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If you have any questions about how to sign up for this free faith formation program, please call the office.
Altar Server Meeting is tomorrow night at 6:30pm.
This meeting is also open to parents who would like to learn more about their child becoming an altar server here at the parish.
Join us on the Virgin Mary Courtyard for our Sunday Hospitality.
When: June 9, 16, 23 & 30
July 7, 14 & 21
July 28 - Parish Picnic
August 4, 11, 18 & 25
Hospitality will be hosted by our ministries after the Sunday Masses.
St Stephen’s Table ~ June 9th
A free dinner for individuals and families in need.
We are in need of cooks and bakers for our upcoming dinner this Sunday. 
Our dinner menu and shopping table needs are :
 Ready to Serve Picnic Salads, Garden Salad, Fruit Salad, Dessert, Bottled Water,
1% or 2% Milk, Eggs and summer toiletries.
Contact Terri Dahm at or call 847-824-2721
Contact Laura Rodriguez at
Monday Night Mass Schedule in honor of St. Joseph at 6:00pm
Second Monday of the Month: June 10 - Italian
Third Monday of the Month: June 17 - Tagalog
Fourth Monday of the Month: June 24th - Spanish
If you are planning a Quinceañera for your daughter during the summer and fall of this year, call the office to sign up for the required classes. Classes start on June 11th at 7:00pm.
Baby Bottles
Knights of Columbus
Baby Bottle Project
For the Women’s Center
The baby bottles are due back on the weekend of June 23 rd
This is a simple, but crucial fundraising effort for The Women’s Centers. Please note the Baby Bottles cost almost $1.00 per bottle and are recycled afterwards so please return upon completion of the project. Thank you for helping defend life, and remember to keep all pro-life undertakings in your prayers.
Also if you are making a donation by check, please make it payable to:
The Women’s Center. Thank you!                                                                
Your continued prayers are sorely needed during this critical time of your child's development. At 16 weeks, baby is almost the size of an average avocado (approximately 4.5 inches and 3.5 ounces) and could fit in the palm of your hand! Skin is still translucent, and baby's newest development is the patterning of scalp that allows hair to grow. Although the eyes are still shut, they continue to move closer to the face and are framed by tiny eyebrows and lashes. Back muscles are getting stronger allowing baby to continue to straighten head and neck more easily. Baby's ears are developing to allow him / her to hear external voices had familiar sounds, and the heart is pumping around 25 quarts per day through its body. Baby can even start to kick! Your baby's entire body (except for scalp) responds to light touch and will release stress hormones if pricked with a needle. Teeth are growing, and enamel begins to form. Air passages within lungs are well formed. Stay vigilant in saying your daily prayers for your unborn child and his / her parents. Only 154 days left to birth!
Ref See Baby app &
Registration is open for the English Catechetical Programs: Homeschool Religious Ed, RCIC and Sacramental Programs. Call the office to set up an appointment
with Sr. Revy.
Join us on Wednesdays at 5:45pm for the
Devotion to Our Lady of Perpetual Help,
followed by Mass at 6:00pm.
Parish Office 
(847) 824-2026 
St. Stephen Protomartyr Church