June 21, 2022
June 2022: Palapa Society News
The Palapa Society Achieves Accreditation
The Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI) granted The Palapa Society the Accreditation in Institution and Transparency (AIT), an evaluation process which demonstrates the organization's internal management, commitment to transparency, accountability, and professionalism.

Thanks to the 19-year commitment of The Palapa Society, we have obtained the highest level of AIT.

We thank the entire community for their unconditional support. If you want to know more about this accreditation, to learn more about this accreditation please click here .
The Palapa School
My Town Has History
As part of a Community Action Project, Palapa students worked on an oral history by interviewing their grandparents and other elders who made their life in Todos Santos.

The collaboration with local artists Ulises Martínez and Rojo Arrebol allowed them to create printed illustrations for each story, bind their books, and present them at the local Colorado State University campus.
The results portray Todos Santos from the perspective of earlier generations, the natural longing for the old times, but also reflects how the town and its inhabitants have changed and make us think about what we are creating for the future.
Puente al Inglés (Niños)
by Jacki Gillespie

The Puente Program (Bridge to English) classes for children finish on June 24th. After an interesting, partial year back, we are optimistic for the upcoming year. We look forward to adding new volunteers and new students. A “Last Day of School” program is planned with outside activities following all COVID regulations. 

Thank you to all the volunteers this year. A special thank you to our student volunteer Fernanda Murillo Jimenez, adult volunteer Kathleen Dickenson, and parent volunteer in the Children’s Library MaryLou Geraldo Geraldo.

Finally, thank you for all donations, both financial and supplies. They help keep our program running year after year!
Puente al Inglés (Adultos)
Adult English will finish the current quarter on July 4th, with the biggest enrollment ever.

We expect continued enrollment growth parallel to the community’s growth.

The Adult English program will begin offering a vocational curriculum aimed at helping our local service community learn English.

Next quarter begins mid-September.
Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska
by Paty Baum

A young woman who grew up in Todos Santos commented, ”I did a lot of reading when I was young, and it was hard to get books. I relied on the (Palapa) library. There was a big selection of books in English and Spanish. Reading is good.”

My mission as Director is to provide books to the people of Todos Santos and Pescadero in an equitable manner. Therefore, with your support, we were able to recently purchase200+ current Young Adult fiction in Spanish, and a selection of adult fiction in English, suggested by our volunteers and members. 

Everyone is welcome to visit the Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska during our regular hours, M W F, 10-1. We hope to find a team of volunteers to open the children’s library on Saturdays. Libraries are gathering places for people who believe in the power of their communities to facilitate positive change

Most of us were lucky to grow up with a local library. In the 1960's, my family made monthly trips to the Multnomah County Central Library in downtown Portland, OR. These were supplemented by visits to the bookmobile that came to our neighborhood every Saturday. I never got to the end of the children’s section or felt like I would ever run out of books. For children and young adults, books are an important part of development and growth; a way to get lost and found at the same time. 

In Todos Santos in the 1990’s, it was assumed the book I always had my nose in was the Bible. It seemed laughable at first, but it helped me become part of the community. Closer inspection would reveal a variety of books I’d managed to get my hands on, from Burroughs to Bronte. Our current library sprang from the needs of one reader and evolved into a place for all.

BEP hours M,W, F, 10:00 -1:00
will continue through summer.
The Palapa Society's Community Event Calendar
Baja Under the Stars  
The Denver Botanic Gardens
September 17, 2022

Tickets for Baja Under the Stars will go on sale soon.
Please watch your email for details.

Gastrovino 2022
November 11, 12, and 13
Todos Santos, BCS

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Special Thank You's

A special thank you to Laurel D’Angelo and Kerrie Gable for their donations of a new computer system for the Biblioteca Elena Poniatowska and the new white boards and markers for The Palapa School. These gifts in memory of Hal Butler will be cherished by these programs. 
In Memory of Hal Butler
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