June 29th, 2021
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This week we are featuring a selection of items from the Wendelle Stevens collection of UFO books, photos, and ephemera.

The majority of items within Stevens’ UFO photo archives are copies. We make no claims as to originality or veracity of items sold other than the fact that these are from the archives collected by Wendelle Stevens.

These items were acquired directly from a storage locker owned by Stevens. An associate of Stevens, John Hughes, kept up on the rental fee for the locker after Stevens passed away. In February of 2018, Hughes also died, and the locker was acquired by a single bidder who then transferred ownership of the material to Back of Beyond Books, in Moab, Utah, where it currently resides.

Colonel Wendelle C. Stevens, born 1923 in Round Prairie, Minnesota, was a leading ufologist for more than 50 years and the creator of one of the largest private UFO photo archives known. Stevens’ interest in the UFO phenomenon was kindled by his experience as an Air Force pilot in the Arctic after the end of World War II, where he encountered mysterious radio transmissions while working as part of a classified project to photograph and map the area using new technology. Stevens began his own investigations after retiring from the Air Force and in 1979 published the 4-volume UFO… Contact from the Pleiades, which detailed the extraterrestrial experiences of Eduard “Billy” Meier and established Stevens’ reputation in the world of Ufology. Over the following three decades, Stevens amassed his collection of UFO photographs from around the world, researching and writing articles about the encounter stories they illustrated and appearing as an expert at UFO conferences internationally. From his home in Tucson, he was the Director of Investigations for the Aerial Phenomena Research Organization (APRO) and a founder of the International UFO Congress. In total, Stevens authored or coauthored more than 22 UFO-related monographs. Colonel Stevens received a lifetime achievement award at the First World UFO Forum in Brasilia, 1997. He passed away in Tucson, Arizona, in 2010.

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UFO... Contact from the Pleiades –
Manuscript for Book and Documentary Film
Stevens, Wendelle C.

Manuscript Copy. Paper cover is torn off and missing. Xeroxed paper held together with two metal fasteners. Good Condition.

This large tome of a manuscript includes a rejection letter from Universal Pictures, dated June 1981. The cover letter by Stevens states the manuscript is a draft for both a book and documentary film, also noting that the title and ideas for the proposed book design came from the extraterrestrials themselves. The manuscript shares “The Report of an Ongoing Contact” between Eduard Meier and aliens. 

Billy Meier Photos and Magazine
Lot of 30 UFO photos, with copy negatives. Photos are in fine condition, contained in Costco envelope. The magazine was published in 1994 and is in very good condition. 

Photos are all labeled as being taken by Eduard “Billy” Meier in Switzerland during March of 1976. Also includes the third anniversary issue of International UFO Library Magazine, which features a cover story about Meier.
UFO...Contact from Planet IARGA
Denaerde, Stefan; Wendelle C. Stevens

UFO Photo Archives, 1982. Hardcover. New, in publisher's shrink wrap. Brown boards with pictorial dust jacket.

This book discusses the science, technology, society and philosophy of the planet Iarga; planetary comparisons with Earth; and accounts from witnesses about contact and meeting. 
Message from the Pleiades --
Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier Volume 4
Stevens, Wendelle (Editor)
UFO Photo Archives and Genesis III Publishing, 1995. First Edition. Hardcover. New, in shrink wrap. Blue boards with silver imprint on front and spine with pictorial dust jacket. Volume 4 only.

This book presents the exhaustive notes from interviews with Eduard Meier, a Swiss security officer, regarding his UFO contact case. Includes records of physical evidence, photographs, recorded sounds of the spacecraft, metal residue and ship's landing tracks (from the preface). $75
UFO Crash at Aztec: A Well Kept Secret
Steinman, William S.; Stevens, Wendelle
Limited First Edition, Inscribed by Stevens
UFO Photo Archives, 1986. Limited first edition of 1000 copies, unnumbered. Hardcover. Condition: Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Good. Inscribed to John Hughes by Stevens on first free end paper. Maroon boards with silver image of alien and UFO on cover. Spine is cocked. Boards have rubbing to edges and mild soiling. Red pictorial dust jacket with white and yellow lettering. Jacket has shelf wear to edges and moderate soiling. Text block has foxing to edges. Tight binding and clean interior. Photo of Michael Hesemann giving a talk on Roswell is laid in.

