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Stop Chasing the Carrot - Start Embracing Radical Wholeness
When it comes to work, life, and love, we all want to find our voice and live a more authentic life. To do that, we need to step outside of our comfort zone and break free from the status quo. But how? To truly be ourselves, we need to stop striving for perfection and seek radical wholeness instead. Radical wholeness is about connecting deeply with yourself so that your work, life, and relationships flow from a sense of wholeness, authenticity, and well-being. 

There must be something more than quick fixes, escaping from issues, or chasing success. You want to remember who you are and the opportunities that are open to you. You want wholeness. You are ready for a WholeHearted experience. They understand you. They agree with you and want to support you to live the way you want to live. They look forward to meeting you and welcome you to take a new journey.

Heather Thalheimer, David Young and Sarah Oben formed WholeHearted LLC in 2020. They each bring different strengths to WholeHearted. Heather is a speaker, content creator, the voice of Four Minute Fridays and the author of Being WholeHearted: Finding new ways of thinking and living. David, a coach and speaker, assists groups in healing from collective trauma, reestablishing healthy communication, and loving fearlessly. Sarah supports the mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical well-being of those she works with. She is the creator of Meditation Monday and co-facilitates Radical Wholeness with David and Heather.

Heather, David, and Sarah believe that everyone is whole and through Radical Wholeness Live, an on-line program, you will master a brand new way of life in just 10 weeks.

WholeHearted is a leading platform in the personal growth and spirituality sector. Individuals from a variety of professions and fields, including healthcare, education, coaching, and consulting, as well as science and engineering, are part of the Radical Wholeness community. This community continues after the Radical Wholeness series and participants can join the Monthly WholeHearted Café, allowing them to maintain and develop the level of awareness they developed and the relationships they formed during their wholehearted journey.

Heather contacted SCORE because she remembered the organization from many years ago. She said, “You don’t know what you don’t know. SCORE provided more than I expected thanks to my mentor, from online seminars to tax and website assistance. Ongoing support is critical as we develop our enterprise.” WholeHearted LLC will be expanding their offerings to include nutrition, and working with teams or groups including teachers and business leaders on how to apply wholehearted living in the workplace.

All of us have different values, objectives, and ambitions. It's fine if some people want to earn A's, win prizes, or earn six figures; however, it does not mean that you must be in a state of chasing and trying to get somewhere else in your life. You must feel fulfilled with the life you have today, not the life you're trying to build tomorrow. That kind of fulfillment is actually more conducive to a life of growth than any kind of achievement-based thinking. That's right—peace, wholeness, and well-being may be the best vehicle towards your objectives and goals. Stop chasing the carrot! 
Visit WholeHearted LLC https://www.beingwholehearted.com/ to learn more about the services they offer. Also, check out their podcast https://beingwholehearted.podbean.com/ (also, available on Spotify).
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