June 21, 2020
Sunday Morning in Pajamas:
Summer Church School & Devotionals
Follow this link for a plethora of resources on anti-racism gathered by Illustrated Ministry. "This document is intended to serve as a resource to white people and parents to deepen our anti-racism work. If you haven’t engaged in anti-racism work in the past, start now. Feel free to circulate this document on social media and with your friends, family, and colleagues."
2020 Alternate Community VBS
Compassion Camp
Be loved. Be kind. Be you.
  • July 13 - July 17, 2020
  • Virtual VBS with VBS Family Packs delivered beforehand
  • Registration is LIVE for both participants and volunteers!!! Deadline to register is WEDNESDAY, JULY 1st
  • Please share this link to register with friends!
  • Can you be a part of this ministry by donating supplies? Click here for details - thanks!
Be the Church
Color the coloring page "Forgive Often"
This Morning
Jesus Calls others to Follow Him
Focus Scripture
“Come, follow me,” he said, “and I’ll show you how to fish for people.” 
- Mark 1:17
"Follow Me"
from Young Children and Worship with Karrie Sim
  • I wonder what kind of leader this is
  • I wonder how this leader will treat the ones who follow him
  • I wonder what the Kingdom of God is like that he is showing them
  • I wonder if this person has a name
  • I wonder if it is safe to follow him
"Jesus Calls Peter"

  • What did Peter do before he followed Jesus?
  • What was Peter's name before he met Jesus?
  • What do you need to catch fish?
  • What does Jesus show and teach us so that we feel his call to follow him?
  • How can we help others know Jesus?
"Jesus Calls Matthew"

  • What was Matthew's job before he followed Jesus?
  • What do you think Matthew felt when Jesus asked Matthew to follow him?
  • Do you know what the term self-righteous means? A feeling or display of moral superiority derived from a sense that one's beliefs or actions are of greater virtue than those of the average person. Self-righteous individuals are often intolerant of the opinions and behaviors of others.
  • Jesus showed us that if we only follow the words of God's commandments without love, forgiveness, and mercy, we are still creating separation between ourselves and God and ourselves and others.
"I Will Make you Fishers of Men"
  • Song and motions reminding us of Jesus calling the disciples
  • If you rewrote this song to replace "men" with a word that includes ALL people, what word would you use?
"Follow the Leader"
  • Fun, interactive song for kids to sing and move like the animals 
  • If we were to play "Follow the Leader" with Jesus as our leader, what are the actions that you think Jesus would have us follow?
"Follow the Leader"
  • Nonverbal communication activity for 5 or more people
  • Following Jesus isn't just about our thoughts and words but also our actions and deeds
"Great and Small"
2020 Guide to the Most Okayest Summer Ever!
  • Need some simple, faith-filled, and fun activities for the summer before and after VBS?
  • A touch more connection...
  • A little more summer, and maybe
  • A little more God!
  • Click here for music as well as digital and printable activity booklets!
Bedtime Stories with the Skit Guys
" Go Fish "  
Tonight, Tommy and Eddie play Philip and Andrew watching from a nearby boat as Peter attempts to catch some fish. It seems more like a game of “telephone” as they try to understand what Jesus tells Peter.
Best Wishes to Karrie Sim!
Youth Education Coordinator Karrie Sim has been a warm and welcoming presence on Sunday mornings for our children and their families for almost six years. At the end of June, Karrie will be stepping back from her staff role at FCCGE. She will be sorely missed as a member of our staff but we are grateful that she continues as a member of our congregation and as a future volunteer. We invite you to thank Karrie for her ministry and service as we do, and we look forward to continuing to serve with her as she volunteers. Best wishes Karrie, on the next part of your life's journey! You can read more at    https://fccge.org/gratitude-for-karrie-sim .   
Youth Education Staff
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Director of Christian Education
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Director of Youth Ministries
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Youth Education Coordinator
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Karrie Sim
Youth Education Coordinator
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