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June 8, 2022

A Note From Reverend Peter

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How do you say you’re sorry?

I remember getting into an argument with a roommate on a trip. One night he stumbled in late, and instead of letting me sleep, decided to jump on my bed in a whole-hearted attempt to scare me. Needless to say, I was quite shaken up. The next day, I told him how angry I was about what he had done. He said he was just goofing around, he didn’t mean anything by it, and it wasn’t a big deal. It was for me, and his inability to simply admit the facts of what had happened tore us apart. We’ve never been the same since.

I’ve often thought how different it would’ve gone if he had just said to me: “I didn’t mean to scare you, I thought it would be funny, but I can clearly see now that it wasn’t. I didn’t mean to cause you harm, but I can see that I did. I’m sorry.” At the very least, I would understand that he saw things from my side. That would’ve helped.

When the Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Task Force got to work in January 2021, the end goal wasn’t to end racism. The goal was to start a conversation around our history as a church, and to be a place where we can ‘repair the breach’ to use Isaiah’s words. That means coming to terms with our history.

This Sunday, on Trinity Sunday, at both our 7:30 and 10:00 AM services, we will name in the prayers of the people, those people of African descent who received the sacraments of baptism, marriage and burial from our church, but these services did not take place inside our church. This is perhaps a first step, or a next step after participating in the Trail of Souls in 2014, to remembering our past not through rose-tinted glasses, but clearly and honestly. By remembering who we were, what we did or didn’t do, we are more able to grow into what we can be, and what we are called to be by a God who called us each out of slavery into the inheritance of Jesus Christ.

Trinity Sunday is about relationship. Let’s build a new relationship with our history, with ourselves and with all those we serve.

     We can sing in church!! Don't forget your masks this Sunday!

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Hope Everyone enjoyed the Bluegrass Mass! Here are a couple of pictures of the dozen Newly Baptized on Sunday, and our wonderful Third Sunday Band with guests:

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Nursery Care Needed for VBS!

Over 21? Good with young children? Like a little pocket cash? Available 8:30-12:30 June 27-July 1? 

We need some help taking care of our volunteers children during VBS. 

If you would like to work in the nursery for the week of VBS please let Emily know ASAP. Deadline for us to process background check and payroll paperwork is June 17.  

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Food Delivery to Afghan Families with Children by Janice John

In April, we took up a collection to deliver food to the families of our Afghan men in Hyattsville. These folks were left behind in Kabul. As family members of a person who worked for the Americans, and given the state of the economy in Afghanistan under the Taliban, these folks are unable to work and are hungry. 

$200 feeds 5-6 people for a month. With their extended families, our list has grown to over 75, including 21 infants and children. 

We are gearing up to provide another delivery next week. So far we have raised $400 of the $3,000 needed. If you are able to contribute to this food delivery, please contact Janice John janicejohnrg@gmail.com or Jen Thomas at jtchewie@gmail.com.


St. Margaret's participated in the Pride Parade this past weekend:

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From the SMC Missions Committee

June 9 (LIGHT HOUSE):  Friends of the Light House Golf Tournament, Renditions, Davidsonville, MD (currently a waitlist).

July (LIGHT HOUSE):  SMC's Annual Food Drive for the Light House Pantry


Light House:  Ongoing: Sign up to prepare and deliver food to Light House for one (or more!) of SMC's Monthly Dinners. OR

Donate REQUESTED food and other items to Light House by placing in the designated area under the window in the narthex.


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Welcome to Baltimore, Hon! Our General Convention website, gceighty.org, is live! Convention is July 7-July 11.

Volunteers Needed- Watch this One Minute Video on what a volunteer will do: gc80 volunteer video - YouTube

Volunteers recruited from the Diocese of Maryland and neighboring dioceses, who welcome guests and support the logistical work of the General Convention, have an opportunity to learn about the structure and governance of The Episcopal Church. In addition to experiencing the gathering of The Episcopal Church, volunteers who contribute their time have the chance to meet people from around the Church and connect with others in the diocese whom they would not have otherwise met. Please note that the Joint Standing Committee on Planning and Arrangements passed a resolution on December 9, 2021, that ALL attendees of the 80th General Convention, including volunteers, must provide proof of vaccination and wear masks. Sign up to volunteer.

General Convention is seeking interpreters of sign language and interpreters of color. Contact Caroline Bomgardner if interested, cbomgardner@episcopalmaryland.org.

Singers Needed for General Convention Choir The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland will be featured at the General Convention Eucharist on Sunday, July 10, 2022. Dr. Douglas Buchanan – Director of Music Ministries at St. David's, Baltimore – and Daniel Weatherholt – Director of Music at St. Peter's, Poolesville – will be the music leaders for the service. They are organizing a 40-voice choir that will sing during the 9:30 AM service at the Baltimore Convention Center. In the hope of attracting singers from around the diocese, open auditions will be held later this month. Please complete this form to express your interest and learn more about the audition process.

No Recording from Last Sunday due to Bluegrass Sunday

Sunday's Service Bulletin

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Servers on June 12


7:30- Joan Rich

10- Mel Kessler

Eucharistic Ministers

10- Molly Owens


10- Hannah Ruegg, Charlotte and Clara Berthelotte

Altar Guild

Lisa Moylan, Lynn Goff, Stephanie Ceruolo, Nancy Saroch

Flower Guild

Stacy Canuel


7:30- Mark Torrence, Randy Goff 

10- Steve Brennan, Barbara Friedmann


Mary Holstine

Children's Chapel

Leslie Salvail

Livestream Host

George Saroch 

Servers on June 19


7:30- Fran Becker

10- Sarah Hyde

Eucharistic Ministers

Karin Ekholm


Henry Macmillan, Caroline Viscardi

Altar Guild

Charlie Lang, Robert Thomas, Susan Byrom

Flower Guild

Beth Kopack


Ray Feldmann, Kathy Lang


Susan Byrom, Robert Thomas

Children's Chapel

Kristen Berthelotte

Summer Family Host

Anne Arnold

Livestream Host

Diane and Ella Chasse

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Jim Douglas, Director of Music - Music@st-margarets.org

Judy Hall, Administrative Assistant - Judy@st-margarets.org

For Churchyard Information- Churchyard@st-margarets.org

Emily DelSordo, Children's Formation Coordinator - Emily@st-margarets.org

Jeff Conover, Youth Ministries Leader - Jeff@st-margarets.org

Teresa McCorkle, Bookkeeper - Office@st-margarets.org

Christine Feldmann, Grants Administrator - Missions@st-margarets.org

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