IDDSI & Student Interprofessional Practice: Massey University’s IDDSI Case-based Modified Food Texture Workshop
Take a look at how one University is bringing students from Speech Language Therapy and Dietetics to work together collaboratively as they learn more about IDDSI:
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Our thanks to Emily Jones, Senior Professional Clinician, Massey University, Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy (Hons) programme. Auckland, New Zealand for submitting this article.
At Massey University, our Bachelor of Speech-language Therapy (Hons) programme and the Master of Nutrition and Dietetics students work together to assess, plan and provide intervention for patients with feeding difficulties and dysphagia across the lifespan. As part of our Adult Dysphagia, the goals for our IDDSI Modified Food Texture Workshop are for the students to communicate and work together when planning meals for patients requiring a modified diet. As part of their Food Service Course, the dietetic students produced various meals following International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) categories:
  • Level 7 – Easy Chew
  • Level 6- Soft and Bite-sized,
  • Level 5 – Minced and moist,
  • Level 4 – Puree. 
The SLTs audited each one using the IDDSI implementation audit tools.
Highlights: The DT students made sandwiches in all 6 IDDSI categories. They described the process of making the Level 4 sandwiches appear as close as possible to Level 7 (see photos). One group created ‘south Indian’ inspired Level 4 & 5 fish, using moulds and spices, which was very tasty and a favourite for the clinical educators and students.

Using case studies, the students discussed, and problem solved issues such as patients’ delayed rate of feeding, being dependent on caregivers and having reduced oral intake due to fatigue. They also discussed the difficulties of foods continuing to thicken on standing, which then changed the desired texture. Using case studies inspired the DTs’ creativity with food preparation and presentation as they considered the patient perspective. Similarly, the SLT students appreciated the efforts to present the modified foods in a palatable and visually pleasing way to encourage patient engagement.
The workshop allowed our students to experience modified foods first-hand and problem solve as a team. We know that by working together while training, the relationships, teamwork and communication will continue into their professional lives.

Thanks to Dr Mershen Pillay & Annabel Grant (SLT academic and clinical educator), Alice Towgood (Registered Dietitian and clinical educator), Bachelor of Speech Therapy Students (Year 3) and Master of Nutrition & Dietetics students (Year 1).
Global Updates
Australia:  Australia held their first IRG meeting on June 11, 2021, with over 20 participants expressing interest in being part of the Australian IDDSI Reference Group (AUIRG).  IDDSI was formally adopted in 2016 with the support of Dietitians Australia, Speech Pathology Australia and the Institute of Hospitality in HealthCare. The AUIRG will focus its efforts to guide, foster, advocate, facilitate and support the emerging & ongoing implementation and use of IDDSI in Australia.  A follow-up meeting is planned for mid July 2021. If you are interested to join the Australia IDDSI Reference Group, please contact the Australia IDDSI Reference Group.
Brazil:  BRASPEN, or the Brazilian Society of Enteral and Parenteral Nutrition conducted a livestream on their Instagram on May 26, 2021 with the theme "IDDSI in Brazil: Why standardize food consistency?" The event engaged 1,209 people, who accessed it during the live broadcast. The audience count reached 256 people at the same time watching the entire live event. The livestream lasted about 50 minutes and it received 1,203 likes.

A BRASPEN - sociedade brasileira de nutrição enteral e parenteral realizou uma live em seu perfil do Instagram no dia 26/05/2021, com o tema: IDDSI no Brasil: por que padronizar a consistência dos alimentos? A atividade conseguiu alcançar 1.209 pessoas que acessaram a transmissão AO VIVO. Tivemos um pico de acessos (256 pessoas ao mesmo tempo assistindo a um inteiro ao vivo). A LIVE durou cerca de 50 minutos e recebemos 1203 likes.
Chile: The Chilean Society of Dysphagia met with IDDSI in June to organize the start up of an IDDSI Reference Group leadership team in Chile.
Canada: The Canadian IDDSI Reference Group (CIRG) members hosted a virtual "Canadian Industry Partner Forum" on June 22, 2021. Over 100 vendors, distributors, and manufacturer representatives attended. The presenters at the industry forum shared information and tips about operationalizing IDDSI in the healthcare setting, product labelling and full transition to IDDSI labels, IDDSI education and training for industry partners and IDDSI testing procedures. Many thanks to the planning team!
D-A-CH IRG: Die IDDSI Referenzgruppe für D-A-CH organisiert für den 07.10.2021 von 17:00 - 19:00 einen Online-Workshop zur praktischen Durchführung der Prüftechniken. Mitglieder der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Dysphagie (DGD) informieren sich demnächst über den internen Mitglieder-Bereich der DGD-Webseite. Maximale TeilnehmerInnenanzahl: 60.
France:  The IDDSI presentation team of Ellen Andrews, Marie-Josée Tessier and Annick Cote from Canada presented a French IDDSI 101 webinar for an audience in France and French speaking regions in Europe. The webinar was generously organized and supported by IDDSI Silver Sponsor, Nutrisens. Over 1000 people registered for the webinar! Many thanks to Nutrisens. 
Hong Kong:  The Hong Kong IDDSI Reference Group (HKIRG) will be hosting their launch meeting on June 30, 2021. If you are interested to join the Hong Kong IDDSI Reference Group, please contact the Hong Kong IDDSI Reference Group.
India:  IDDSI is seeking volunteers to be part of a newly formed India Reference Group, representing diverse stakeholders including speech-language pathologists, health care professionals, food industry representatives, patients with feeding and swallowing disorders and their caregivers. Previous involvement in IDDSI guideline development or implementation is not a requirement. For further information and application, please contact the Indian Reference Group.
Italy:  IDDSI wishes to establish an Italian reference group, and seeks volunteers and professionals including health personnel, speech and language therapists, food industry representatives, care institution chefs, and persons with eating and swallowing disorders or caregivers to be part of the group. Previous involvement with IDDSI guidelines are not a prerequisite. For more information, contact the Italy IDDSI Reference Group.

