June 2017 - Volume 103
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AACA Crowns Best Restored Car of the Year
AACA Forum Helps a Member in Medical Distress
2018 Boca Raton Concours d'Elegance to Honor AACA Cars
8th Annual Collector Car Appreciation Day
1932 Chevy Racer Project
Steve Rossi's Old Car Quiz
Do You Know About the Mileage Award Program?
Highlights from the AACA Grand National Meet
AACA Library: Mike's Movie Machine
Seminar Presenters Needed for Annual Meeting
Rollin' Cross the River with the Mississippi Valley Region
Let's Meet in the Middle for this Year's Glidden Tour
The Elegance at Hershey Announces 2017 Show Results
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Summertime Road Trips
By Stacy Zimmerman, Speedster editor, szimmerman@aaca.org
Summer is all about road trips and vacations, spending time with family and friends, and slowing down just long enough to enjoy the sunshine. I don't know about you, but I LOVE to travel! Whether it's just a day trip a few hours away or hopping on a plane for a faraway destination, I have always enjoyed exploring, learning and creating memories in new places.
Like the time I went to Detroit and got to tour Stan Hywet Hall, which was built for F.A. Seiberling (co-founder of The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company) and his family. Literally, it is the house that rubber built. Or when I got to see Francis Ford Coppola's Tucker while visiting his winery in Napa.    
When I was in Chicago, I was lucky enough to take private tours of the Ford Dearborn Truck Plant at the River Rouge Complex and the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House. I actually really loved learning about the green roof and sustainability measures that were being taken at the Ford plant - truly interesting and eye-opening, not to mention extremely forward-thinking for the time.
Most recently, I took a long weekend trip to National Harbor located right outside of Washington, DC. The American Way is a 3,000-foot promenade down the spine of the property and is designed as an homage to the American experience. I was delighted to see a Model T and a very cool statue of Mr. Ford.
So, what are your plans this summer? We'd love to see where you and your families are exploring our hobby. Send me a photo and caption and we'll publish it in the next Speedster .
From everyone here at AACA Headquarters, 
have a happy and safe Independence Day!
AACA Crowns Best Restored Car of the Year
First Ever Zenith Award Presented

Independence, Missouri, is now known for something other than the birthplace of our 33rd President, Harry S. Truman. On June 16, 2017, America's first antique car club presented a new award, appropriately named the AACA Zenith Award, recognizing the most outstanding restoration of the year. The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) conducts competitions all across the USA for its members and in 2016 more than 3,500 cars, trucks and motorcycles were shown. The task of choosing just one of these to represent the best car in the club was daunting at the least.
Two nominations from each AACA national show were brought forward by the national awards judging team from the 10 shows held in 2016 and thusly 20 cars and trucks arrived in Independence to compete for this inaugural award. The AACA Kansas City Region hosted the 2017 Annual Grand National Meet, the most prestigious show of the year, and had a perfect indoor setting in which the Zenith cars could congregate.
A team of AACA senior master judges along with three guest judges spent a day evaluating all the vehicles. The three extra judges were brought into the mix to provide a greater spectrum of thought and included Bob Larivee, former owner of Championship Auto Shows and the force behind the Ridler Award (generally considered the top award in the hot rod community); Angelo Van Bogart, editor of Old Cars Weekly; and Paul Sable, a nationally recognized concours d'elegance chief judge. 

After almost six hours of evaluation, the 1928 Auburn 8-88 Speedster owned by Richard and Helen Harding of Xenia, Ohio, was chosen as the very first recipient of the AACA Zenith Award and the Harding's received a massive custom one-of-a-kind crystal trophy signifying their accomplishment. Richard's car has won numerous awards and best-of-shows at concours around the country, as well as garnering top national awards from AACA. It was restored mostly by himself and is a stunning car. Many of the participants agreed with the choice and were congratulatory to the winners. The runner-up was a 1942 Cadillac Series 62 club coupe owned by Steve Cooley of Homosassa, Florida, which was also restored to the nth degree of correctness.  

