. While we couldn’t assign prayer buddies this year, it was gratifying to see older siblings automatically step into this role with younger siblings in those families with more than one student in Hebrew School.

Every year - at least once during the year - we ask the students to share what they are thankful for. Sometimes we write these things on post-its and put them up on the walls of the sanctuary; sometimes we share verbally in small groups or with the whole Hebrew School community. In the fall when we asked the students to use the chat box to share what they are thankful for, I was struck by the number of students who wrote they were thankful for their homes and their family. In past years these have been mentioned, but not by as many students as this year. It’s clear that the pandemic caused them to recognize the importance of these most fundamental things in their lives, and I became grateful that Hebrew School t’filah gave them the time and space to think about it.

As always, our sixth graders took turns stepping into the role of prayer leaders. Working in pairs, or sometimes as a whole group, they came up with goals for services and found ways to achieve those goals in our services. They took extra time outside of Hebrew School to do this work, brainstorming over Zoom, Google Docs, and in some cases via text message with their co-leader. They took on the challenge of finding ways to create meaningful worship over Zoom - not an easy task! 

Our sixth graders worked to find ways to make everyone feel engaged in the service, to have fun, and to connect with Jewish holidays. They explained some of the prayers so that students could think and draw or write in response. They gave time for us to feel and be inspired by the music in the service. They encouraged everyone to go outside and appreciate nature. They helped everyone get in the mood for Purim by telling parts of the story and encouraging everyone to wear silly hats and use a virtual background. This is just a sampling of their ideas from this year. I am so proud of our sixth graders and am thankful for their participation.

We know it was a tough year and are so grateful for every time a student logged on and participated in Hebrew School t’filah. Many thanks to ALL our Hebrew School students, and to all the parents as well. Parents, you made this happen and I know it wasn’t always easy. I hope we sang some of your favorite tunes, since you got to hear what was going on every Tuesday! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Pamela Brander, President
I have good news to report! Our Temple plans to open for in-person services and events on June 11th.  Given the success of New Jersey’s vaccination program, and the recent lifting of Covid-related restrictions on religious organizations, we feel confident at this time in moving toward more normal operations. This means that we’ll be able to enjoy services and social events in our traditional way—together and in person. I’m really looking forward to our 4th of July Barbeque before services, when I’ll have the chance to cook and socialize freely again. We will, of course, be taking measures to protect our vulnerable members, particularly our younger children who aren’t yet vaccinated.   We’ll soon be sharing more information concerning our reopening plans in a separate message. Many thanks to Larry Trenk and the Reopening Committee for their work on this issue.

Over the past month, we’ve taken advantage of the improving weather to get a start on our reopening plans. We’ve held outdoor Friday night services, and we’ll do so again on June 4th, for the Confirmation Service for our class of 5780. If you remember, this service was postponed last year because of the Covid epidemic. On May 23rd, the Religious School held an outdoor Congregational Education Day, which featured an ice cream truck to provide treats to the children who attended the session. This created a great opportunity for parents and their children to socialize in our upper parking lot. My thanks to Emily Serna for organizing this effort. My thanks, also, to Sandy Nussbaum, our Religious School principal, whose last day was the 23rd. We could not have gotten through the school year as smoothly as we did without Sandy’s help, and we wish her the best as her business recovers form Covid travel restrictions.

Going forward, our next big event is the Annual Meeting, to be held on June 6th, starting at 1:00 PM. This is going to be a zoom-based meeting, so check your email message of May 5th for the sign-in information or contact the office.  At this meeting, we’ll be voting on the proposed budget, and on the slate of officers and Trustees for the coming fiscal year. We’ll also be honoring this year’s recipients of the annual Penny Margolies Award, our Achievement Awards and our President’s Awards as a way of recognizing congregants who have given exceptional service to the Temple. It is especially important that you attend this meeting, both because a quorum of 27 member families is needed to conduct the Temple’s business, and because you need to participate in decision-making regarding our proposals for the coming year. I hope to see you all at this important meeting. 
Getting to know David Drapkin
How long have you been a member of Temple Sholom? I’ve been a member for about 10 years.
What makes you feel connected to Temple Sholom?
I really like the haimishe feeling at Temple Sholom. People are very down-to-earth which makes it easy to feel comfortable.
What roles do you play at the Temple? Currently, I’m a Board of Trustees member and I’m on the Buildings & Maintenance Committee and the Reopening Committee.
How do you feel you’ve made a difference in those roles?
Maintaining the Temple’s physical plant is very important to me. “The Longest Day”
Playing with my dog, Jack.
Something people do not know about you is…
I scuba dive.   
Gathering In-Person at the Temple - UPDATE
All services are weather permitting. If it rains, we will be on Zoom only. All services will be available virtually for those that are not comfortable gathering.

