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This Weekly Update by the Illinois School and Campus Safety Program links to FEMA's You Are the Help Until Help Arrives webpage, shares Campus Safety Magazine's article on the DHS warning about Uvalde copycat attacks, and links to upcoming conferences.

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Laura Black
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Illinois School and Campus Safety Program
FEMA's You Are Help Until Help Arrives

When a critical incident occurs, there can be a delay before emergency services are able to arrive on scene. Knowing what to do to help the injured in the meantime can help save lives. The Federal Emergency Management Agency's You Are the Help Until Help Arrives page provides information on steps to take to save lives, includes interactive and training videos, and links to YouTube videos emphasizing the importance of individuals providing aid when someone has been injured.
Campus Safety Magazine Shares DHS Warning About Uvalde Copycat Attacks

Yesterday Campus Safety Magazine released the article DHS Warns of Extremists Encouraging Uvalde Copycat Attacks, which explains the Department of Homeland Security has issued a warning regarding people "encouraging copycat attacks" in online forums. To read the article, click here.
Illinois School and Campus Safety Program