"I was extremely impressed with the depth, variety and quality of the Zenith nominees. All the cars certainly were capable of being shown at concours events and some I have seen at other shows. They truly were the crème de la crème of cars and the winner just simply spoke to you as a world-class restoration. I thoroughly enjoyed my judging experience with AACA and congratulate this most deserving winner," stated Paul Sable.
AACA has a comprehensive awards program for its members with regional national competitions each year. Members vie for numerous awards and AACA annually has national awards recognizing the most outstanding vehicles of the year in a black-tie affair in Philadelphia every February. This new award augments the club's offerings to its members and is bound to be a sought-after award each year.    
Click here to view the AACA Zenith Award program listing all of the cars in the competition.

AACA Forum Helps a Member in Medical Distress

A regular reader of the car restoration discussion on the AACA forum noticed signs of medical issues with some posts. A person had posted some photos that included his address. The reader reported his concerns about the recent erratic posts and suspected worsening medical issues.
AACA Member Matt Hinson was able to do a Google search for the local law enforcement agency in this person's area and obtained their phone number. Matt called the law enforcement agency, reported the concerns and asked them to do a wellness check on his medical condition based on those facts. They responded to his home and, after investigating, summoned an ambulance to transport him for treatment.
First, a heartfelt thank you to a retired police officer who obviously was well trained, has compassion and used his experience to prevent a possible life-altering issue for one of our forum members. His quick thinking is a testimony I think to the type of police officer he was. Matt is a credit to AACA and is owed a great debt of gratitude for his act of kindness and willingness to get involved!!
Also, thank you to the anonymous person who contacted Matt Hinson!! He or she too deserves a pat on the back.

Because we're NOT just a club, we're family!

2018 Boca Raton Concours d'Elegance to Honor AACA Cars
The 2018 Boca Raton Concours d'Elegance will honor the cars of AACA! Our cars will be the featured marque and will be eligible for all awards other than class awards. The cars will be in a special decade by decade display to educate the public on the advancement of the automobile.
This concours is held at the word famous Boca Raton Resort and Club in Florida. It will be held February 23-25, 2018. It truly is a magnificent event and to have this much respect for our cars and our club is very special.
Cars included in the display will be self-nominated, so every member has an opportunity to show their vehicles. All cars chosen will receive a special memento from AACA for their participation. Please email AACA Executive Director Steve Moskowitz who will curate this display ( aaca1@aaca.org). He will follow up with a nomination form for you to fill out. 

8th Annual Collector Car Appreciation Day
If your Region or Chapter is having an event for Collector Car Appreciation Day, 
please share a few photos and 1-2 sentences with us so we can publish them
 in next month's Speedster. Send them to Stacy at szimmerman@aaca.org.

The SEMA Action Network (SAN) announced that the next Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD) will be celebrated on July 14, 2017. The date will mark the eighth consecutive commemoration in what is now an annual event to raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society.
"The U.S. Senate first recognized Collector Car Appreciation Day in 2010 at our request and helped launch this annual event," said SEMA Vice President of Government Affairs Steve McDonald. "As we prepare for the eighth celebration of our nation's automotive heritage, enthusiasts and related businesses are already planning open houses, car cruises, club gatherings and educational events to commemorate the day."
SEMA and AACA encourage all AACA Regions and Chapters to participate throughout the month of July to honor the classics of the past and the future. Check out SEMA's video PSA for tips on setting up your tribute.

  • ATTEND an official vehicle-inspired event
  • HOST your own gathering or club meeting
  • Promote a "HOLIDAY SALE" at your business
  • DRIVE your special ride, new or old, whatever the destination
Plan and submit your July event at no cost, locate a listing near you and more on the SEMA website . Participating organizers will be awarded a copy of the Congressional resolution for display at each registered event.