  • Friday, June 4th - Outside, 7:30pm - Please join the Confirmation Class of 5780 as they lead Shabbat Services in celebration of their Confirmation. Please bring your own chairs, wear a mask and sit with your family pod. (See the class invitation below.)

  • Friday, June 11th - In the sanctuary - Board Installation and Juneteenth Shabbat.

  • Friday, June 18th - In the sanctuary - June Birthday & Anniversary Service
  • Friday, July 2nd - Join us for our annual Shabbat-BBQ for the Fourth of July weekend. We'll provide hamburgers and hot dogs (also a vegan option, if requested), and some sides. Bring whatever else you want for your own family/household, and we'll have socially distanced tables set up for dinner, and services to follow.

Meet with the Rabbi - Outside - If you want to sit down with the Rabbi, just send him an e-mail (rabbi@sholomnj.org) and we'll set a time to meet.. Assuming good weather, we'll sit outside on the patio, safely distanced and masked, and have a chance to talk - face to face. Please set up an appointment beforehand, as we are not always in the building and we'd hate to have you drive over and be disappointed.

Fire pit - If your Temple group would like to meet around our new fire pit, reach out to the Temple office and we can set things up. There are some guidelines and you need to tend the fire yourself, but it's a nice way to gather, even after dark.
Mazal Tov Graduates!
Ezri Barak Abraham will be graduating from Scotch Plains/Fanwood High School and will be attending Northeastern in the Fall. He plans on majoring in Marine Biology. This summer he will be a counselor at URJ Six Points Sci-Tech Camp, where he was the pioneer camper

Ethan Banks will be graduating high school from Academy 360 in Livingston, NJ on June 17, 2021

Sari Dorn graduated from Lehigh University with her MBA. May she have continued success in her career as an engineer with Lockheed Martin

Paul Koizumi is graduating from SPFHS, as well as the Electrical program at UCVTS-UCCTI. He has enlisted in the US Navy as part of their Nuclear Power Program and will be leaving for boot camp in July. 

Avital Devorah Abraham celebrated their commencement from Ithaca College on May 23rd. They will be Head Songleader at URJ Eisner Camp this summer. Then they will be joining Woodlands Community Temple in White Plains as the Director of Youth & Community Outreach.

Emma Rothman graduated from Syracuse University from the David B. Falk of Sport and Human Dynamics /Food Studies. Emma is a Community Engagement Award recipient & a Roseanne do Scorro Gonclaves Viana Human Rights Award recipient.
Mazal Tov to our June Bat Mitzvah, Carlie Gleason
Carlie is a 7th grade student at Park Middle School in Scotch Plains. She will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on June 5th. Carlie is very much looking forward to this important day in her life and celebrating with her friends and family. Carlie loves to do everything, there is nothing she will not try. She has been practicing taekwondo for the past few years, and is close to earning her blackbelt. Recently, she has taken up volleyball and has committed to adding that to her schedule as well. Carlie is an outdoor enthusiast who can be found hiking and fishing many weekends out of the year in the Catskills. If she is not doing one of those things, we can often find her cuddled up with our two dogs reading a book. Carlie is easy going, funny and truly loves life!

Carlie and her friend, Elissa, were inspired by their mother’s work and decided that they were going to raise money for an organization called Together We Rise for their Mitzvah Project. Together We Rise is a nonprofit organization that helps the way children experience foster care. Carlie and Elissa learned that many times foster children travel from home to home with their belongings in a garbage bag, or that they do not celebrate their birthdays. This really struck a chord for them and they ended up raising close to $2500 and bought supplies for nearly 80 foster children. These supplies included 40 duffle bags with personal items, and 40 birthday and superhero boxes for the children to feel special on their birthdays.  
Mazal Tov to the Confirmation Class of 5781!

Ari Barmak . Wesley Lewis . Jordana Reisberg .
Benjamin Serna . Jay Slack . Joelle Tannenbaum

The Confirmation class customarily gets a combined gift for the Temple. We thank this class for the beautiful wooden bench with plaque that says
"For the Temple Sholom Community From the Confirmation Class of 5781"

It is a very nice addition to our patio that will be appreciated
for years to come!
Author to Speak at Sisterhood Book Club Meeting
-- Open to All Temple Members

The Sisterhood will be discussing the novel, Florence Adler Swims Forever, by Rachel Beanland, winner of the 2020 National Jewish book Award for Debut Fiction. Ms. Beanland will be attending our virtual June 22nd book club meeting at 7:30P.M.and will be providing insight into her novel, which is based on a true story involving her great-great aunt. Rachel Beanland transports readers to the summer of 1934, during the Great Depression in Atlantic City, where a tragedy occurs that changes the lives of one family. The author portrays an account of the way love can harm as often as it heals.
From the NY Times Review: “The historical moment is fraught as American Jews try to save relatives in an increasingly untenable Nazi Germany. We see cruel obstacles to immigration, and the growing chasm between European Jews and their increasingly prosperous American counterparts. This is a book about the American dream. “
 All temple members are welcome to attend and are invited to ask her questions about the book. Please rsvp to Sandi Sobel at sgs@comcast.net and to Linda Wolf at emadama70@gmail.com .
The Zoom Meeting ID is 96021322428.


