June 2023

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Consider Offering the Ohio DC Roth 457 Option?

Ohio DC offers the option to adopt a Roth 457 for your employees. The Roth 457 has the same contribution limits as the traditional 457 but gives your employees the opportunity to make post-tax contributions, which allow for tax-free withdrawals once certain conditions are met. Employers need to execute a form for Ohio DC to offer the Roth 457. For more information on adopting the Roth 457, please visit our employer website or contact our Service Center at 877-644-6457 to get started!

Update your Organization's Contact Information

Has the contact information for your organization changed recently or will it be changing soon? If so, please contact finance@ohiodc.org to let us know your new contact information, such as email, phone, and mailing address.

Keeping your contact info updated is especially important, because we no longer mail billing and change reports. We need up-to-date email addresses, so we can ensure billings, change reports, and statements get to the correct recipient at your organization.

Ohio DC Related Information for Your Employees

Ohio DC provides monthly information on finance-related issues for your employee newsletters or Intranet. The June article provides your employees with some tips regarding the best times to meet with an Account Executive.

You can download articles on health care in retirement, understanding deferred compensation, fees, and more. Learn more.

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