Member Submitted Story 

1932 Chevy Racer Project
By Norm Kopp, New Ulm, MN, nkopp@newulmtel.net

The object of this project was to start with a '32 Chevy rolling frame to build a racer just like they did in the 1930s. It would have all period running gear including the engine, transmission, steering, frame, rear end, shocks and mechanical brakes. The body was built using the same materials, techniques and overall appearance of the era.
There was lots of planning for the final dimensions considering:
  • The overall appearance for the "Period" (1930 - 1938).
  • The curvature and length of the boat tail.
  • Cowl, cockpit and boat tail to blend with the radiator that was moved forward by 4" and lowered by 4 ½".
  • Steering wheel height, dash, gauges and bench seat.

The process of restoring the various mechanical/electrical parts of the rolling frame were well-documented by other sources, such as AACA publications. But, as I found out, the process of building these bodies was not. Probably because the rules are not rigid - styles varied and they were usually built by individuals who were not into "documentation." They just wanted to take what they had and make it go faster! So, my focus for this article is on how the body and interior were constructed. The frame-work was basically made from ¾" marine plywood and ¾" thick Ash. Most body frame structures of that vintage, (including Chevys) were made of Ash. The skin was 21 gauge, 5052 Aluminum alloy.

First, a cage around the cockpit and a base plate for the rest of the wood frame was built up on top of the rolling frame. This assured an exact fit, especially the curve over the rear axle. Winter was approaching and my garage was not heated (this is Minnesota remember), but my wood working shop in my basement was comfortable, so I built the body there. The cowl section was made first. Ash stringers were mortised between an intermediate plywood arch and the plywood firewall. All was sanded to blend the top edge curve. With the cowl completed, I tackled the more difficult boat tail section. Plywood arches and stringers were installed in the same manner as the cowl. The compound curved top corners and pointed end of the tail was boxed out of Ash. Only four aluminum sections were needed to cover the wooden frame - a wrap-over cowl, top section of the tail and one for each side. Finally, it was brought back into the garage and set on the frame. At this stage, the body weighed only 177 lbs. The final weight was 2,100 lbs.
The dash was completed in vintage fashion including a turned metal finish with original 1932 Chevy gauges. The interior is "rolled and tucked" in genuine leather. The paint job was topped off with a racing number "32."
I have just started showing the racer, but in my first show it took first in its class. It is "street legal," and a "hoot" to drive. People really enjoy seeing it, especially when I wear the aviation period helmet and goggles. 

Share Your Stories in Speedster

We want to hear from you! We are always looking to feature articles from AACA members in Speedster. We'd love to share your personal accounts of tours and shows you have attended, restoration projects, unique vehicle stories and history, and any other stories you think other AACA members would enjoy hearing about.
Stories should average about 500 words or less. And, we love photos, so make sure to include some! Please send your photos and stories to Stacy Zimmerman at  szimmerman@aaca.org .

Trivia Question

The first Leland-built, Model L Lincolns were met with early criticism. Why?

or scroll all the way to the end of the
Speedster to find the answer.

Do You Know About the Mileage Award Program?

If you enjoy driving your antique vehicle, start your engine and get recognized for driving your AACA-approved vehicles throughout the calendar year with the Mileage Award Program (MAP). Participation is voluntary and tracking mileage is your responsibility. Any time a vehicle is driven - anywhere for any reason - the mileage counts towards the award level. Once you sign up, you will receive a badge and awards at 2,000, 5,000 and each 5,000 mile increment thereafter. The cost to become a MAP member is a one-time fee of $25.
Click here for a Mileage Award Program application. 

Highlights from the AACA Grand National Meet
By Trish Lee, Registration Chair, Kansas City Region AACA, 2chevynuts@gmail.com

For those of you that didn't get to attend the AACA Grand National Meet in Independence, MO, earlier this month, Dave Noble has once again provided us with an incredible walk into the event, even seeing all the cars and capturing the joy, excitement and hard work that was put into this amazing event! Over two years of planning and thousands of hours of work by our club members went into this event, and we were so pleased to see such a wonderful turnout!!! 
Enjoy this awesome video he has provided us with. Be sure and watch it to the end! P.S. If you are computer savvy, give it a thumbs up at the lower right!