This book describes the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft outside of Aztec, New Mexico in 1948 and the subsequent government cover-up. $150

UFO Contact from Planet Ummo: The Mystery of UMMO Vol. 1
Ribera, Antonio; Stevens, Wendelle
Limited First Edition, Double Signed
UFO Photo Archives, 1985. Limited first edition of 1000 copies, unnumbered. Hardcover. Condition: Good. Dust Jacket Condition: Good. Inscribed by both authors to John Hughes on first free end paper. Red boards with gilt image of UFO on cover and gilt lettering on cover and spine. Spine is cocked. Boards have rubbing to edges and mild soiling. White pictorial dust jacket with blue and purple lettering. Edges of text block have soiling and foxing. Tight binding and clean interior. Two unlabeled photos from a UFO conference are laid-in. Volume 1 only.

This book describes an extraterrestrial expedition to Earth from the planet Ummo beginning with the arrival of the aliens in 1950. The author claims to have translated extensive contact notes from meetings the aliens had with scientists around the world. $95
First World UFO Congress
Collection of Documents
Collection of documents from the First World UFO Congress held in Tucson, Arizona in May of 1991. Contained in Priority Mail envelope. Very good condition.

Wendelle Stevens co-hosted this event and played a large role in organizing it. Documents include a copy of a letter from John McCain about expediting the Visa process for three Russian speakers, a list of speakers, letters from Stevens inviting various guests, and a press release.
The Secret Government: The Origin, Identity, and Purpose MJ-12
Cooper, Milton William
Manuscript Copy
Copy of manuscript with hand-written cover letter sent to Wendelle Stevens. The cover letter from a member of the Astara group claims the manuscript was submitted anonymously, but the 20 page manuscript bears the name of noted conspiracy theorist, author, and radio host Milton William Cooper. Staple bound pages in manila envelope. Very good condition.

The manuscript describes “The Cosmic Watergate,” alleging the US government has purposely concealed the existence of extraterrestrial life. “We are being manipulated by a joint human/alien power structure which will result in the total enslavement and or destruction of the human race,” the author concludes.
Only two English copies in OCLC as of June 25, 2021.
The Principle of Cosmic Elusiveness
Rojas-Marcos, Ignacio Darnaude
Manuscript Copy
Copy of an essay manuscript sent to Wendelle Stevens by Spanish writer and ufologist Ignacio Darnaude Rojas-Marcos. Manuscript is 39 pages, stapled then folded in half to fit in mailing envelope.

This manuscript deals with "The hidden whys and wherefores behind our physical universe." Though the manuscript is in English, a book with the same title appears to have only been published in Spanish in 2009. No date on manuscript or envelope. Rojas-Marcos died in 2018. No manuscript copies in OCLC as of June 25, 2021. 
Lot of 26 UFO Photos from Around the World
Set of 26 UFO photos from the UFO photo archives of Wendelle Stevens, no negatives. The photos are all labeled in pen on the verso. All in fine condition. Contained in Costco envelope.

All the photos were taken in 1975 and come from Argentina, Japan, South Africa, Canada, and Austria.
Contact – Watercolor Painting
Blue folder with a watercolor painting of an alien abduction tipped in. Folder has damp stain on cover. Painting is slightly wrinkled, but otherwise in very good condition. Hand-written note to Wendelle Stevens from the artist written on inside of folder opposite the painting. Artist signed only as "David." Dated June 1, 1988.

