June 2021
Deepwood Drive Update
At its next meeting, June 10, the Village Board is scheduled to vote on a closing date for the sale of the western portion of the property located at 4403 Main Street to KEW Investments.  The closing, which was originally scheduled to occur in April was delayed, allowing time to complete additional required contingencies for the proposed project, including approvals for municipal water and sanitary sewer service. This action only affects the western 1.43 acres of the property. The eastern 3.45 acres (Outlot 1) will remain under Village ownership.

The project includes the construction of four single family homes on the western portion of the property. One home will face and have driveway access to Main Street. The other three lots will have homes that face and will have driveways that access Deepwood Drive. Each lot will have a 30-foot setback area from Deepwood Drive to preserve as many trees as possible. Additional information on the project can be found on the project page located on the Village's website.

The Board meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 10, 5:30 pm. It will be held virtually via Zoom. Information on how to access this meeting is at the bottom of this e-mail.
2021 Property Assessments
The 2021 assessment year will be a maintenance year for Village properties. If your property valuation is changing you will be receiving a notice of changed assessment in the mail from the assessor, Associated Appraisal, that will explain the valuation changes. The notices are scheduled to be mailed out around June 2.

If you have questions concerning your property valuation, there will be an Open Book session held by Associated Appraisal where you can meet with the assessor individually to discuss your concerns. This year Open Book appointments will be held via phone with the assessor and are scheduled to take place on Thursday, June 17 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. To schedule an appointment you may contact the assessor by phone on weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at 920-749-1995. You may also email the assessor at [email protected]. You do not need to have received a notice of changed assessment to make an appointment with the assessor.

After speaking to the assessor, if you still disagree with your property assessment you may appeal your assessment by appearing at the Board of Review. The 2021 Board of Review is scheduled for Thursday, July 15, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

More information on appealing your assessment can be found by clicking here, or by contacting Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Casey Griffiths at 262-639-3524 or [email protected].
Boat, RV, Camper, and Trailer Storage
With spring turning to summer, the use of boats, recreation vehicles and trailers picks up. As a reminder, Village ordinances restrict outdoor storage for boats, RVs and trailers. They may be stored outside between April 1 and October 31, but are required to be stored in the rear yard between the side building lines of the house and are at least 15 feet from the rear property line.

If you need to have a boat, trailer or recreational vehicle in your driveway you may do so for a period of up to five days, four times per year. You must contract the Wind Point Police Department either by email to [email protected] or phone at 262-639-3022 prior the storing your vehicle or boat on the driveway.

If you have any questions please contact the Village Administration Office at [email protected] or 262-639-3524.
Lawn and Yard Maintenance Reminders
Yard waste is picked up by the Village's garbage and recycling hauler, John's Disposal on Mondays every other week (same week as recycling). All yard waste must be put into either paper or compostable bags or permanent bins labeled "yard waste." If you are using bags you no longer need to place yard waste stickers on them.

Village Public Works crews pick up branches on the second Tuesday of every month from April through November. Please see the the requirements for branch pickup by clicking here.

Please remember that village ordinance requires lawns to be kept below 12 inches in height. If grass is allowed to grow above this height, the Village may have the lawn mowed and bill the property owner. Residents are also responsible for maintaining lawns in public right-of-way areas adjacent to their property.

For any questions, please contact the Village Office at [email protected] or 262-639-3524.
Village Committee Appointments
On May 13, the Village Board held its annual organizational meeting. The Board approved appointments and re-appointments to citizen committees:

  • Plan Commission - Liz Waterfall was re-appointed to a three-year term expiring in April 2024. The other Plan Commissioners are James Arens, Karen Jansson, Tom Knaus, Brian Biernat (trustee representative), and Susan Sanabria (chairperson). There is currently one citizen representative vacancy.

  • Board of Zoning Appeals - Angie Burwell and May Chovan were re-appointed to a three-year term expiring in April 2024. The other members are Bill Bensman (chairperson), Linda Schubring, and Tim McGuire (alternate).

  • Architectural Review Board - Reappointed to one-year terms were John Murphy, Rob Loppnow, Jim Winsjansen, Dan Wade, Jay Hammes (trustee representative) and Brian Biernat (chairperson).

The Village Board also approved standing committees and assignments. These are sub-committees of the Village Board. The Communications and Community Relations Committee and the Committee of the Whole were created, bringing the total number of standing Committees to six. Each member of Village Board serves as a chairperson of one committee. Below are the standing committee assignments. 