ATTENTION: AACA National Regions & Chapters

Just a friendly reminder... You are required to submit your Officer Reporting Form and Membership Roster on a yearly basis. Both forms are due by March 1st of each year. These forms allow us to properly file insurances for your Region/Chapter events. They also let us know who to contact for proper information. If you have not turned in your 2017 forms, please do so ASAP. Forms are always available on our website here. Thank you!
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kristin Calvin at kcalvin@aaca.org or 717-534-1910. 

Why Should My Region Host a National Meet or Tour?
By Don Barlup, VP National Activities, pullman1914@aol.com

While we all enjoy the interaction with our local Region members, there is a lot to see and do outside of our immediate area. One hundred or more years ago, most of our ancestors were unable to venture far from their familiar surroundings. Transportation, or should I say the lack of it, kept them close to home. Flash forward to 2017. You name the place, pull out your credit card and, usually within 24 hours, you can be there.
As a Region member, we enjoy visiting our fellow members at the many national meets and tours that we choose to attend each year. But, we can only participate in these meets and tours if you and your fellow members invite us.
Planning a meet or tour is what you make of it. It can bring a Region together, involve many members, encourage new members and bolster your treasury. Help is available from your National Club and Directors. We will provide seed money, if needed (to be repaid), a registration chairperson and a liaison to help you with the process. We can even provide a chief judge for your National meet. We will help with your meet or tour brochure and registration materials. Free ads and articles in Antique Automobile magazine and the Speedster e-newsletter are also available to aid in the promotion of the event.
Your National Club has openings for National meets and tours from 2018 forward. Be part of the fun and let us show you how beneficial it can be to host a National event in your hometown!

If interested, contact Don Barlup, VP National Activities, 
at pullman1914@aol.com or call 717-877-4766.

From the AACA Library & Research Center

Mike's Movie Machine
By Mike Reilly, mreilly@aaca.org

Over the last year, we're been building and tinkering with a digital film scanner to digitize and preserve the 16mm films that we have in the library's collection. Mike's Movie Machine takes old 16mm film reels and converts them into a digital format that can be seen by all. Around the beginning of 2017, we began putting the final touches on the modifications we placed on the film scanner. I put together a short documentary film about the build - click here to take a look.

We've scanned over 20 films so far and they are all available to view online at our YouTube page . Once again, we would like to thank everyone who has helped along the way and those who contributed to our crowdfunding campaign to get this film scanner built.

Click Here to Visit Our Blog

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 Interested in doing research with the AACA Library?
More information is available on our website.  Visit AACA Library  
or  contact our head librarian,  Chris Ritter, at  critter@aaca.org  or 717-534-2082.

Seminar Presenters Needed for Annual Meeting
Deadline extended to August 15!

Have you ever thought about speaking or putting on a seminar at the Annual Meeting? Well, now's your chance! We are looking for unique, new, different seminars to add to the schedule for 2018. 

If you would like to be a possible speaker, please fill out this form and send it in no later than August 15.
Have an idea for a hands-on workshop? What topics would you like to hear a panel of experts discuss? This is YOUR Annual Meeting and we want to know what you want to learn about. Please email Stacy with your seminar ideas and/or speakers (membership, leadership, chapters/regions, marketing, cars, technical, fun, historical, ladies-focused, etc.).

Rollin' Cross the River with the Mississippi Valley Region

Central Fall Meet
August 17-19, 2017
Bettendorf, IA
Registration Deadline: July 19, 2017
Hotel Reservation Deadline: August 2, 2017
After holding several meets in Moline, we are moving across the Mighty Mississippi River to Bettendorf, IA. Located on the banks of the river, it is one of the "Quad Cities," consisting of Moline, Rock Island, Davenport and Bettendorf. 

In the heart of the Midwest, Bettendorf was incorporated in 1903 when William and Joseph Bettendorf moved their Iron Wagon business from Davenport. Thriving industrialists, the brothers opened the Bettendorf Company, which had many branches including the Meteor Automobile Plant. 

