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Get a Buzz On!
Did you know that bees are hard-working partners who help to pollinate one third of the food we eat? Bees support our farmers by pollinating apples, pears, cherries, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, blueberries, squash, melons and more!

Tomorrow we celebrate all that hard work - and the delicious results at our annual June Bee Jamboree!

Our event coincides with National Pollinator Week (June 17-23) and puts honey on center stage. We'll have lots of fun and educational activities for kids, and adults who are interested in bee keeping.

Be sure to ask the market’s Blooms & Botanicals vendors — Backyard Growers, Peace Tree Farm, Pheasant Hill Farm and Holy Cow Farm — for suggestions on bee-friendly plants and flowers that you can add to your home to help improve Pennsylvania’s bee population. 

Don your finest bee attire and come join us for another sweet day in the circle!

What's the Buzz?
This guy KNOWS honey. Join beekeeper Peter Sliwka, aka “honeyman” for a special talk on the challenges of keeping bees in today’s world. You'll find Peter on the south lawn of the circle at 10am..

Ask the Beekeeper
Easton Community Gardens are getting some new helpers! Two new beehives have been added to help pollinate our community garden at Lower Hackett Park (which recently got a new fence and water system with support from the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation and City of Easton). Thanks to volunteer beekeeper Mike Angelo for launching and maintaining these bee hives!

Meet Mike and bring your bee questions to him at the 'Ask the Beekeeper tent' in the inner circle, by the POP Tent!
Participants in the Easton Compost Program can scoop up nutrient-rich finished compost at a giveaway from 9am-1pm behind the Easton Public Market. Just remember to bring a bucket. The Easton Community Gardens program will also be giving away bee-friendly plants at the compost distribution.
June Bee Jamboree Fun for Kids
Bumblebee Tea Party
10:30 am
Wee ones can enjoy a spot of bumble bee "tea" and some sweet treats under the tree tops. Plus a free gift, and a visit from special guest, Bruce the Bear! Purchase tickets in advance or on site.

Puppet Show
11:00 am
Thumbelina and the Honey Bees
Presented by Book & Puppet Co.

Honey Bee Parade
11:30 am
Around the Fountain
Music by the Billies
Kids, Dogs, Adults - all welcome! Wear your finest honey bee attire and celebrate the bees!

100 Members!

The POP Club has officially reached over 100 members! The kids are loving the opportunity to learn more about seasonal, organic, locally grown produce with a variety of activities each week! Thank you for all of your support! You can expect to see more fun & educational activities to come!
Join us tomorrow for our special June Bee Jamboree Activity: Interactive Honey Tastings and Honey Bee Arts & Crafts!

Who: Children Ages 4-12
What: Fun & Educational Market Activities
Where: Easton Farmers’ Market POP Tent 
When: Saturday Mornings 9am-1pm

For More Information,
A Fundraiser for Easton Farmers' Market
Maxim's 22 and Sette Luna's Negroni Week (June 24th-30th) will benefit the Easton Farmers' Market POP Program. Check out the Negroni Tent at EFM this Saturday -where Josh Palmer will be on site from 10am-1pm offering samples of fresh summery cocktails made with Negroni.

And next week, make a toast to the POP program by enjoying a Negroni cocktail at two of Easton's finest restaurants. Funds will help us take the POP program to kids in the West Ward this Summer!
Cooking with the Seasons
Honey Balsamic Blueberry Pie
This sweet dessert from Southern Living is the perfect way to celebrate the season's first blueberries. And what better way to sweeten your pie, than with local honey! Click for Recipe

Check out these other great honey recipes from the Beekeeper's Kitchen at Tassot Apiaries

Local Loyalty
Comeback Orchards
It comes as no surprise that last Saturday Comeback Orchards was voted Vendor of the Week. Heck, folks were lined up twenty deep for Pete's luscious organic berries! Stop and see what Pete has this week and be sure to enter your Local Loyalty shopping list in our Monthly drawing for $50 in market.

