June 22nd, 2016 
In the last month Dave has made two trips to meet with key people in this RV/GCR process.  He will give a general overview of the process and add some new updates of how things are progressing.  He will then go to an open forum for all questions and comments
on the radio program
Dear Friends,  
We live and operate in a world that always has two faces. One face is the reported world, the world we see on the surface through the media, entertainment, education and other social/political sources. Most of us know the reported world is a false world, one the controllers/cabal wants us to believe. It is the world we grew up believing as it was what we were taught. We believed it until we began to wake up to what was really going on around us. A process called cognitive dissonance is what keeps most people focused on the reported world and asleep to the shadow world. The shock of truth is so hard on the individual psyche that the individual ignores the truth of a statement and then goes back to believing what is reported.

The second face is the shadow world. It is world that is ruled and controlled behind the scenes by powerful sources who want us to believe in the reported world. They control the world's money supply and therefore control the major media outlets, entertainment groups, western medical associations and public education.   They control the politics of most of the western world and fund the clandestine military operations that punish or get rid of those in other countries that do not follow their commands.  They control most of the organizations that impact our every day lives.

The greatest of those shadow organizations is the Federal Reserve, a private company masquerading as a government agency that directly or indirectly controls the world's money supply. Control the worlds money and you are well on your way to controlling the world. For centuries they have used secrecy and fear to control the masses. With the advent of the internet they are losing their control on secrecy. They can no longer control the information flow to the masses. Wireless technology is now available around the world and every individual has the potential to become a reporter of what is really taking place.

No longer having control through secrecy, they are not attempting to control through deception and disinformation. We know they control the main stream media, but our source of information has been the alternate media sources with Facebook being the greatest media equalizer. But, the cabal are not stupid. They are now infiltrating Facebook and other websites with deliberate disinformation to mislead and misdirect attention.

They know and understand the power of human thought. They know if they can get those relying on their "trusted sources" to believe what they are falsely portraying; they can control the human thought paradigm.
The best example is how they are using the dinar scenario to get people to believe what they want others to see. If they can get them focused on untruth, get them to believe disinformation, then the human thought energy scenario will never produce what the people a
re hoping for. Human thought is a powerful energy source that creates the world each of us experience. Our thoughts, and primarily our subconscious thoughts create everything we see and expereicne.

For three years now I've been saying follow the money if you want to know the truth of what is developing in the dinar scenario. It is easy for people get caught up in what is in it for them to the point they can lose a common sense perspective on the bigger picture. Once again, the scenario that there are 5500 processing centers waiting for you to receive your 800#'s and you can walk in with a few hundred dollars of dinar you purchased and walk out a multi-millionaire is an example. It is amazing how many people hear that, stop there and do not think through the following steps of what will play out if that scenario is allowed to be fulfilled. What they are believing is the money controllers are going to let millions of every day folks become the new super wealthy 1% and thousands of people will overnight become multi-billionaires; wealthier than Bill Gates. I'm sorry folks, but the cabal are not that stupid; they are not going to allow that to happen.

That is just one example of disinformation that is being thrown out to the people. These disinformation reports are usually filled with 30%-40% truth and the rest is designed to misinform. If they can get you to focus your attention and mental thought energy on a mistruth, then that is what it will produce; mistruth. 

They want you to believe the disinfo, the lies. They want you on the "hopium" train, always hoping, hoping for something to come about that will not transpire. The old saying "energy flows where attention goes" has never been more true. If your energy is on disinformation, then it will produce disinformation.

I call most of this disinformation 'gossip porn.' It's just a bunch of talk, talk, talk that never or rarely transpires to action or truth. It's like porn, it draws you in, gets you hooked, gets you excited thinking about it and you get all excited in talking about it with others, but there is very little substance behind it. It's not the real thing.

Yes, there are some very deliberate issues developing behind the scenes the with the currency issues. And yes, based on my experience of three trips to China to meet with the representatives of the Dragon Family, contacts with 8 different sources of the Asian Elders, contacts with the top money sources in Reno, contacts with many different brokers/buyers and contacts with top intelligence sources, I do believe there is going to be an RV/GCR.  It just that is very unlikely to happen the way most of the blog sites are reporting.  
Going back over one year, based on my sources, I have been told three things need to develop before these funds can be released. 1. The Chinese Yuan had to become a part of the world reserve currency basket; that decision was made last October.  2. The new USN/TRN's had to be released. We are told those new currencies are printed and being stored in warehouses around the country. That news conference could come any day.  3. The cabal controllers, primarily the Rothschilds, had to come to a point of surrender or agreement to step aside. Based on good reports that is in the process of taking place.

So, yes, we can be very close, but we have also been here before with last minute snags stopping the process. But, in the meantime it is very important for us as a collective to let go of the gossip porn and to focus on what is possible. When you see a statement, think it through to the end result of that process. What would happen if that scenario took place?  How likely is that scenario?  If it is totally unrealistic, then just let it go. Do not give your mental energy to a scenario that seems so unrealistic. Focus your attention and energy on the end result of what you want. We, as a collective, have the ability to bring this to fruition. We are all in this together, let's get this RV/GCR across the goal line for a better world.  




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