Produced from 1907-1912 it featured a 50 HP engine along with 4 forward and 2 reverse speeds. All but the tires and electrical systems where produced on-site. The Meteor Automobile plant was later sold to the J.I. Case Company and is now the site of our headquarters, the Isle Hotel & Casino Convention Center. 

Come, relax, and enjoy what the "Quad Cities" have to offer you.

Let's Meet in the Middle for this Year's Glidden Tour

Revival AAA Glidden Tour
September 17-22, 2017
Hastings, NE

Join the Nebraska Region AACA and VMCCA as they host the 72nd Revival AAA Glidden Tour. All cars must be manufactured in 1942 or earlier and be as originally built. Only safety modifications are allowed. This tour will be "early car friendly." We will be driving through the plains of Nebraska with very slight variations in elevation, few traffic signals and generally light vehicle traffic. The total touring miles will be about 520.

Participants must be a member of AACA or VMCCA. The tour is limited to the first 200 cars registered. Registration must be postmarked between May 1, 2017 and August 1, 2017. There will be no cancellation or refunds after August 1st . 

For more information, visit www.gliddentour.org.

Important Hershey Info
By R. J. "Mac" MacAdam, Flea Market/Car Corral Registration Chairman, 
Hershey Region AACA, fallmeet@hersheyaaca.org

Summer registration is almost upon us for Hershey Flea Market, Car Corral and show vehicles. To acquire space(s), you MUST request a registration card from AACA National Headquarters by using the Activity Card enclosed in the plastic covering of the May/June issue of  Antique Automobile magazine.  All previously requested registration cards were mailed TODAY by the AACA staff.  

Please do NOT include any special instructions or checks with your Activity Request Card. Special instructions, notes and payments should only accompany your actual registration forms that you send to the Hershey Region.
With a show as big as Hershey, there are a lot of moving parts for our region volunteers to coordinate. Please help us by reviewing this important information:
1. You can also request Awards Banquet tickets, Ladies' Luncheon tickets, Juniors at Hershey information and antique car trailer parking by submitting the Show Car/Special Events registration card.
2. You must return the completed registration card and check to Hershey Region. There will be a pre-addressed envelope enclosed in the packet that you receive from National Headquarters. PLEASE read all of the information that accompanies your registration card(s).
3. Cards/Checks not signed will be returned for signatures and could jeopardize your request for space(s).
4. If you have a special location request, you should send a note along with your Flea Market/Car Corral registration card. Spaces are assigned by the postmark on the envelope. You can ask for your check to be returned in the event we cannot fulfill your request. If you will accept spaces anywhere, you need not send any note. (Please DO NOT write notes on the registration cards).
5. Please read ALL accompanying information that will be enclosed with the registration card(s) you receive from National Headquarters. Your signature on the card confirms you have read, understand and will obey AACA and Hershey Region rules and regulations.
6. Please pay close attention to the firm postmark deadline of August 15th on the registration card. We need ample time to make assignments, enter the data and send the information to our printer. There is a very short lead time to accomplish this task.
7. FOR SHOW CAR REGISTRATION ONLY: You may register online right now at www.aaca.org . You must print the registration form and submit it along with your check to Hershey Region AACA, PO Box 305, Hershey, PA 17033.
8. TO RESERVE & RENT A HANDICAP SCOOTER OR GOLF CART: ScooterBug has been contracted for the 2017 Fall Meet to provide pre-reserved, single passenger ECVs and double passenger golf carts for those guests who have a valid, state-issued handicapped placard in the state in which you reside.  Guests can pre-reserve this mobility equipment starting on June 1 st  at 9:30 a.m. Please log on to www.scooterbugmobilityrentals.com/AACA or call 800-726-8284 option 1 for details on how to pre-reserve your mobility equipment. Limited number of scooters and carts available!
9. YES, YOU CAN BRING YOUR OWN SCOOTER: Personal electric mobility vehicles are authorized, however they must be registered on site at one of the three registration areas. More information will be available in the literature you receive with your registration card. NOTE: Personal mobility vehicles are NOT registered by ScooterBug personnel.

