June 2022 News & Events
Are You Interested in Joining BAT ??
Our barrier assessment teams are getting outdoors and getting their boots wet!! We have fun and do good work for fish in our state helping to identify streams with fish barriers so watersheds can be "reconnected" and native fish can reach their natal spawning grounds and pristine habitats. If you have been thinking of joining the TEAM please let us know and we will contact you when the next available training is in your area; or an area that is close to you.
Check out our BAT page HERE to learn more.
BAT Training Success
On June 3rd & 4th the weather held & WCTU was able to complete a BAT training session in Ellensburg. It was a great success, and a fun day learning all about culvert assessments from Staff trainer Erin Eaton and Volunteer trainers Steve Miller and Carl Bevis. Two TU Chapters (Yakima Fly Fishers and Yakima Headwaters) will be teaming up to do BAT work up in the Naches watershed this summer led by Erin Eaton.

Many Thanks to Yakima Fly Fishers TU Chapter members Kevin, Gatlin and Matt for joining the team!! Pat from Yakima Headwaters also joined the new BAT brigade!!
Bat Training coming to the North Sound Region
WCTU has worked with the USFS performing culvert assessments in several areas of the state. Most recently in the ‘Greenwater area’ north of Mt. Rainer. We have now been asked by USFS Mt. Baker Snoqualmie District to do similar culvert work in the Darrington area this year. The Darrington/Middle Fork of the Stillaguamish area is the region of work and is part of the North Sound Chapter area. We are going to need around 4-5 people willing to train to perform BAT survey work in that chapter area. Anyone can join the training classes but they do have to join TU if not already a member which is the agreement we have with WDFW in order to join the class. Introductory membership for first time members is only $17.50. Click here to JOIN.

Dean Campbell will be heading up the BAT team and overseeing the project with the USFS for the North Sound Chapter.
Thank you Dean for stepping up to this new role!!

Watch for a BAT training class in the coming months to the North Sound Chapter area!!
Spotlight On Chapters
North Sound Chapter Speyapalooza Success!!
"The North Sound Chapter of TU hosted their 4th annual and first post-COVID Speyapalooza event at the Howard Miller Steelhead Park on the Skagit River this May. About 100 attendees were greeted with lots of good food, vendors from around the area offering their latest and greatest rods for demo, and several presentations throughout the day - on subjects from casting, to in-hand fly tying, to scientific research on the Skagit River and more. A highlight of the day was listening to Bill McMillan present on his several decade long spawner survey studies along the Skagit - a highlight film on Bill's accomplishments and dedication to steelhead recovery and stewardship should be available later in 2022". Photo & report courtesy of Jonathan Luthanen.
Kitsap Olympic Peninsulas Chapter teaching kids to fly fish!! What a success and loads of fun!!
Despite raining throughout the day there were 21 kids that ventured out to learn about fly fishing on Saturday May 15th at Battlepoint park on Bainbridge Island.
This event was a collaboration between the Bainbridge Island Parks department, Kitsap Olympic Peninsulas Trout Unlimited and Bainbridge Island Fly Fishing Club.
First stop, our TU volunteers educated the kids on the ingredients of a healthy stream and made a reminder"bead bracket". Next stop our team helped the kids tie a fly (kid's picked the colors). Then on to the field where the Bainbridge Island club members coached the kids on casting. Finally off to the pond where both organizations volunteers helped the kids cast out to catch those elusive rainbow trout. 
Bainbridge Island club raffled off a rod and reel outfit for a lucky winner and our chapter raffled off 2 outfits!
Lots of smiles and thank you's. Photos and report courtesy of Julie Kelner - Chapter Membership Chair 
One man's passion to protect native Westslope Cutthroat Trout (WCT) in the Methow River
Meet Larry Hill, a lifetime TU member & resident of Twisp and the Methow River. Larry is committed to researching the current status of the westslope cutthroat trout in the Methow River. He has concerns for a dwindling population and hybridization by Rainbow trout in the river producing what is commonly called a 'cutbow' fish. Larry started investigating how he could protect this native fish in his local watershed years ago. He sought to learn the current state of the fish, but WDFW had not engaged in any recent studies and could not reassure him that the fish was doing well. After much research Larry came to the WCTU and we really wanted to help him pull this study together!! He had already acquired some funding through a few local grants from Fly Fishing Clubs in both Wenatchee and the Methow region. He found a local independent biologist to write up a proposal to begin studying the fish, while he continued to seek community donations. Through his work within his own community he found help from the Methow Valley Citizens Council.

