June Updates
A Conundrum...
Why does summer feel like vacation even if you aren't on vacation?

The world may never know. Our developers have been hard at work bringing you updates from poolside. Okay, not poolside since we had that one laptop incident, but we can always pretend.
What's New
  • Reservation disclaimer reports support disclaimers from the past version of the software.
  • The program sales report interior relies on sales (invoice) data instead of transaction (payment) data.
  • The fee disbursement reports (credit card fees) differentiate passing fees on or absorbing.
  • The program & activity expense report includes a details layer to export all at once.
  • The account credits financial report can be exported.
  • The program sales report can be exported on multiple levels.
  • The MX batch report can display an unlimited number of entries per batch.
  • The income summary report budget group level has commas within the address for export.
  • A new finance report is available to show member discount usage.
  • The Activity Start/End Date Seat Count report no longer requires manual page fit determination.

  • Public reservations can be accurately paid in full or with just a down payment if settings allow.
  • Payer members are prevented from registering even if linked into the checkout process.
  • Barcode links cannot be seen on receipts until the purchase is finalized.
  • For Authorize.net credit card forms, the credit card field is limited to 16 characters.
  • The Authorize.net connection has been updated for session state saving.
  • The spend credit checkout button has had additional checks added to it.

  • Password resets have been optimized to prevent cascades that could delay the reset process.
  • Credit cannot be issued to unapproved accounts via gift certificate or manually (if applicable).
  • Whether uploaded to account or via checkout, documents are renamed for privacy and processing.
  • The tax deductible statement in account finance includes activity dates (public and management).

  • Facilities only display Musco fields if that setting is on for the site.
  • The MyRec.com website's about page has new mission/vision statements plus a new team photo.

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