“Custom UFO artwork for custom UFO investigators!” reads the back of the folder.
Hand-Drawn UFO Diagram from Belgium
Drawn in pencil on a sheet of graph paper, this piece describes a UFO encounter in Namur, Belgium in June of 1955. Paper has some mild soiling and toning, otherwise very good condition. Artist unknown.

Drawings show the UFO from different angles while the hand-written text details the UFO’s appearance and activity.
UFO 1998 Calendar
New, in shrink wrap.

Collectible 1998 calendar claims to contain “Authentic Unretouched Photos” from Wendelle Steven’s UFO photo archives. Stevens adds “astonishing data and eye-witness accounts” to accompany the photos.
Brothers -- World-Wide Unique Magazine
for Flying Saucer & Space-People
Vol. 1, No. 1
Magazine published in 1962 by the Cosmic Brotherhood Association of Japan. All text in English. Blue and white wrapper, staple bound. Wrapper has wear along spine and mild soiling. Staples are rusted, but no pages are loose. Pages have very light toning, otherwise clean. Overall, very good condition. Laid-in are a sheet to report UFO sightings and a diagram of "The Sun Pyramid" at the Haiopira National Saucer Park.

This is the first issue of Brothers, a "quarterly magazine of SPACE." This issue features an article about earthquakes and flying saucers and news about UFO sightings from around the world. We couldn't find any similar copies online, including on OCLC.
BUFORA Journal
Vol. 2, No. 1

Magazine published in Summer of 1967 by the British UFO Research Association. White wrapper with black lettering and design. Staple bound. Wrapper has mild soiling. Tight binding and clean interior. Overall, very good condition.

This issue of the BUFORA Journal and Bulletin includes letters to the editor, book reviews, other UFO articles, and a glossy presentation sheet with four black and white UFO photos.
Flying Saucers: The Magazine of Space Conquest
February, 1961 Issue
Magazine published in 1961. Orange and green pictorial wrapper. Staple bound. Wrapper is slightly wrinkled and has significant wear along spine. Binding is tight. Pages have some toning, but are otherwise clean. Overall, good condition.

This issue of Flying Saucers features articles about a magnetic UFO detector, a UFO sighting by the Brazilian navy, and a piece arguing that flying saucers are hostile.
Lot of 31 Issues of Cuarta Dimensión
This lot of 31 issues of the magazine Cuarta Dimension covers numbers 41 through 75. Issues 43, 56, 63, 72 are missing. This UFO magazine was published in Argentina by Fabio Zerpa. The magazines are entirely in Spanish. The issues are largely in good condition with some soiling, creasing, and shelf wear to the wrappers and toning to the interior.

Fabio Zerpa was a Uruguayan actor, parapsychologist, and UFO researcher who spent most of his life in Argentina. In his magazine, which translates to the Fourth Dimension, he claims to share the best information about extraterrestrial life.
Weekly World News
October 30, 1990
Single issue of the tabloid newspaper Weekly World News from 1990. Paper is creased and folded with some slight toning, but overall in good condition.

This issue features a cover story about an alien captured by the US government after landing in Virginia.
Morse Fellowship Transformation Series
Manuscript Copy
Typed transcript of a series of 16 channeling sessions held by the Morse Fellowship between July 1961 and March 1962 in various locations around the US. Transcripts are contained in a reddish brown binder in very good condition. Vol. 9 in pen on cover. The 16 lessons are around 10 pages each.

This transcript covers the attempts of an occult channeling group to contact what leader Louise Morse called the “Holy Spirit.” They sought to ask questions about the afterlife and other spiritual matters with an emphasis on biblical prophecies of the last days. No copies found in OCLC as of June 25, 2021
Séance Memoranda from the Inner Circle
Manuscript Copy
Typed transcript of a series of lectures that the medium Mark Probert held between September 1946 and February 1949. Multi-colored pages are fastened in a yellow folder. Approximately 400 pages in total. Very good condition.

The “trance lectures” transcribed here involve Probert channeling “astral people” to hear their opinions on scientific, philosophical, and occult matters. No exact matches on OCLC.

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