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UWP Update - June 21, 2019
Preston Stackfield from Carlisle, PA joined United Ways from across the state to share his story about working towards financial stability while living paycheck to paycheck during the statewide ALICE Launch on June 18th. 
Pennnylvania, meet ALICE
Our ALICE Launch this week was a great success! It was truly an amazing press conference, with several media outlets present and a strong showing of support from our members in attendance and locally. UWP wants to extend a thank you to all our United Way members and your staff for a job well done!
Here are some exciting preliminary stats from our media exposure to show the impact the ALICE Report has had throughout the state.
  • There were 36 mentions of the ALICE report, either on TV (16) or through online news sources (20)
  • All 4 of the major Harrisburg area TV stations ran a story on the ALICE Report (WGAL8, Fox43, CBS21 and ABC27)
  • Our reach through media alone (not including social media) was over half a million individuals, at 563,622! 
  • We had some out-of-state coverage as well in New York, Missouri, and Idaho
  • Governor Wolf congratulated United Ways (less than 2hrs after launch) in the press for shedding a light on ALICE- and his comments and the ALICE Report made the news in New Zealand! 
  • The publicity value of the earned media from launch was over $40,000
  • On Facebook during the lead up to launch, we reached over 10,000 individuals, had over 2,000 post engagement, and 52 new page likes
  • On Twitter, we had 35 mentions, nearly 400 new visitors to our profile, and over 15,000 impressions.
These are some impressive stats! Everyone did a great job with their outreach and media follow-up!  We are going to continue to monitor the news cycle and update our media page on the ALICE website with articles/mentions. You can check them out here . If you know of a news article that we have not captured, please send it our way!

We are looking forward to continuing the momentum of the ALICE Report through educating our communities, elected officials, and fellow Pennsylvanians about ALICE.

If you have any questions come up through your conversations or work, please do not hesitate to reach out to Maggie. We are here to be a resource to you and also hope you will continue to check out the ALICE Learning Community to stay updated on everything ALICE!

Less than 10 days until the end of the fiscal year, on-time budget still expected
We are almost through the June budget stretch and all indications are pointing to an on-time budget, expected sometime next week. After 3 full session days for the Senate and 4 full days for the House, leaders sent their members home with the notice to be on stand-by to possibly come back on Sunday to start moving some budget-related vehicles. 

Chatter has been picking up this week about what we can start to expect in the budget. While specific line items and a spend number has not been shared for certain, we do have some updates on budget priorities UWP has been advocating for, including pre-k, child care, and PA 2-1-1. 

There is some disconnect on the issue of education funding, as is usually the case. The Senate is closer to the Governor's proposed $50 million to fund pre-k, but the House has a lower overall number in mind, which ranges from $25-$30 million. As many of you may recall, the House number is in line with what pre-k was appropriated in recent fiscal years. On the child care side, some are more optimistic than others that there will be a child care appropriation from the state, but we cannot confirm that just yet. This has been a much heavier lift for the new Start Strong campaign since this funding has not been appropriated before, however with child care being front-and-center in workforce development conversations, there may still be some hope. Education funding will be a hot topic to follow, since the Governor vetoed House Bill 800 this week which would have expanded the EITC program. There will no doubt be a push to include this funding and language in the budget, as indicated by both the Senate and House majority. 

In terms of PA 2-1-1, we have heard a mix bag of what to expect, but we are preparing for the line item to remain and be flat funded at $750,000, as it was in years past. There is a potential for a small increase, in the range of 1%-5%, but again that has not been confirmed. We are continuing to reach out to appropriations and majority staff to learn more when they have information to share. 

While there are some contentious issues impacting the budget, such as the EITC veto and the lack of interest to increase the minimum wage, overall there seems to be a strong sense the budget will be finalized and agreed to next week. That may still leave some code bills to finish up, but the line-items will be set. The House and Senate Republicans have indicated they are still looking to add money to the rainy day fund and would like to see a spend number lower than the Governor's proposed number. At this point it is a waiting game to see what that will mean for line items of interest to the network. 

As has been our customary practice, we will update members when we have more budget information to share and/or a budget passes. 

