I recently participated in the inaugural meeting of the Indiana Civics Education Commission, created as part of HB 1384 and signed into law last year. As you may remember, in addition to creating this new Commission, the legislation also calls for the creation of a new semester course in all Indiana middle schools on civic education, which will go into effect in the fall of 2023. As I sat in the meeting next to Lt. Governor Crouch, the Chair of the Commission, I briefly reflected on the significance of this policy change and the role that the Indiana Bar Foundation (Foundation) played in it. 
I was incredibly proud and honored to represent the Foundation as a member of the Commission, which recognizes the critical work the Foundation did in partnership with so many people to lead this effort. As a supporter and stakeholder of the Foundation, I hope you also appreciate this significant achievement and know that you had a hand in making it happen through your support of the Foundation and its work. It was a great reminder that collectively we could make great things happen!
I look forward to continuing to expand the Foundation’s outreach and partnerships to advance our collective mission to improve civic education and legal assistance for all Hoosiers.