Hello My Friends,

We've launched! Our first program for Mining and Minerals in Colorado "Rock Hunting 101" went off  without a hitch. Putting this together was pretty time intensive and I missed a few details - like finding  a power point projector and screen for the next program! This year I not only got well but also smart - I  hired Julie (of Silver Queen Minerals) to work for me two days a week - which for the last month has  been three days. Finally I have some help and my back is covered for the first time in some years. Thus  the gallery will be open SIX days a week! 

10 to 6 Monday through Friday and 11 to 5 on Saturday.
On Sundays I will get my gardening fix (work for the town), take a nap and do the laundry!!

Summer 2015 Program

Our first program on June 24th with Mark Luttrell expounding on Rock Hunting 101.

Second program July 1st Ken Kolb

Third Program July 8th Larry Fredrick

 Mining and Minerals of Colorado Summer 2015 Program

17 July 2015: "Prospectors" with Amanda Adkins, one of the miners from the popular TV series on the Weather Channel. "Amanda Adkins has been mining and prospecting in Colorado over twenty years now. She has extensive experience in gemstone prospecting and excels in finding and extracting valuable gem and minerals specimens in the high altitudes of Colorado's Rocky Mountains." From Amanda's Facebook. Amanda's topic will be collecting on Mt. Antero and the Colorado State Gemstone, Aquamarine.

22 July 2015: "Crystal Healing Therapy" with Marierose and Eric Anthony

Understanding the how and why crystals have healing powers. You will also learn some of the ancient history and the science behind some of the legends, in addition to balancing your body's energetic centers with unique and locally found healing minerals.  

29 July 2015: "The Freedom Eagle" at the Mystic Eagle Mine alabaster quarry inside Mt. Sopris with Jeremy Dean Russell

Jeremy will present a short video and then speak about his work. This huge monolithic sculpture of a bald eagle, symbolizing the plight of our nation's veterans, is being relieved from the interior walls of the alabaster quarry. Jeremy will focus on the creation of the sculpture, its purpose and the many obstacles that had to be overcome in the permitting of his work. It remains a work in progress. 

5 August 2015: "History of the Yule Marble Quarry" with Gary Bascom and Kimberly Perrin.

Gary traveled west in the early 1980's and landed a job in 1990 with the Colorado Yule Marble Company (subsequently Colorado Stone Quarries) as quarry superintendent/safety director. He left in 2013 when the quarry was sold to Red Graniti (an Italian company). Kim worked for Colorado Stone Quarries as administrative manager from 2001 to 2013. This program will cover the discovery of the marble reserve, pre-1941 history, operations from 1990 to 2013 and what's currently happening at the quarry.

12 August 2015: "Mace Mineral Collection" started by Greg Mace (born on this day in 1943).

This program will be hosted by Julie. Its content is a bit of a mystery at the moment as no one in the family has seen the collection since the mid-1980's. A discovery for all of us. 

19 August 2015: "Modern Day Prospecting" with Robert Congdon

Robert moved to the Roaring Fork Valley in 1978. Logging, ranching and mining were the prevalent jobs. The mines paid the best ($8.50 an hour) and he was attracted to the challenges of mining: the daily struggle to figure out how to get the roof secure, deal with gasses and keep all the equipment running - and it started him on a 35 year prospecting journey in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah. Locally some of his notable finds have been the lost vapor cave mines outside of Redstone, a lost gold camp on Mt. Sopris and the Alabaster Quarry at Avalanche Creek.

This walnut table, now on view at Toklat Gallery, was originally commissioned in 2004 and was originally sold for $30,000. There is a set of twelve cherry upholstered chairs that were originally $1500 each.  These pieces were sold with a house. Now the purchaser of that house (only the second owner of the furniture) would like to sell them: the table for $15,000 and the chairs for $500 each (must be sold as the set).

Jeffry Mann

I was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 1955. I was raised in Aspen, moving there  when I was in high school. I have always loved Aspen and the mountains. I left  my mark on the community in many ways, partly attributed to the things I built  there. Some may be not what you expect, but are still there and used every day.  Examples are the brick paved sidewalk across Wagner Park and the Ute City  I pursued many professional endeavors: carpentry, general contracting,  architecture, furniture maker, artist, and gallery owner. Throughout it all, I kept a  woodworking shop, which has been my primary focus and building furniture my  joy. For years in Aspen, I had the privilege of building commissioned furniture  which allowed me to stretch my wings and practice my craft. I have always  strived to get to a place where I could live my life building artistic sculptural  pieces. My most recent work is designs of my own desire.  Since 2006 I have lived in Hailey, Idaho, 11 miles from Sun Valley. My life is still  the same: skiing, mountain biking, hiking, enjoying the mountains and building  artistic pieces. I have family here, and it is a quiet life.   Design is my foremost thought. After all these years I believe I know what is  obtainable in the shop and think within the parameters of what is possible.   Recently I have turned to my conceptual design skills. Each piece leads me to a  new direction, or adds a new twist to an existing piece. Often the evolution is  unmistakable from piece to piece. Some pieces come quickly, some arrive at  different moments. Some pieces just start, but usually I draw and build  cardboard models first. By the time the models are completed, I usually know  what each surface will consist of. I try to go with my initial concept of the piece  and not vary it during construction of the first one. Those modifications will come  later. It is an interesting process in which I think I am just a passenger.


Toklat Gallery, on Two Rivers Road at Riverside Plaza

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