Custom-designed, hand-crafted necklaces to support Temple Sholom.

These unique, upcycled pieces were donated by popular artisan fair vendor, 7 Artisan Street. 100% of the proceeds go to Temple Sholom.

Mazel Tov!
Ilana & Jeremy Barishman on the birth of their son, Noah Parker Barishman, May 1st

Michelle Shapiro Abraham on receiving her honorary Doctorate from Hebrew Union College

Jacob Schulman has been selected to be recognized as one of Union County's Unsung Heroes for the 2020-21 school year by the NJ School Boards Association
Unsung Hero Jacob Schulman
Temple Sholom member Jacob Schulman has been selected to be recognized as one of Union County's Unsung Heroes for the 2020-21 school year by the NJ School Boards Association.

The Unsung Heroes program recognizes students from across each county who model good citizenship or who achieve academic success and make outstanding contributions to their schools and communities despite disabilities, language barriers, or other personal and academic challenges. 

Jacob was nominated by the Union County Educational Services Commission. He currently attends UCESC's Work Readiness Academy based in Westfield . Jacob has been accepted into the Project SEARCH program at Overlook Medical Center for the 2021-22 school year. 

Jacob will be recognized along with the other winners at a virtual ceremony this Spring. 
by Neshama Siner
Marge suggested I co-author a song
Representing our group but I could not go along.
For forever I have known that for sure my thing
Does not included the ability to sing.
But what has always held allure for me
Has been a penchant for writing poetry.
And so here goes – my ode to we WOOOers
Starting by announcing that we are pursuers.
We gladly pursue our commonality
By meeting together every Sunday.
Whether we are widowed, or single by choice,
We gather together to give voice
To our thoughts and feelings even a topic designated.
We are individualistic and yet integrated.

Now that COVID 19 has interrupted our lives
We are grateful that ZOOMing contributes to our archives.
Marjorie Cohen, leader for our speaking organized,
We all contribute thoughts; in one hour the time flies.
Each one of us are thankful as can be
To be a supportive part of our WOOO family.
Our thankfulness includes Temple Sholom membership
And making donations to those less fortunate.
On acquiring new Temple members, we welcome them into WOOO
When the women are single, and that’s how we grew.
Lastly, I think it important to give credit
And thank Shelly Friedman for her merit
In starting our group of Women On Our Own.
We appreciate the foresight and effort she had shown!

- Not The End -

WOOO has been meeting every Sunday via Zoom since the pandemic and have been a real source of support to each other. Hopefully, they will resume meeting in person for their monthly meeting at the Temple and their monthly lunch at a restaurant.
Happy Anniversary to those celebrating in June
Lisa & Frank Rossello
Lisa & Richie Tannenbaum
Stacey & Jim Pritchett
Helena Nash & Mark Reisberg
Keren & Josh Bornstein
Adrienne & Roger Graubard
Caren & Bruce Kleinman
Andrea & Michael Tannenbaum
Elisa & Eric Brown
Sandra & Bill Dreier
Karen & David Schack
Laurie & David Liss
Rachel & Joel Camargo
Karyn & Seth Weingarten
Dona & Michael Teschner

Sara & Scott Lerner
Ilene & Ron Blitzer
Ruth & Neil Smith
Jeannette & Geoffrey Koizumi
Arlene & Ronald Loewinger
Elyce & Richard Baumwoll
Susan & Neil Sedwin
Alyssa & Edward Seiden
Judy & Marty Schwartz
Jill & Bruce Harris
June & Ira Stern
Jennifer & David Silverman
Loretta & Stephen Brickman

Happy Birthday to all those celebrating in May! (Children up to age 25 are listed)
The June Birthday/Anniversary Service is Friday, June 18th.
Ilyse Gorbunoff
Jim Gleason
Daniel Zuckman
Marjorie Cohen
Carlie Gleason
Jonathan Kaplan
Ellie Smith
David Prevost
Joseph Messing
Scott Messing
Matthew Blass
Lillian Weingarten
Marni Ginter
Sean Isaacs
Allen Darwin
Madolyn Robins
Stacey Bender
Ezri Abraham
Elizabeth Robins
David Schack
Mark Rothman
Robin Lyons
Brianna Russoniello
Walter Duralek
Lois Fisher
June Stern
Jacob Liss
Jason Piltzer
Kate Rogozin
Jennifer Silverman
Gale Miller
Jason Rosen
Marsha Bloom
Gregg Smith
Amelia Greenberg
Tami Bowling
Wendy Herzberg
Jason Ross
Jack Richard
Sandra Abraham
Ilivia Geller
Jackie Lieberman
Jessica Gorman
Kathy Korngruen
Judy Laufer
Janey Smith
Josh Seewald
Wendy Sklarin
Sophia Levine
Bernie Peckman
Maclain Geller
Lee Kate Herman
Chris Wallis
Lainie Sokolsky
Neil Smith
Marjorie Leffler
Allison Diamond
Jakob Tannenbaum
Brayden Gal
Stacey Pritchett
Aron Laufer
Elizabeth O'Brien
Robert Lowe

