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Wednesday, June 29
Praise Cares will have 5 pallets of produce.
Stop by Praise between
11am and 1pm
if you would like some.
Everyone welcome.
Praise Cares
needs your help with packing and distributing food on Wednesdays
from 10am - 1pm
Email Pastor Darick
We are excited to announce that our Church Gospel Choir will be starting soon! For those of you who have sung in the choir in the past or have that desire to share, you are welcome to join us.
July 3rd, Pastor Phil Patterson and Pastor Daniel Trimbach would like to meet you in the church lobby after service.
For more info email Pastor Phil
Service Times
9:00am and 10:30am
Adult Worship
Preschool classes
Kidz church

Middle School Class at 10:30am

Quick sign in for your kids before arriving.