I was a stranger and you invited me in..." 
Matthew 25:35 NIV

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Tribute Corner

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Jeff Musson

David Francis Garvey

Make a donation in memory or honor of someone and we will send them or their family a Tribute Card. 

Monthly Volunteer Corner

Come hang out on the water with us...

And WIN some fabulous prizes!

More details pertaining the event will be forthcoming!

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Rhinelander Northwoods Quilters

A special thank you goes out to the Northwoods Quilters for these beautiful hand crafted quilts and books that they recently donated to Frederick Place. Future residents will benefit from this amazing gift.

Thank you, to so many of our Early Summer Donors these last few months!

Your community partnerships, donations, gifts of time make a difference in the lives of those experiencing homelessness.

Your Contributions Make a Difference!

Bill Miller Memorial Golf Scramble

Thank you, Carol Miller & Family for joining us this year! Familiar faces remind us of why Frederick Place remains successful, today.

Executive Director Corner | Abbey Dall LUkowski


It's been an enjoyable couple of months getting reacquainted with all of Frederick Place's volunteers, resources, staff, and board members.

We've been busily preparing for our upcoming summer events and look forward to spending time with you through the sharing of a common Wisconsin meal - 'The Brat Stand Lunch Counter' and evening music events. Please consider volunteering for one of our upcoming events.

The Bill Miller Memorial Golf Scramble on June 4th was a success, met with beautiful weather, good company, and a shared meal.

Don't forget to get your 50/50 Summer Raffle Tickets in hand! We'll be around, selling at all of our upcoming events.

Speaking of upcoming events, we look forward to seeing you on June 13th at Hodag Park for the second concert of the year in the Hodag Concert Series. Bogfoot will surely get us dancing, and Rhinelander Brewery will have some of their specialty beer available for purchase. We've made an additional request for root beer! NATH-Frederick Place will receive the profits from those sales; we appreciate your support. Find us at the popcorn stand, too! During intermission, you'll have an opportunity to grab some of our Summer 50/50 Raffle Tickets. We're looking forward to seeing all of you.

July 29th marks the annual Boats & Boards Event on Boom Lake! Stay tuned for more details! Interested in volunteering at one of our events? SIGN UP HERE!

Please call, text, or email me! Or stop in to see me at Frederick Place. I’d love to connect with you!

Faces of NATH

Susan Statezny

I remember the morning of December 27th as if it were yesterday. I hadn’t heard from my friend, Barb, in over a week despite several attempts to get in touch with her. She wasn’t returning my texts or answering her phone which was more than a little odd. As I was telling my daughter I hadn’t heard from her I stated “Just for giggles I’m about ready to look for her obituary online. We never go this long without some form of communication.” So, I did, and there she was. I can’t begin to describe the intensity of that gut punch. Barb had died on December 20th. I was seven days too late to tell her how much I loved her. Seven days too late to say goodbye. I had no idea she was even ill and did not know the cause of her death. All I know is my friend is gone. All I know is I thought to myself, “I gotta tell Barb that” while reaching for my phone.  Gut punch again. I know I will continue to have that reaction every time I hear or read something I know would have interested Barb. The pain of losing Barb will never get better but living with it will get easier. 

Barb’s obituary did not do justice to the woman I knew and loved. In her honor I am sharing an amended original piece I wrote about Barb a couple years ago. 

Some people arrive and make such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them.

~ Anna Taylor

I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember when Barb and I became friends. It seems like we’ve always been friends even though we did not meet until she became ‘family’ in 2017. When she arrived, she was grieving the loss of her partner, and had been evicted from the home they shared for over 10 years. Barb was quiet, kept to herself and read regularly. As she grew more comfortable, she started talking more and even allowed herself to laugh, occasionally. Barb took our advice and by the end of her stay, moved into a place of her own that would allow her dog and best buddy, Frankie, to live there as well. 

One month before her lease was to be renewed, Barb decided to move to Minnesota to be closer to her daughter. I was happy for her.  I hadn’t seen Barb since the day she left in 2018, we texted almost daily and that wouldn’t change as they do have texting capabilities in Minnesota. Nothing would change yet her pending departure upset me. I didn’t have to dread Barb leaving for long.  Unfortunately, her plans did not go as planned. It was too late to renew her lease, so she found herself back at Frederick Place once again. Once again, Barb did what she needed to do and in 2 months was in her own place, again. Guess what? I haven’t seen her since the day she left yet we are closer than ever. 

Information is the currency of democracy. ~Thomas Jefferson

Before Barb left the first time, we exchanged phone numbers and occasionally texted with one another. I figured we would lose touch after a while. I was wrong and happily so. At first Barb and I shared what was going on in our lives. I think it may have stayed that way had I not discovered ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.’ I knew Barb was politically aware, having spent a good chunk of her life living in DC where she worked, fundraising for a variety of organizations. If anyone had read our texts, they would have thought we were crazy. Maybe we are. Maybe we weren’t. All I know is that we evolved into a symbiotic friendship, and I cherished her, more than she knew. Barb became a chosen family member.

June & July Wish List

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Meal Providers

Meals Needed
Ever ask how you can help? Become a meal provider for the residents of Frederick Place. There are multiple ways that this can happen.

  1. You can make the meal at home, or pick up something from a local eatery and deliver it to Frederick Place.
  2. You can drop off ingredients for a meal and either staff or residents can cook the meal for the evening meal.
  3. You can bring the ingredients and cook the meal at Frederick Place and then stay and eat dinner with them.

We will call you the week prior to let you know how many residents we currently have at the house and if there are any known allergies. You will normally be cooking for approximately 16 residents and 1 staff member. You can make whatever you would like to make, we ask that you also bring a gallon of milk for dinner as well.
We have changed the way we are having people sign up and will begin to utilize Sign Up Genius for this volunteer endeavor as well. You will find the calendar below, marked with symbols that represent days that need meals. Sign Up Genius with the most updated calendar. If you would like to help out, click on the button below and find a date that will work for you and sign up to bring a meal. It is a way to bless many with one simple act of kindness.
Print June Meal Calendar
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Sign Up to Bring a Meal to Frederick Place
Ways to Support NATH

It costs $63 per day per resident to call Frederick Place home.

You do make a difference.

Northwoods Alliance for Temporary Housing - DONATE

Kwik Trip Fundraising Cards are Changing

Effective November 1st, the Kwik Trip Fundraising Card Program will be changing. We will now be offering Grocery Only/In-Store cards that will give us a 15% automatic discount. This card can be used toward in-store products and will be valid for the same items that earned us the pervious 10% in-store rebate. Items not eligible to be purchased with the new card offering include fuel, tobacco, alcohol, gift cards, lottery/lotto, and stamps.

We will also have regular gift cards available which will still offer us the 5% base discount. Cards purchased from the pervious program will continue to receive eligible rebates until further notice.

The Kwik Trip gift cards are available at Frederick Place in multiple denominations such as $25, $50 & $100. Supplies vary.

Kwik Trip cards available at Frederick Place - 204 W Frederick St Rhinelander
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