The annual Ladies' Luncheon, held at the Hotel Hershey, 
will be held on FRIDAY this year instead of Saturday.  
The Elegance at Hershey Announces 2017 Show Results

The Elegance at Hershey hosted another successful and eye-popping weekend of activities. Even though the temperatures reached into the 90s, attendance was high and spectators enjoyed some of the most exquisite and grand cars ever brought together in one place. The Hotel Hershey was once again the host for three full days of events including The Grand Ascent hill climb for vintage race cars, Cars & Coffee and, of course, The Elegance Garden Party where guests could walk among the hotel gardens and view over 70 of the world's finest collector cars in existence.
The Elegance has previously donated more than $850,000 to the   Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), the AACA Museum and the AACA Library & Research Center. Thanks to the success of this weekend and the generosity of our sponsors and guests, we will once again be able to make a substantial donation to our charities.  
The Elegance Garden Party on Sunday lived up to its promise. The magnificent cars looked like works of art nestled on the beautiful grounds of the Hotel Hershey. Each in its own right was a winner, but, in the end, the superb 1934 Packard 1106 (Twelve) Runabout Speedster owned by Bob, Sandy & Gary Bahre, drove off with the coveted Elegance at Hershey Best of Show, also known as the Governor's Cup. Here is a list of the top five award winners:

Governor's Cup (aka Best of Show)
1934 Packard 1106 (Twelve) Runabout Speedster by LeBaron
Owned by Bob, Sandy & Gary Bahre
Founder's Award
1929 Duesenberg J/SJ Convertible by Bohman & Schwartz
Owned by Harry Yeaggy
The Hotel Hershey Award
1938 Talbot-Lago Darracq T-150-C Roadster by Figoni et Falaschi
Owned by J. W. Marriott, Jr.
People's Choice
1929 Cord L-29 Cabriolet
Owned by Mr & Mrs Robert S. Jepson, Jr.
Jack Rich Award
1925 Locomobile 48 Convertible Sedan by Derham
Owned by Mr & Mrs Robert S. Jepson, Jr.
Congratulations to all of the winners! Click here for the complete list.   

On Friday and Saturday, the Ascent at Hershey saw 27 cars racing the historic hill course in the back of the Hotel Hershey. The Ascent brings out some amazing historic race cars and this year was no exception and even included Hal Fillinger's 1912 Mercedes Grand Prix Special with its nearly 10 liter airplane engine! Charity rides were given in these cars at noon and more than one patron was found cleaning the bugs off their teeth. David Zavetsky was quickest up the hill in his 1959 Devin "Pink Elephant 5" and took home the Worker's Choice award.
We wish to thank all of the car owners for sharing their magnificent machines with us. Every car was indeed a winner in its own way, delighting the crowds that joined us. Thank you also to our Honorary Chairman Bill Warner, Grand Marshal Pam Yates, TV star Wayne Carini, our sponsors and donors, our staff, hundreds of volunteers, our patrons and the team at the Hotel Hershey and Hershey Entertainment and Resorts for their herculean efforts to make this year's Elegance at Hershey a seamless extravaganza. Plans are already afoot to make the 2018 Elegance at Hershey even better.
The 2018 Elegance at Hershey will be held June 8-10, 2018. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, donor or volunteer, please call The Elegance office at 717-534-1910.
As more results and photos come in from the events, we will be sure to share them on our website, TheEleganceAtHershey.com.

1929 Duesenberg J/SJ Convertible
1938 Talbot-Lago Darracq T-150-C Roadster
1929 Cord L-29 Cabriolet
1925 Locomobile 48 Convertible Sedan

Like us on Facebook at Facebook.com/theeleganceathershey/.