  • Personnel, Finance & Insurance Committee - Don Gloo (Chair), Casey Jones, Susan Sanabria
  • Public Works, Utilities & Environment - Marty Meissner (Chair), Brian Biernat
  • Parks, Recreation, Facilities & Lighthouse - Casey Jones (Chair), Don Gloo
  • Public Safety - Jay Hammes (Chair), Mike Rohrer
  • Communications & Community Relations - Mike Rohrer (Chair), Susan Sanabria, Linda Johnson (citizen member).
  • Committee of the Whole - Full Village Board
Open Burning Regulations Update
The Public Works & Environment Committee, at their meeting on May 5 decided to not move forward with any changes to the Village's open burning ordinance. Several residents spoke who were opposed to any additional regulations on banning open burning in Wind Point.

As a reminder controlled burning of yard waste materials is permitted between the hours of noon and 7 p.m. The fires must be at least 10 feet from the property line and may not burn wet, combustible rubbish, garbage, oily substances, asphalt, plastic, rubber products or other material which creates dense smoke or causes a nuisance.

The Village encourages residents to take advantage of the yard waste and branch collection service as a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to burning. If you must burn yard waste, please remember these guidelines to keep the fire safe and reduce the smoke:

  • Choose a safe location, away from structures and other overhead hazards such as trees.
  • Keep your burn pile small and manageable. Small piles are much safer than larger ones.
  • Only burn on clear days with little to no wind. The clear sky will allow the smoke to dissipate quickly and the lower wind will help keep the fire contained and prevent smoke from disturbing your neighbors.
  • Please avoid burning wet leaves as these can cause a tremendous amount of smoke.

If you have any questions regarding the Village's burning ordinance please contact the Village Administrative Office at 262-639-3524 or [email protected].
Nextdoor Mailing
Residents may have recently received a letter asking them to join "Nextdoor." "Nextdoor" is a hyperlocal service and social networking site for neighborhoods. Users of the site are required to submit their real names and addresses to the website in order to join. Posts that are made to the site are only available to other "Nextdoor" members that are living in the same neighborhood. If you received a letter from "Nextdoor" it is an invitation to join the site. When an individual within the neighborhood joins they have the opportunity to invite others in the community to sign up.

While the letters are not technically a scam, you should always exercise caution when engaging in any online activity or joining social networking sites. The typical topics that are posted to "Nextdoor" include information on local news and events, reports of lost pets or property and members asking for recommendations on local home services such as lawn care and home repair services. However it has been reported that fraudulent contractors or scammers have used the platform to defraud individuals. While "Nextdoor" is registered with the Better Business Bureau, it is not accredited with the BBB and has hundreds of negative reviews.
Village Board Updates
The Village Board of Trustees met for a regular meeting on May 13, 2021. The following actions took place at the meeting:

  • Approved an agreement for publicly owned tree inventory services with Kevin Nolan on all Village owned land, parks and right of way areas.
  • Approved a resolution supporting state legislation banning the application and sale of coal tar sealants.
  • Received an update on the April Community Safety meeting.
  • Approved an ordinance and amended the regulations for use of the Village Green athletic courts. The courts can be used for tennis, pickleball and basketball.
  • Approved an ordinance that defined the Village Board's standing committees.
  • Approved the 2021-22 Committee Appointments
  • Discussed a return to in person meetings. The Village Board requested that the Village Administrator research options to allow for in person meetings with a virtual option.
  • Approved the third amendment to the purchase and sale agreement with KEW Investments for 4403 Main Street (Deepwood Drive).
  • Approved the increase to full capacity outdoor Lighthouse and Village Green rentals.
  • Discussed ending the Village's contract with the City of Racine for public health services and joining the establishment of the Racine County Division of Health. The matter was tabled pending additional information.

Please note that this is a summary of the actions taken and discussion had at the meeting. All Village Board meeting minutes can be found here. Minutes are posted online after approval by the Village Board.

The next regular meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 10 at 5:30 p.m. at the Village Hall (Wind Point Lighthouse). Information on how to access the meeting via Zoom is below:

Phone Number: 312-626-6799
Meeting ID: 913 1659 6491
Passcode: 227502
Village of Wind Point, Wisconsin
215 E. Four Mile Rd.
Racine, WI 53402