Congratulations Class of 2022!
Our stellar seniors have officially graduated from high school and the BLCI program! A beautiful and intimate ceremony was held at the Bali Hai Restaurant where our students, parents and supporters were able to gather to celebrate all the hard work our seniors have been putting into getting to college. We would like to thank our supporters for the lovely reception afterward where everyone was able to come together and finalize the celebration of our departing seniors.

This week our seniors have been participating in our College Readiness "boot camp" at the Barrio Logan site as one of their final requirements before we officially send them off in the fall! We couldn't be more proud of our seniors and all of their amazing accomplishments. Lastly, we would like to thank all of our supporters for seeing our vision and sticking by our side. We are grateful for your support in being able to give our students the gift of education! Congratulations to the Class of 2022!
CEO Sara Boquin delivering her remarks to the class of 2022
Union Bank Regional President Isai Amaya awarding seniors monetary support awards
BLCI staff posing for a group picture after the end of a successful graduation ceremony
GOALLL! Scoring Big At SD Loyal Game
BLCI students and families had the wonderful opportunity to attend an SDLoyal match! SDLoyal was up against Orange County SC where they were victorious with a score of 2-1. Our BLCI students and their families were able to enjoy this very exciting game in the Sunset Suite thanks to a generous supporter. Everyone in attendance was very excited to cheer on our beloved home city soccer team. Go SDLoyal!
BLCI family enjoying the SD Loyal Sunset Suite
BLCI family capturing great views of the SDLoyal vs Orange County SC game
BLCI Family cheering on SDLoyal after scoring their first goal of the game
BLCI Students Get Creative!
Barrio Logan site students and families were given the opportunity to participate in interactive workshops hosted by the New Children's Museum. During these workshops, they were able to express themselves through art by engaging in an Imaginative Storytelling workshop.

They wrote and created books on the topic of their choice. One student created an art book about her life. She included headshot drawings of the people in her life inside and outside of school. Others created stories around animals, and nature. Students and family members were heavily active throughout the event.

They also participated in a workshop that centered around sharing what change they would like to see in the world and/or what problem they would like to address. They did this by painting on canvases that were then showcased at the New Children's Museum on the 25th of June. At BLCI, we like to emphasize how important it is for our students and families to be engaged in various activities for holistic development, one being getting creative. Thank you to the New Children's Museum for this fun and amazing opportunity.
Two students working together on envisioning a better world
A group of Barrio Logan students painting a social change canvas
Students working together to create their art pieces for the museum showcase
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Thank You, Bank of America!
We’re honored to be named a grant recipient by Bank of America. The bank sees our efforts in breaking the cycle of poverty through education and with this contribution, we’re able to continue this crucial work.
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