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Worship in Person

10am Sunday,
Summer Schedule:
June 16th we begin 9am OUTSIDE

All indoor services are currently limited to 75. 

Excerpt from the Bishops COVID-19 Reopening Update Letter
  • Effective immediately, and until June 30, indoor in-person worship should be limited to 60% of building capacity. This six-week phase allows for continued expansion of vaccination rates, and the observation of any consequences following swift re-openings in other contexts. Capacity restrictions will be fully lifted July 1, unless statistics warrant a revision to this plan.

  • We urge you to continue to observe physical distancing between households in order to protect those who are not yet fully vaccinated. Per CDC guidelines, those who are not yet vaccinated should continue wearing a face covering and maintain physical distance. We encourage all worshipers to maintain these precautions in order to protect one another.

  • Outdoor services are strongly encouraged; no attendance limits are prescribed for such worship.

  •  At the Passing of the Peace, physical contact is discouraged. A slight bow or a hand to the heart remains the safer option.

  •  In the sharing of Holy Eucharist, please use wafers for the distribution of Communion in one kind only. Refrain from using the common cup; individually pre-packaged wine may be used, if desired. While we hope for a future revision of these restrictions, they remain in effect until further notice.

  •  Indoor singing by fully vaccinated people wearing masks has been deemed by the CDC to be a safe activity. Accordingly, singing may be permitted by those fulfilling these conditions. Outdoor singing is permitted. Continued physical distancing, indoors and out, is important for anyone singing.