Action Alert from LWVIL: Budget Update and  4th of July  Parades
June 30, 2017

First, we just received this message from our partner, the Responsible Budget Coalition (RBC):  
This morning, with a bi-partisan vote of 90-25, the House passed a full year spending plan. While this  plan includes cuts that RBC does not support, it does show a willingness to work together to address the budget crisis. However, this is just the spending side of the equation, the revenues to pay for the plan have not been voted on yet.  So, check out the roll call on SB6 (Amendment 1) here: 
6302017_002000T.pdf and see how your State Representative voted.

If she or he voted yes, please contact her or him NOW with as many voices as possible.You can thank them for voting for a spending plan for a full year budget, but DEMAND that they also vote for enough  new, permanent revenue  to pay for it. Call  1-855-334-6885.

The Speaker has said that they expect to stay in session through  tomorrow, July 1st , so we want to keep the pressure on. Thank you all for your advocacy!"

Second,  will your local League be marching in a parade or participating in a community event over the holiday weekend? If yes, please use this opportunity to advocate and educate. 

Below are ideas for sign and flier messages to share with the public at these events. 

We will be sending more resources for advocacy next week.  
  • Tell Your Senator: Healthcare Is A Human Right - Save Medicare and Medicaid
  • No Caps - No Cuts on Healthcare
  • 42% of rural Illinois Children Depend on Medicaid
  • Governor Rauner - Oppose the AHCA - It's Bad For Illinois' Health
  • Cover Preventative Care - Saves Lives and Money!
  • Celebrate Four Freedoms (this can be four signs)
      •  from worry about healthcare for our children
      • from crushing healthcare costs and bankruptcy
      • to use Medicaid for women's healthcare
      • from worry about nursing home care for elderly parents
Please share your photos with LWVIL by sending them to Mary Schaafsma at so they can be posted on our LWVIL web page, Facebook and Twitter. Go to Protect Our Care Illinois for more information and get creative too.

Here is a link to the latest message from LWVUS President Chris Carson on the Senate version of AHCA: and a recent action alert to share:

Thank you for your continued efforts and let us know how it is going at

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