Fresh Finds of the Week
Berry Bonanza at Phillips Farm!
It’s Berry Time at Phillips Farms! Blueberries are making their debut this week, but other berries will also be available including Red Raspberries, Black Raspberries, Currants and Gooseberries. Phillips Farms will also be offering their fresh and locally grown vegetables including spinach, arugula, shelled peas (both in and out of the pod), fennel, spring garlic, and garlic scapes.
Cabbage Throw Farm
Cabbage Throw Farm loves the honey bees! In celebration of June Bee Jamboree, they will have long stem sunflowers available by the bunch and by the stem. New from the garden, bunched orange carrots! They’re small but packed with sweetness. To make them even sweeter, tender and savory, try them roasted with honey from Stagecoach Apiaries, butter from Valley Milkhouse and garlic! Garnish with parsley and toast to the bees.

Other offerings this week include their super crunch, flavor-packed cucumbers, summer squash, baby greens, romaine, beets, herbs and more!
Salvaterra's Gardens
Broccoli and Cauliflower are now available at Salvaterra's! You'll also find lot of Zucchini, Chiogga, red and golden beets and the fixins for great summer salads: spring mix, arugula, green leaf, red leaf or romaine. Kale, chard, collard, and escarole are all on the table too. Or maybe you're in the mood for a little crunch with bok choy, or a wrap made with green or nappa cabbage? They've got parsley, dill, cilantro, and scapes to spice things up. And scallions, hakurei turnips, carrots, radishes and fennel too!

Comeback Orchards
It's pie time at Comeback Orchards, with organic strawberries, organic blueberries and organic Montmorency tart cherries. Because of the late planting they're still picking midseason strawberries, Jewel, Honeyoe and Cabot. The flavor is still good despite the rains, but there is some splitting so you'll have to eat them fast (which shouldn't be a problem). Montmorency pie cherries are coming in strong and are the best flavored of the tart cherries. You'll have to eat or bake them quick too before the birds do. Rosedale Blueberry Farm is picking organic Dukes, the best early blueberry and after last week's sellout we'll be certain to bring more. Should be a small amount of organic raspberries, but get there early they'll sell out quickly
Holy Cow Farm
It's been a wet, muddy, rain gear kind of week! The good news is the flowers have flourished despite all the rain. So, that means this week will be Holy Cow's first week with CUSTOM arrangements! They will still have pre-arranged bouquets, or you can let them put together an arrangement with all your favorite flowers! 
Backyard Growers
The new items this week will be Daylilies (Stella D'Oro), Dianthus (Siberian Blues), Lavender (Purple Ellagance) and a nice selection sun tolerant potted caladium. Caladium are easy to grow plants, but they tend to be fussy about their growing conditions. Primarily, they like heat, plenty of moisture and relatively high humidity. Toxic to dogs and cats!
Pheasant Hill Farm
Pheasant Hill Farm will have bouquets with Long-lasting calla lilies, Asiatics, gladiolus, snaps and so much more! Come welcome summer! (And please don’t do a rain dance🙄)

PorTch Tea will have the regular and some special offerings of kombucha this week. George will be back from his native Ohio with his tales of tornado disaster relief.  
Tomblers Bakery
This may be the last week for rhubarb pies. Karen suggested calling the Bakery to reserve one so you don't miss out. 484-515-9968 Look for lots of 
pasties, pierogies and much more!
Doughnut Love
This week at the June Bee Jamboree, Susan is featuring a special Lavender Honey doughnut! It’s infused with earl grey tea, and topped with a lavender honey icing! 

They're also celebrating Pride Month with their “Love for All” doughnut! It’s a Vegan vanilla spiced cake, topped with vanilla icing & Fruity Pebbles. Because here at Doughnut Love, we believe EVERYONE deserves some love!
Four Shop Bakery is on vacation this week
Valley Milkhouse
This week VMH will be bringing Clover, Witchgrass and Foxtail feta to the market as well as Blue Bell and Marigold, the new farmhouse tomme. Also, by popular demand, Motherwort makes its return! This raw milk aged cheese is made from ale-soaked curds in collaboration with Funk Brewing. A perfect savory starter for your 4th of July BBQ. Stop by for a taste! 
Primordia Mushroom Farm
Primordia's Lion’s Mane were having trouble with the summer temps in the room they used to live in. So... they put them in a different grow space and voilà! Three batches came in at once.

That means a hustle for the Primorda crew as they try to find homes for all of these tasty morsels, and serious sale for all of you! $10/lb. this weekend!!

