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In-Person Book Clubs
Fiction Book Club for Adults
The Last to Vanish
By Megan Miranda
For ten years, Abigail has been managing The Passage Inn, an upscale resort, in an area best known for its outdoor activities. A string of unsolved disappearances have haunted the town, and when Trey, the brother of one of the missing, shows up looking for answers, Abby can feel the town closing ranks. Soon, she can't help but wonder how much she knows about those closest to her.
Where: Humble Pint Brewing, Co.
When: June 17, at 2 pm & 4 pm
A Dark Book Club for Adults
We Carry Their Bones
By Erin Kimmerle
The Arthur G. Dozier Boys School operated in Florida for over a century until reports of cruelty, abuse, and student deaths shut it down in 2011. Erin Kimmerle, a forensic anthropologist, led a team to locate the school's graveyard, determine the number of graves, and identify the boys buried there. But their attempts would not go unnoticed by the locals, who did not want the sinister history of the school shared.
Where: Humble Pint Brewing, Co.
When: July 1, at 2 pm
Online Book Clubs
The Counselors
By Jessica Goodman
Alpine Lake, a super expensive and highly exclusive summer camp, serves of the lifeblood of the small town it borders. The locals never get to reap the benefits of their neighbors--except for Goldie Easton. Camp has been Goldie's favorite place since her childhood, and this year she's back as a counselor with her two best friends. But the truth is, Goldie has a devastating secret that she hasn't told them, and when the body of a townie appears in the camp's waters, she begins to wonder if she's not the only one with secrets...
Mad Honey
By Jodi Picoult & Jennifer F. Boylan
Olivia's picture-perfect life is upended and she finds herself back in her hometown, taking over her father's beekeeping business, while her son Asher is falling in love with his new classmate, Lily. Everything seems like it'll be okay until Olivia receives news that Lily is dead and Asher is being questioned by the police. She is adamant that her son is innocent, but she would be lying if she didn't acknowledge his flashes of anger, and as the case against him builds, Olivia wonders if she ever really knew her son at all.
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