I was a stranger and you invited me in..." 
Matthew 25:35 NIV
Current Events
These tickets are available at Frederick Place and at any of our brat sales. Also, watch for "pop up events" on our Frederick Place Facebook page. We will keep the running total updated on a weekly basis on our Summer Raffle Facebook Event, at the sales events, and in this newsletter.

The total keeps getting larger - you could be the lucky winner!
Due to a conflict with another cornhole tournament and wanting to make this a successful first year event, we have decided to change the date and moved it back one week to July 23rd. Please use the QR code in the poster below or call to get your team registered.
Upcoming Events
Past Events
On Sunday, June 5th, we completed the second largest annual fundraiser for NATH, "Bill Miller Memorial Golf Tournament." The event was held at Northwood Golf Club, and, as it has always been, it turned out to be a beautiful day!

Fourteen teams registered to play this year. With registrations, raffles, and sponsorships just under $5,000 was raised to help continue the operations of Frederick Place. This event is also another example of the great volunteer partners we have.
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Volunteer Corner
Volunteers Make a Difference
Many volunteers have been helping us over the years and the saying is true that it does "take a village" to keep the doors of Frederick Place open. We could not have helped the over 900 unduplicated individuals if it weren't for these great people. Thank you!
As you can see we have a very busy summer ahead of us. If you have ever thought of volunteering for one of our fundraising events, now is the time. Click on the button below for all of our volunteer opportunities. Many events would allow you to bring your whole family to volunteer together.
Thank you in advance.
Tribute Corner

In Memory of:

James Ronyak
Harry Kroll
Debbie Myers

In Honor of:

Ron Zaffrann
Partner Corner
Grant Awarded
Thank you to Wisconsin Public Service Foundation for your $2,000 grant award. These funds will be used to cover the cost of 16 residents for 2 weeks. The average cost per day per resident is $55. This covers 24/7 staff, case management, meals, personal essentials, utilities and much more.
Continued Partnership
We would like to thank the volunteers and those who shop at St Matthias Thrift Shop for their continued partnership with us. The dedication and support they provide is very much appreciated, not only for those experiencing homelessness, but for other non profits in the northwoods as well. If you haven't checked out their shop or donated to them, please consider checking them out.
Second Year Grant Awarded
Our continued partnership with American Family Insuance Agent, Chad Swanson has lead us to the award of $5,000 for the second year in a row. Chad and his agency have sponsored many of our events and he is currently an active director on the NATH Board.
Thank you American Family Insurance Dream Foundation!
In the words of a resident
Board Corner
The Beauty Around Us

Although the hostas blooms have left us here at Frederick Place for this season we hope that you were able to see their beauty out front of the shelter. If you have enjoyed their beauty over the years you can thank Forth Foral and Hansen's Garden Center for donating the plants over the years, as well as Jim Barnes, NATH Board of Directors member and current chair of our facilities committee.

The two flowering trees out front were originally purchased from Birchwood Nursey with funds donated by Dr. Mike and Jule Henry, the late Bill Miller and his wife Carol, as well as John and Pat Larson. When trying to decide who "donated" what tree, John joked with Tammy Modic about which of the trees she could see best from the office, as that is the tree he wanted to be from Pat, Mike, Jule and himself.

If you are interested in becoming a board member or a committee member, please contact Tammy Modic at nathnorthwoods@gmail.com for more information.
Staff Corner
Also watch for a full-time position that will be posted in the next week or so.
Executive Director Corner
Tammy Modic
Resource Fair
This tri-fold was created to provide information about NATH - Frederick Place, as well as publicize upcoming fundraising events. Tammy Modic took the tri-fold board to Northern Advantage Job Center's recent Resource Fair, to help bring awareness tothe community about those experiencing homelessness and NATH - Frederick Place.
Faces of NATH
Guest Writer - Joy Smogor
Hand Up Not a Hand Out
Guest Writer – Joy Smogor

Due to the pandemic, I had suspended my volunteer work as “Support Staff” at Frederick Place. Recently Tammy asked if I had a few hours during the month of June that I could contribute so she and Katie could have some quality administrative collaboration time. So, I returned on Tuesdays for a 4-hour shift. As “Support Staff” my responsibilities are: to answer the telephone, to answer the door bell, to help residents with tasks as able, to assist with clerical duties, to perform light housekeeping, to prepare food, etc. These are all tasks that take paid staff away from their work many, many times throughout their work day. My first day back at Frederick Place, something really remarkable happened. I
experienced 4 examples of the true “Faces of NATH.”

The front doorbell rang and I answered it. It was an older gentleman who had just returned from Europe with a suitcase full of baby formula. He had extra, so he stopped by the shelter to see if it was needed. Though there were no babies in the house at the time, Katie accepted the donation explaining to the gentleman which agencies she would contact to see if they had a need. When offered a receipt for his gift, the gentleman refused.

The telephone rang and I answered it. It was a man (who turned out to be from the mill in Rhinelander) who asked if he could donate an excess of cooked meat from a BBQ held that afternoon. When told, “Yes!” he and a buddy showed up at the door with 5 huge bags of hamburgers and 1 bag of hotdogs. When offered a receipt for their gift, the guys refused, saying they were just happy the food was not going to be wasted.

The resident doorbell rang and I answered it. It was a gentleman who was donating 6 dozen eggs to the house. It turned out that it was the man’s son who raises the chickens, and they were unable to use all the eggs they produced. When offered a receipt for this gift, the gentleman refused. He was just happy the eggs would be used.

Last, the front doorbell rang again and I answered it. There was “Jim” standing there with a homemade strawberry rhubarb pie. He said that he dropped off a pie periodically as baking was a hobby of his. When asked if he wanted a receipt for his gift, he said, “No, I only want to get my pie plate back.” As it turned out, Katie took one look at the pie and said, “Jim?” Then she immediately sliced into the beauty!

So, what do these examples all have in common? By coincidence all the gift givers were men. By coincidence they were all sharing food so it wouldn’t get wasted and others wouldn’t be hungry. All the gifts were given magnanimously.

These, and many, many others who give without needing recognition, are truly the
Faces of NATH.
Wish List
Meal Providers
Meals Needed
Ever ask how you can help? Become a meal provider for the residents of Frederick Place. There are multiple ways that this can happen.

  1. You can make the meal at home, or pick up something from a local eatery and deliver it to Frederick Place.
  2. You can drop off ingredients for a meal and either staff or residents can cook the meal for the evening meal.
  3. You can bring the ingredients and cook the meal at Frederick Place and then stay and eat dinner with them.

We will call you the week prior to let you know how many residents we currently have at the house and if there are any known allergies. You will normally be cooking for approximately 16 residents and 1 staff member. You can make whatever you would like to make, we ask that you also bring a gallon of milk for dinner as well.
We have changed the way we are having people sign up and will begin to utilize Sign Up Genius for this volunteer endeavor as well. You will find the calendar below, marked with symbols that represent days that need meals. Sign Up Genius with the most updated calendar. If you would like to help out, click on the button below and find a date that will work for you and sign up to bring a meal. It is a way to bless many with one simple act of kindness.
Ways to Support NATH
It costs $50 per day per resident to call Frederick Place home.
You do make a difference.
Kwik Trip cards available at Frederick Place - 204 W Frederick St Rhinelander
Frederick Place
204 W Frederick St
Rhinelander, WI 54501
Phone: 715-369-9777