June 2022
Parent Article:
How We Knew Our Son Needed Early Intervention
Our son was born a month early due to me having HELLP (Hemolysis, Elevated Liver enzymes and Low Platelets) syndrome. I found out I had that in the morning/early afternoon, and he was delivered by emergency c-section that night. While we had fears of how that would affect him, he was born healthy and without issue. As time passed, we started filling out those evaluations at the pediatrician’s office. After about a year, our pediatrician said that our son’s communication scores were low, and if that continued, we should get some help. Our son was great at letting us know what he needed by using gestures but was not talking at all and showed little to no interest in starting.


June 21st marks the First Official Day of Summer.
The EIPLP wants to help keep you and your family safe as you enjoy the summer season. Here are some friendly safety reminders. For the full list and more information be sure to visit the Mass.Gov website by clicking here.
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Ashlee joined the Early Intervention Parent Leadership Project (EIPLP) in February 2022. With a young child, currently receiving early intervention services, she connected with us in hopes of finding additional resources and support. After becoming involved with EIPLP, she decided to pursue a career change and joined our team as the Communications Coordinator.

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