Federal proposal to lower inflation index on the poverty level guideline would be detrimental to low-income families and children
The Trump Administration recently put out a rule that is seeking to potentially change the way they measure inflation related to the federal poverty line. They are considering using a lower inflation measure that would result in a slower increase over time. This proposal would lower the poverty threshold, and over time reduce eligibility for programs such as CHIP, SNAP, Medicaid/Medicare, etc., which would have detrimental impacts to many low-income families and children. You can read an article that outlines the rule here
The Administration is accepting comments on this proposed rule until COB June 21. To read the rule and learn how to submit comments, please visit this link. You can also read CHN's guide for leaving a detailed, high-quality comment here. UWW has also put together an FAQ sheet on the proposed rule, which can be found here.  

UWP has compiled and submitted comments on the proposal, which can be found here. Please feel free to contact Maggie if you would like guidance, and please send a copy of your comments if you do decide to submit. 
EFSP Phase 36 update
The federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program announced on June 17 that the State Set-Aside committee has been awarded funds. The committee will receive just short of a half a million dollars in funding to distribute to local EFSP boards in Pennsylvania.  

For Phase 36, an unusually high number of local boards in PA received a direct allocation. Please take a look, even if you have never received a direct allocation, or have not received a direct allocation in many years. A total of 37 local boards are receiving direct funding from the federal board. The full list can be viewed here

Pennsylvania will receive a total of about $5.5 million for EFSP Phase 36. According to the EFSP office, there have also been significant changes to the process for completing and submitting local plans, so all local boards should be sure to review the manual and key changes/ clarification document available to local boards after they log in to www.efsp.unitedway.org. 
Last Reminder: Flex Credits due by July 8th, conference evaluation responses requested! 
If you would like to use United Way Worldwide Flex Credits to be reimbursed the cost of your attendance at the conference, you will need to submit an  online reimbursement form. To do so, you will need your United Way's Organization number. The form can be submitted once for all United Way attendees. There is a $35 processing fee for each transaction. You are able to be reimbursed:
  • Registration Expenses: up to $300 per attendee
  • Travel Expenses: up to $500 per attendee
  • Per diem (hotel and food expenses): up to $375 per attendee 
Forms are due by July 8th, 2019. For more information,  access your account balance or  view the flexible credit policy. If you have a question at any time, please contact  Ask United Way .  

We would also appreciate if you could take fifteen minutes to complete our  2019 Conference Evaluation Form online. Your feedback helps us plan better conferences every year.  

If you have any questions, please contact Amanda McNaughton via email or by phone: (717) 238-7365 x206. 
Upcoming Webinars 
UWW Presents Boardable - Board Management Solutions for United Way
June 24th 2:30pm
Click Here to Register
Boardable, a preferred provider under the Network Purchasing Program, helps United Way Boards streamline their board management processes by providing common-sense features, ease of access, and a best-in-class user experience. Boardable is extending discounts of up to 60% depending on a United Way's size. 

UWW Presents: Edquity: Making College Success Possible
June 26th 3:00pm
Click Here to Register
Much has been written on the negative impact of student debt on young adults' ability to buy a house, get married, and start a family. But what about the financial stress that many students experience while in college? Edquity is a technology product that helps college students navigate financial aid decisions; make sound financial choices; and connect with community resources to manage emergencies. 

UpPurpose: Digital Marketing for LUWs Webinar
July 10th 1:00pm 
Click Here to Register
United Way Worldwide announced the launch of a new for-profit subsidiary,  UpPurpose, in February 2019. UpPurpose is a cloud-based technology platform and creative agency designed to meet the unique content needs of nonprofits and the social good sector. UpPurpose provides a full suite of content services-from multi-platform digital campaign creation to real-time data-driven campaign performance analysis-for local United Ways, nonprofits, foundations, CSR organizations and other social enterprises. Join United Way of PA and UpPurpose to delve into how UpPurpose can benefit your United Way.

UWW Marketing & Communications Webinar: Childhood Success/Disaster Communications
July 10th 2:00pm
Click Here to Register
For the July Marketing / Communications Webinar, UWW will focus on one of our four quarterly communications themes: Childhood Success. For the second half of the webinar, we will focus on how to manage communications during and after a disaster. We will also provide an update on the support United Way Worldwide can offer if you are responding to a disaster. Please use your computer speakers to listen to the audio. This webinar will be recorded.

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