One way we remember loved ones is by reading their name at services on Shabbat, giving those observing the opportunity to share a memory of that person, and reciting the Mourners' Kaddish together as a community.
Yetta Bussel
Audrey Cohen
Helen Dubkin
Louis Dubkin
Manuel Garshofsky
Gerald Gold
Marcia Goldberg
Diane Gollin
Estelle Greenberg
Mark Isack
Eva Kaplan
Max Kaplan
Isadore Kraemor
Ethel Liberman
Louis Nimetz
Stanley Richmand
Barney Rothman
Anna Unger
Frank Weigl
Louis Wolfson
Marjory Zinn
Dora Bashover
Yetta Cohen
Barbara Davis
Martin Eisenberg
Betty Engel
Myrna Friedman
Helen Harris
Melvin Kay
Joe Kaziu
Helene Koenig
Oscar Kriman
Jack Leitner
Joseph Luber
Joel Moskowitz
6/11 continued
Bertha Pogosky
Max Poppel
Abe Posener
Zev Remba
Hannah Schiffman
Ruth Schoenberg
Arlene Sherer
Ellis Singer
Ava Stoloff
Fay Talbert
Seena Wahrsager
Eva Zucker
Philip Diamond
Anne Enda
David Frishman
Joel Goldschein
Rebecca Greenbaum
Anna Guterman
Marvin Isack
Ann Johan
Beatrice Joseph
Samuel Kline
Bertha Lepelstat
Claire Lerner
Pearl Liebowitz
Bernice Markowitz
Joseph Aaron Mayer
Manoli Romero-Hombrebueno
Anna Rosenberg
Hinda Schoenthal
Ida Singer
Beatrice K. Werner
Murray Zucker
Norman Banks
Esther Bibasse
Judith Cheslow
Tillie Fader
Lanny Gartenberg
Robert Gluck
Joseph Goldman
Dirk Hofman
Augusta Katz
Moe Laufer
Austin McNally
David Meyers
Rabbi Sidney Nathanson
Enid Potter
Rose Rosoff
Charles Ross
Paul Schonthal
Samuel Schwartz
Robert Silverstein
Seymour Stein
Carrie Lynn Tarvainen
Hy Tobey
Stephen Tucker
Alexander Waugh
Joseph Weinstein
Hyman Abrams
Jason Deutschmeister
Paul Einhorn
Dr. Mark Friedman
Abraham Gater
Alice Joy Gilbert
Sidney Goldberg
Lia Goldvasser
Bertha Heyman
John Jeney
Nellie Nacht

You can purchase a plaque in memory of a loved one on our memorial screen in the lobby. The screen is a touch screen and your loved one's name will automatically appear on the screen on their yahrzeit on Shabbat when their name is read at services. CLICK HERE to learn more.

DID YOU KNOW that the doors surrounding the memorial screen in the lobby are the ark doors from our building in Plainfield?
Plots Available at Mt. Lebanon Cemetery
Temple Sholom has Cemetery Plots for sale at Mt. Lebanon in Iselin. There are singles, doubles and several multiple plots available. We offer plots at well below the going rate as a consideration for our community. Non-Jewish spouses and immediate family members can also purchase plots alongside their loved ones where available. Please contact Eric Brown at 732-497-2848 with your questions and/or interest.
Consider a Legacy Gift to
Temple Sholom
Your generous legacy gift to the Endowment Fund will help ensure the future success and prosperity of Temple Sholom for generations.

Temple Sholom's Endowment Fund is now professionally managed by the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Mercer (JCFGM). Marty and Judy Schwartz will graciously contribute an additional $180 for every signed pledge card received through May 1, 2022. Help ensure the financial stability of our historic and cherished Temple. Contact Bruce Harris for further information. Bruce can be reached at marxman@comcast.net or 908-347-2206.


Login to www.smile.amazon.com & type Temple Sholom Sisterhood (proceeds go to the Temple) in the organization search bar. Select Temple Sholom Sisterhood and you are set! Same prices, products & service-but to generate donations you must always shop at smile.amazon.com instead.
Announcing the Greater MetroWest Camp Staff Collective!

Have a business you'd like to advertise here? Please contact the office
at office@sholomnj.org or 908-889-4900
Tribute Donations made in May