June 2022 Newsletter
Celebrating Juneteenth
On June 19th we celebrate Juneteenth, “Freedom Day,” honoring the enforcement of the Emancipation Proclamation on June 19, 1865 - the law that officially ended slavery in the United States. ETM-LA continues our deep work and commitment towards building a more just, equitable, and loving world. We invite you to reflect on this holiday through music by Jon Batiste, "Freedom," and to learn more about Juneteenth and its history and impact.

Music holds the power to bridge communities, heal, unite, move, teach, and transform.
Black Music Appreciation Month
ETM-LA Students sing "Glory" (Common, John Legend)
ETM-LA celebrates Black music & artists not only this month, but year-round. Music Teacher Alum Joshua Wen offers, "Students that learn about Black American Music (BAM) can more fully appreciate how it informs the American music experience. We really owe a tremendous amount of what we enjoy in modern day music to innovations made in BAM. It’s more than just harmonies and rhythm."

Learn how the month of June became known as Black Music Month.
Happy Pride Month
Demi Quote Pride
In celebration of Pride Month, explore lesson plans, resources, and activities from dedicated educators that raise meaningful awareness. Parents.com shares how to teach your kids about what it means to be LGBTQIA+, the history behind Pride Month, and more ways to further inclusivity.

Our music teachers continue to foster creativity, joy, resilience, and connectedness through music-making. ETM-LA Music Teacher Naju Kim shares, “For many of my students, music class is an outlet – a safe space where students develop not only musical skills, but also skills for life. Through music, my students learn to find their voice, express themselves, and engage in the creative process."

Thank you for helping to nurture our students through high-quality sequential music education.
Caribbean American Heritage Month
In honor of Caribbean American Heritage Month, here are ways to celebrate through music, activities, and more.
World Refugee Day
June 20th
50% of the world’s refugees are children. "Worldwide, about 36.5 million children had been displaced as consequence of conflict and violence as of the end of 2021" Read more.

"[Music] is a good hobby and a good subject, and my dad really got me into it. Singing makes me feel joyful." 

- Julian, ETM-LA Student

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THANK YOU for helping to further equity and access for all children.

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