Volume 23 | June 2022

New Website, Repairing Old Devices, Zebra Device Tracker, and Much More!

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Our New Website is Finally Here!

We teased it back in January and were hoping to have it live by early spring. But, as always, we keep finding things that we want to do better. After all, how can some pictures and words adequately describe what a great place the EMP Tech Group is for our employees and customers? Click below to learn more about the site!

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Repair Your Old Device or Order New? 

It is a question that we are helping customers grapple with almost daily. Should I repair my old device or order a new one? The answer increasingly is do both. With lead times sometimes stretching out to almost a year, repairing your broken device and ordering new ones at the same time can be the option that makes the most sense. Want to learn more? Click below!

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Barcode Match to Minimize Mistakes

Do you ever need to make sure that the correct product/label is shipping to the correct customer? We have run into this application many times at EMP, which is why we created a custom EMP solution for this named, "EMP Matchcode". In this application, we are matching the barcode on a roll of labels to the job ticket to ensure the correct roll of labels is shipping out. Click below to learn more

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Rapid Development Applications

Our newsletters and particularly our Customer Solutions have talked about rapid development applications many times in the past. There are several of them out there in the market, and every time a new one comes to our attention, we benchmark it against the old tried and true one that we have been using for years, MCL. Want to find out more? Click the article below

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Zebra Device Tracker

We have been watching this product from Zebra for some time now. Searching for a product that will always know the exact location and status of all your mobile computers. Notifications if a device goes missing or doesn’t check-in for a period of time. Well, we are almost there! Click below to learn more!

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GoZebra Trade-In Program

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