Bits & Tips: June 2016 Edition

YUConnects offers unique social events, targeted matchmaking and educational programs to foster healthy relationships toward marriage. 
It is self-funded and open to the entire Jewish community.
Recent Engagements 

262 Engagements & Counting!

Batya Itzkowitz  of Elizabeth ,  NJ  
Jared Krolick  of Boca Raton, FL.  
Matched by Susie Fenyes.

Meira Singer of Brooklyn, NY 
David Langstein  of Woodmere, NY.  Matched by Yocheved Lipman .

Debbie Ciner of Philadelphia, PA and   
Moshe Kupfer  of Houston, TX.   Matched by  Dasi Goldsmith and  Lori Salkin.

Devorah Zamler  of Monsey, NY and  
Daniel Pereira   of Richmond, VA. 
Matched by 
Elinor Burstein .

 Mazel tov to all!
to YUConnects in honor of an engaged couple!


A short video 
by Rabbi Dov Greenberg

A New short video series.
See what everyone is talking about! 
Smile of the Month
Shiur Spotlight 
of the Month

Practical Tips for Dating
by Rabbi Josh Blass

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upcoming events

Spend Shavuos with Yeshiva University! 
What: Spend Shavuot with Yeshiva University, featuring our Staff Connector, Mindy Eisenman.
When: June 10th-13th
To register: Click Here
  • * If attending Shavuos with YU, be sure to arrange a meeting with Mindy, if interested.
    Click Here to set up a meeting time. 

YUConnects and Young Israel of Woodmere
Shavuos Symposium
What: "Jew in the Workplace" series, Shabbos: The Test of the Day of Rest with Rabbi Shalom Axelrod, Rabbi Dr. Aaron Glatt, and young professionals
Where: YI Woodmere "nusach sfard" house, next to shul
When: Leil Shavuos, June 11th at 11:45pm
Who: college and grad students, young professionals (singles only)
Cost: FREE

DineNMeet Presents: It's a Brat Shabbat!
What:     Shabbat Lunch by NY Brat Factory.  
When:  Shabbat, June 11th at 1pm
Where:   OZ (Ohab Zedek), 118 W. 95th St, NY, NY
Who:  Modern Orthodox Young Professionals Ages 27-37
Apply by:  June 6,1pm 
Cost:  $62
 Register/login:  DineNMeetSYAS or YUConnects account and click DineNMeet on the left
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Monthly Insight 
Professional Op-Ed    
Create a Bond Together

When you share something personal about yourself on a date, you are implicitly delivering the message, "I trust you." When your partner feels trusted, he/she naturally feels special and safer with you. This will encourage him/her to open up to you. There is nothing more intimate or attractive than being in that shared moment, together. This is how human beings form bonds. Have enough of these moments and you will find yourself in a relationship!
Wishing you all the best.
Contributed By: Jennifer Mann, LCSW
Our Long Island  Benefit Breakfast 
was a huge success!  
Thank you to more than 200 participants and our  generous sponsors   
YUConnects Pay It ForWed
Did you know that YUConnects has many resources for newly engaged couples? Check out our website to see what we offer. And, your donation to our non-profit will entitle you to unique tefilla cards for use at your chuppa. Should you be blessed with making a Simcha, your support of YUConnects can ensure others benefit as well. What a beautiful way to " Pay it ForWed!
Wedding Checklist  for the Wedding Day 
Beautiful Tefilla Cards  f or use at the Chuppah  Ceremony 
* A List of Kallah and Chosson Teachers  within your  community. Call our office for recommendations. 
Tribute Cards  to give in celebration of the big day

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