IDDSI intende formare un gruppo di riferimento in Italia e cerca volontari, sia nel mondo sanitario che in ambito logopedico, fra i rappresentanti del mondo dell’industria alimentare, dei responsabili delle strutture sanitari assistenziali di vario tipo e delle persone con difficoltà nell’alimentazione e nella deglutizione o dei loro care-givers per costituire il gruppo. Il precedente coinvolgimento nell’elaborazione delle linee guida IDDSI non è un pre-requisito. Per avere maggiori informazioni si prega di contattare Italia gruppo di riferimento.
Malaysia:  The IDDSI Reference Group launch meeting was held on June 2. The MYIRG is now planning next steps to foster, guide, advocate, facilitate, and support IDDSI implementation in Malaysia. If you are interested in joining the MYIRG, please contact the Malaysia IDDSI Reference Group.
United Kingdom:  The UK IDDSI Reference Group (UKIRG) is here! The UKIRG has been meeting over recent months to discuss ways to take the implementation of the IDDSI framework to the next level. 
To get the ball rolling, the group has been developing a questionnaire to gain insights from a broad range of HCPs into the current level of IDDSI knowledge and understanding.
The feedback from the questionnaire will provide valuable information and will support the group to channel their focus for the activity required to strengthen and expand the current understanding and use of the IDDSI framework in the UK.
More updates about the launch of the questionnaire will come in the next E-bite.
United States: The USIRG continues to be very active, and has provided a Q&A to inquiries about regulations around IDDSI and what is/isn't required. Read their update here.
The IDDSI Website
Wanting the latest update on IDDSI implementation in your country?  Go to our website and click on a flag to see what is happening. A number of countries have been busy developing resources to help support implementation. Check out these great examples of ways to support implementation in your country.
If there doesn't seem to be a Reference Group for IDDSI implementation in your country, consider contacting us to find out how to set up an IDDSI Reference Group.

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IDDSI Webinars
The Science Behind IDDSI Testing Methods
On June 3, Dr. Ben Hanson presented on The Science Behind IDDSI Testing Methods. We are happy to report that we will rebroadcast the webinar on August 23rd, 2021 at 3:00 PM Pacific Time (6:00 PM Eastern / 10:00 AM Auckland +1 day) and attendees will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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IDDSI 101: Introduction
Tuesday, July 6, 2021
IDDSI 201: Testing Methods
Tuesday, July 20, 2021
IDDSI 301: Implementation
Tuesday, August 3, 2021
Insights from New Zealand Implementation
Tuesday, August 17, 2021
Save the Date: September 23, 2021

Getting Ready for IDDSI: An International Implementation Process in Clinical Practice.
This webinar will feature an international panel of presenters (sponsored by IDDSI Platinum Sponsor, Nestle HealthScience).

Stay tuned as we will release registration details in the upcoming weeks.
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IDDSI in Action
  • Latin American Dysphagia Congress (CLAD) / II Congresso Latino Americano de Disfagia (CLAD), July 15-17, 2021
  • Japanese Society of Dysphagia Rehabilitation/World Dysphagia Summit Congress, August 20-23, 2021
  • Taiwan Association for Dysphagia (TAD) Assembly, August 28, 2021
  • DGD IDDSI Online Workshop, October 7, 2021
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