June 27
11:00 a.m.
Note the time change!

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Unitarian Universalist
General Assembly Service

Recognizing the importance of shared ministry and the many innovative approaches to worship created by congregations during the pandemic, UUA President, Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick Gray, selected the First Universalist Church of Minneapolis to serve as worship leaders for this year's GA Sunday Morning Service.

Musicians: Franco Holder, Aimee K. Bryant, and Dr. Randal Buikema. Religious professionals: Lauren Wyeth, Julica Hermann de la Fuente. Revs. Arif Mamdani, Karen Hutt, and Jen Crow will lead the service.
COVID RE-OPEN STATUS. Outdoor gatherings for church groups of 50 or fewer are now welcome! Small groups (fewer than 20) are also welcome to meet indoors. However, First Church buildings and grounds are closed until September. For information about small indoor memorial services, contact our ministers.

The COVID Re-Open Team continues to monitor the level of COVID in Milwaukee County for us. On a weekly basis, we will post the re-open status in numerous places including: these e-nnouncements, the website, Instagram, Facebook page.

This status is based on the COVID incidence rate in our policy for re-opening. For info about our policy and precautions, see the church website at
EXTRA CHEST FREEZER FOR THE INTERCHANGE FOOD PANTRY? Happy Summer! Warm weather has arrived, but our Interchange Food Pantry is asking you to think cold! Interchange needs a 19-24 cubic foot chest freezer to replace our unrepairable chest freezer. If you know of one or have any questions please contact George at
MEMORY CIRCLE FOR FLORENCE WATERSTON. For those who wished they could have attended the Memory Circle for Florence Waterston on June 5, it is now available for private viewing on our YouTube channel at We loved Florence and remember her fondly.
Rev. Jennifer Nordstrom is attending UU Ministry Days and General Assembly June 21- 27. She is on vacation June 28 – July 18.
Rev. Dena McPhetres is attending UU Ministry Days and General Assembly June 21-27. She is on vacation June 30 – July 5.
Rev. Kimberlee Tomczak Carlson is attending LREDA Professional Days June 16-18, UU Ministry Days and General Assembly June 21- 27.
Please contact Shari Wright, Office Manager, regarding church business at: or 414-273-5257. 

For pastoral care emergencies, such as death, entering hospice or ICU, please call the Pastoral Care Emergency line at 414-216-3113. One of our ministers will answer or call you back as soon as possible. Rev. Dena will be on call for much of the summer.
COVID CANDLE ON SUNDAYS. Because of the ways our lives are touched by loss and grief during the global pandemic, we have a simple ritual during Sunday worship called the “COVID Candle” when it is needed. During this unique time, when people cannot gather with their family and community to mourn, we offer to light the COVID Candle for any death of a loved one of one of our members. If you have had a loved one die from COVID-19, or any other cause of death, and would like the COVID Candle lit in their honor during Sunday worship, please contact one of the Ministers.
  • If you would like to talk to a Pastoral Care Associate, please contact PCA Coordinator Jeri Pearcy at or 414-416-6036. If you’d like to talk to the Ministers, please call our Pastoral Care Emergency line at 414-216-3113.
  • For practical help, grocery shopping and delivery, or contactless meal delivery, please contact Jane Dorweiler, Pastoral Care Provider Coordinator at or 414-839-3053.
  • For personal financial assistance, please contact Rev. Jennifer for the Ministers’ Discretionary Fund at
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, please contact Rev. Dena immediately at 414-216-3113, so she can support you and our community.

Past announcements are available on the website here at
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