That's a Wrap on Nova Scotia Walk Day!

Thanks to you and our guest hosts, our first Nova Scotia Walk Day was a success. Over 60 group walks happened that day with at least 350 people taking part. From the follow-up survey, walk hosts reported they enjoyed meeting new people and gathering in their community and all the great conversations. We also know more people learned about the program and some have since joined a group. In HRM, Mayor Savage declared the day “Nova Scotia Walk Day”. Next year, we will be encouraging other municipalities to do the same. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 10, 2023 for the next walk day!

Supporting people with a physical disability to join walk groups

On May 26th, we had an informative and interesting webinar presented by the professionals at March of Dimes.
We learned a lot about common disabilities among adults and discussed tips for planning accessible and welcoming walksThank you again to March of Dimes and we highly encourage you to check out the recording of the session HERE