It's time to vote everyone!! The Elegance at Hershey has been nominated again as one of the best car shows in 2017. You can vote every day. Please share this post and link with all of your friends, too!! Help us make The Elegance #1!! ❤️


2017 AACA 1/2 Year Memberships Available for New Members

Do you have a friend who has been thinking about joining AACA? Regions & Chapters, are you trying to recruit new members for your club? This is an excellent time to encourage new people to sign up for membership.
AACA National Headquarters is currently processing any new 2017 membership applications as ½ year memberships. The ½ year membership includes the months June through December at a cost of only $18.00 ($23 for non-U.S. members).
The ½ year membership gives new members an opportunity to get a taste of AACA without paying the full year membership fee. Anyone that includes the yearly payment of $35.00 ($45 for non-U.S. members) with their new application will be refunded $17.00 ($22 for non-U.S. members).
½ year members are entitled to the following benefits:
  • Members receive 3 issues of Antique Automobile magazine: July/August, Sept/Oct & Nov/Dec.
  • Members are eligible to join an AACA region and/or chapter.
  • Members can exhibit vehicles & compete for national prizes & annual awards.
  • Members receive limited free research by the AACA Library & Research Center staff.
The ½ year membership is for first-time new members only . It doesn't apply to current members that are late in paying their yearly dues or members that have left their membership lapse for a year or more and wish to reinstate their membership.
If you have any questions regarding the ½ year membership program, feel free to contact Karen White at AACA Headquarters at 717-534-1910 or kwhite@aaca.org .  
Click here to download an AACA membership application.
Reminder to Regions & Chapters: Don't forget to use the complimentary 2017 membership applications that were sent to your region or chapter by September 30, 2017.

Do You Have an AACA Approved Car Sign for Your Car? 

AACA members can have these custom signs created to showcase all of their car's great features or to share the history and story of their car. The signs stand 16.5" high and 12" wide and are made of a hard plastic to withstand the elements. 

All signs include the AACA logo and website, as well as the year/make/model of your car and owner information. The rest of the content is up to you. The signs cost $30 plus shipping and production takes about 3 weeks. You can also add an image or photo to your sign for an extra $5.
Click here for complete instructions on ordering your sign. 

Contact Kristin at AACA Headquarters if you would like to have a sign made or need more information: kcalvin@aaca.org or 717-534-1910.

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AACA Calendar Spotlight

Would you like registration information and materials about any of these meets or tours? You can:

1. Fill out the activity request card that came with the last issue of  Antique Automobile magazine 
and mail it in to us.

2. Sign in to the  members only area of the AACA website to print your own registration form and brochure.

3. Call us at AACA Headquarters and we will fill out a request for you and mail you the materials. 
Call 717-534-1910 Mon-Fri from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time.

July 17-21, 2017 
Vintage Tour - Wellsboro, PA
August 17-19, 2017
Central Fall Meet - Bettendorf, IA
Click here for the brochure

September 17-22, 2017
Revival AAA Glidden Tour® - Hastings, NE
Click here for the brochure

October 4-7, 2017
Eastern Fall Meet - Hershey, PA
Click here for the brochure


Visit the  calendar on our website  for a complete listing of AACA national events and much more!
Who Do You Contact at AACA Headquarters for What?

Have you ever wondered who to contact for what when you call or email AACA Headquarters? Here is a list of the current staff and their responsibilities. By clicking on someone's name below, you can email them directly.

Executive Director
Membership & Merchandise
Accounting, IT & Website
Advertising & Marketing
Speedster Editor

Office Administration
Antique Automobile Magazine Editor
Library, Research & Cataloging

Naturally, many of the staff have the capability of answering questions in each other's area as we try to cross train as much as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime for assistance.

Trivia Answer TriviaAnswer

Although very carefully designed and extremely well-built, Lincoln's styling was clearly conservative when it arrived in 1920, and not quite in keeping with its upmarket, engineering elegance. 

Wills Sainte Claire suffered a similar fate. Both cars also experienced production delays, due to continual meddling from their founders, in the interest of delivering utmost quality before release. 


The Model L Lincoln's exterior was designed by Henry Leland's son-in-law, Angus Woodbridge, whose only qualification was...his training as a ladies hat maker.


The Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, is the country's premier resource for the collectible vehicle community. Since its formation in 1935, the Club, through its national office, publications, and membership, aids individuals, museums, libraries, historians and collectors dedicated to the enjoyment and preservation of automotive history.