Try Primordia's Recipe for Lion's Mane Crabcakes!
Breakaway Farms
Keto Bacon!
Breakaway Farms’ featured Sausage of the Month (BLACK n BLEU GRILLERS) will soon be coming to an end... stock your freezer before they're gone! 

And don’t forget to try the newest sausages on the list; 

*The Great E-Scape Pork Grillers

*Vampire Slayer Pork Grillers & 

*Garlic Pesto Chicken Grillers

And last but not least, Team Breakaway is excited to now make Keto Bacon!! Sugar free & Uncured! 

So grab your friends & family & head to market this week!!
Farmstand Recipes
Summer is finally here and what better way to celebrate than with fresh salsas made by Chef Ada! This week at the Farmstand Recipes booth we'll be featuring two of your summertime favorites: Mango Tango Salsa and Roasted Salsa Verde! Mango Tango Salsa is the perfect balance between sweet and savory while Roasted Salsa Verde is..."life changing" (to quote Farmstand manager Wolf) ;-) Come on down and get your summer started with these magnificent salsas!
Fieldstone Coffee Roasters
& Tea Leaf
What is Boba? Well in traditional terms it is chewy tapioca! Sometimes there are different variations, Fruit Boba, Agar Boba, etc. This week enjoy a traditional Thai drink with chewy tapioca boba!
On tap: Coconut Nitro Coffee, Zen Nitro Tea (amazing), Coconut and House Concentrate- bring your growlers! As always, no sugar, no flavor pumps!
New Crop: Kenyan AA Plus- which is out of this world. Grab a bag at Fieldstone Coffee Roasters this week!
Tolino Vineyards
Tolino Vineyards is featuring their Vidal Blanc - a nice summer white wine - Semi-Sweet: Mango and melon aromas with kiwi, mango melon and pineapple notes.  .  
Teel's Hill Soapworks

In celebration of June Bee Jamboree, Susan is featuring her honey soaps. Honey is not only good for us to eat but it's also good for your skin. Susan's Milk and Honey bar is made with goat's milk and honey and her Honey Rosemilk is made with buttermilk, honey and natural beeswax. Both bars give a creamy lather and will leave your skin clean and soft.
Artists at the ACE Tent
Caroline Eppinger

Artist on Call: Caroline Eppinger with Lotus Knots who reminds us to BEE present at the arts tent this weekend!

Make these adorable little macrame pollinators, minus the stinger, for only $5 each! It'll be a buzzzingly good time for all ages!

Other fabulous macrame works for sale as well.
Colony Meadery & Separatist Beer Project
Not Your Run of the Hive Beverages
Honey-based alcoholic beverages that surprise the palate Selections offered by The Colony Meadery include their Flagship Meads -- award-winning, best-selling and most popular meads, and Sesion Meads -- light, crisp and refreshing, these carbonated meads are delightful and dangerous. 
Separatist Beer Project never disappoints with their unique craft brews! This Saturday they'll be featuring:
  • Peanut Butter Milk Porter
  • Wooder
  • Parfé
  • Sketches of Cascade
Stop by for a sample or grab some beer for the weekend!
Mud & Maker
You can be sure that Stephanie and the Mud & Maker Crew have some sweet surprises in store for June Bee Jamboree!
In today's fast-paced society, sleep deprivation has become increasingly pervasive in our demanding daily routines. Whether we lose out on sleep because we don't make it a priority, or due to unwelcome stress, insomnia or sleep disordered breathing, we put ourselves at a growing risk for a number of cardiovascular issues – including high blood pressure, stroke, atrial fibrillation, and heart disease. Click here to read more from Shailendra Singh, MD, FACC interventional cardiologist at Steward Medical Group, about the impact poor sleep has on heart health.

Be sure to visit Easton Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation team at the Market this Saturday to learn about how Easton Hospital’s cardiac rehabilitation program has helped cardiac patients return to the activities they love.

The Billies are Back!
Chrisie Santoni and Craig Smith of Lancaster PA are THE BILLIES - Chrisie, an award-winning songwriter, is the duo's lead vocalist and plays the guitar and keyboard; Craig plays the drum, percussion, keyboard, and the kazoo, and does vocals too!! Listen to their Low Country Groove -- a sound that mixes folk, Americana, country, pop, rock and a little dash of chill -- in the Music Tent from 10 am - 12 noon.
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