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This Weekly Update by the Illinois School and Campus Safety Program links to information on heat safety for schools, shares information for lightning safety awareness week, and promotes the upcoming classes on Campus Threat Assessment & Management, Preventing Targeted Violence Through Leakage and Cyber Investigations, Digital Threat Assessment®, and Advanced Digital Threat Assessment®.

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Laura Black
Program Coordinator
Illinois School and Campus Safety Program
Heat Safety

As we officially move into Summer, it is important to keep heat safety in mind. The Illinois Department of Public Health's Guidelines for Prevention of Heat Related Illness in Schools provides information on the symptoms and treatment for heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Additionally, the guidelines provide the following recommendations:

  • "Ensure that students are well hydrated.
  • Plain water is the liquid of choice, with sports drinks – such as Gatorade® – and diluted fruit juice acceptable forms of fluid replacement.
  • Encourage students to wear loose fitting summer clothing.
  • In order to prevent heat fatigue, offer regularly scheduled rest periods.
  • Indoor temperatures can sometimes exceed the outdoor temperature. To assist in keeping the classroom temperature comfortable, keep windows and doors open with at least one fan moving air throughout the room.
  • Allow students to utilize alternative areas located on the lower or ground level of the school or shady areas on the school grounds.
  • Encourage the school district to establish both a policy and a plan to deal with extreme temperatures.
  • Age-appropriate prevention education regarding heat related illnesses should be made available for all students, parents and staff. Call on local resources – for example, local health department staff, physicians and health educators – to assist with this."
Lightning Safety Awareness Week

June 18-24th is Lightning Safety Awareness Week. The National Lightning Safety Council's Lightning Safety Awareness Week page includes videos and links for each day of the week. Daily topics include: an introduction to lightning and lightning safety, the science of lightning and thunder, lightning safety outdoors, lightning safety indoors, lightning safety and sports activities, medical effects on lightning victims, and protecting you home from lightning.
Upcoming Session of Campus Threat Assessment and Management July 11th-12th in Chicago Heights

The Illinois School and Campus Safety Program is pleased to announce the class Campus Threat Assessment and Management will be held July 11-12, 2023, in Chicago Heights, IL. This two-day workshop for institutions of higher education featuring Gene Deisinger, Ph.D will help participants to better understand the dynamics of targeted violence and to develop and enhance strategies for early identification, assessment, and intervention with concerning situations. For more information and to register, click here.
Upcoming Session of Preventing Targeted Violence Through Leakage and Cyber Investigations
July 17-18th in Norridge

The Illinois School and Campus Safety Program is pleased to announce the class Preventing Targeted Violence Through Leakage and Cyber Investigations will be held July 17-18th in Norridge, IL. Class objectives include:

• Why it is important NOT to disregard information given to LEO or school officials.
• What the term "Leakage" means and how we can interpret the information.
• Learn free and open source online investigative tools into social networks and App generated phone numbers.
• Learn to identify and collect cyber evidence to identify suspects.
• Learn the three-step process in investigating internet crimes.
• Learn the importance of Preservation, Exigent Circumstances, and Search Warrants.
• Learn how to obtain IP's, screen names, screen captures, and email headers.
• State laws: Terrorist Threat, Falsely Making a Terrorist Threat, Swatting, and Causing a Catastrophe.
• Suspect search warrant, arrest, interrogation, and mental health evaluation.
• Examine a successful cyber-crime case study investigation from start to finish.
For more information and to register, click here.
Upcoming Sessions of Digital Threat Assessment® and Advanced Digital Threat Assessment® via Zoom

The Illinois School and Campus Safety Program, in partnership with Safer Schools Together, is pleased to announce 3 upcoming sessions of the Digital Threat Assessment® class and 1 upcoming session of the Advanced Digital Threat Assessment® class being held via Zoom.

The Digital Threat Assessment® training will enable participants to establish a framework to better assess all threats by constructing and considering the digital baseline of a threat maker by locating, documenting, and evaluating social media data through a threat assessment lens. A significant portion of the day will be spent engaging in hands-on exercises on the most prevalent social media platforms and associated search applications. For more information and to register, click the corresponding link for the session you would like to attend.

Building upon the Digital Threat Assessment® class by Safer Schools Together, Advanced Digital Threat Assessment® advances participants' understanding of finding and curating relevant digital information consistent with real-life digital threat assessment data gathering scenarios. Significant engagement and hands-on practice will take place as participants are assembled into investigative teams and given a true-to-life mock scenario.

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