Even though he lives in Twisp, Larry is a member of the Icicle Valley Chapter based in Leavenworth, but geographically also covers the Twisp area. Eventually, Larry met with two WCTU members and presented a plan to the Icicle Valley Chapter asking for the final amount of funding to get the first phase of the study in motion. Thanks to the WCTU and the Icicle Chapter the funds were covered and the photo above is Larry representing TU, signing the agreement with the local biologist who will perform the first phase of the study, and Methow Valley Citizens Group who will help manage the funds he has raised literally by himself!! Never tell Larry Hill it can't be done, he will find a way!!! What an inspiration for all of us!!

Larry, the WCTU is so proud of your dedication to this native trout in your local watershed. We thank you for all your hard work and persistence to continue your quest to protect the Westslope Cutthroat Trout!!

Not a TU Member Yet?
Support your cold water conservation for future generations and become a Trout Unlimited member today! Your membership helps support so many conservation efforts around our state. Annual memberships start at $17.50 Click HERE to find out more. If you don't know your local chapter name just put unknown and you will be placed in your closest chapter.
Looking for something to do this summer?

Contact your local chapter of Trout Unlimited and ask how you can help get involved. There is so much happening around the state that is fun, educational, supports conservation, and advocates for the fish we love. We even get out on the water and hold fly fishing events!! So check in with your chapter - you can find them
on our website HERE
Almost every Chapter in our state has a newsletter, and that's a great way to stay up on the news around your local community that TU is doing. We'd like to say Kuddos to The Klickitat and Olympia Chapters for consistently putting out the most outstanding newsletters every month!! Email the WCTU your newsletter - HERE
Lower Snake River Murray Inslee Report Released
We continue to do all we can to help save the Salmon and Steelhead of the Snake River. This means continuing to advocate for the removal of the lower 4 dams on the Snake River. The Murray-Inslee draft report was released on Thursday June 7th. This report looks at the feasibility and costs to replace service that would change when the dams are breached. The big three are power, irrigation and transportation of grain. All of these services are replaceable and the costs associated with replacement must be compared to the existing cost of keeping the dams in place.

The draft report is available for public review from June 9, 2022, through July 11, 2022. Comments on the draft report can be provided via email, through the project website or by mail. All comments must be submitted by 5 p.m., PST, on July 11, 2022.
Read the full report HERE

We are working to raise awareness about the report and direct messages to Congress to make Murray and Inslee’s vision a reality by taking out the dams. Here is how you can help by taking action and lending your voice to help save these iconic fish!
Find the action alert HERE

Need help crafting your own message? Here are key points to make that stick to the science TU Document.
WCTU Advocacy Committee is following these headline issues:
Click on the blue or green links for information
*Salmon Recovery & SMA/GMA
*Warm Water Fish Policy
*Enloe Dam Removal
*Nelson Dam Puyallup River
*Electron Dam

If you would like to join the advocacy team and represent your chapter or just find out more about all these issues in our state; please contact the
WCTU AC Chair - Andrew Kenefick Here
Check Out The Salmon Source To Sea Event

June 22, 2022, 5-7 pm - Sacajawea State Park Day Use Shelter, Pasco.

TU members are cordially invited to a community celebration of the Grand Salmon Source to Sea Journey, as the paddling team arrives in Tri-Cities on their 1,000+ mile journey to focus on the plight of salmon.
Speakers, music, and more. Presentation on how breaching the 4 Lower Snake River Dams will save salmon and steelhead, honor tribal rights, and provide more economic opportunities for the region.

 More information will be posted at Upcoming Events – Salmon Source to Sea, or contact Debra at debra4stuff@gmail.com .
Check out our video and send it to someone you know to show them who we are and what we do! WATCH HERE
A Message from the Council Chair
We have two Volunteer Council Positions Open - we are seeking a new Membership Chair. You can read about the duties of this position HERE. We are also seeking a third member for the grant committee as a grant reviewer. For both of these positions please email us HERE for more information.
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