June 2021
"I hate storms, but calms undermine my spirits"
Joshua Slocum
June Festivities
6/8 Pam Gibbon
6/11 Norma Hartz
6/23 Sarah Kellogg
6/25 Ken Rozycki
6/25 Pat Donnelly
6/29 Brenda McCloskey
6/2 Don & Connie Griffith
6/3 Brian & Michelle Bish
6/7 John & Pam Gibbon
6/10 Bill & Brenda McCloskey
6/11 Mike & Becca Dillon
6/16 Mark & Wendy Stabile
Thinking about becoming a certified US Sailing instructor? We could certainly use the help! Our sailing school is growing and we'd like to be able to offer lessons to as many as we can. Visit the US Sailing website for more information and pre-requisites. In the nutshell, here's the scoop:

  • register for a 10-day online portion (total time commitment is approx. 10-12 hours) COST: $250
  • upon successful completion of the online portion, you will register for in-person 2-day evaluation which can be completed anytime before December 31, 2021 COST: $140

Questions? Contact Lidia.
Babes on the Bay -
June 19, 2021
Babes on the Bay will be an introductory sailing class for LADIES ONLY! Join us as we de-mystify sailing. We will begin with water safety (how not to fall off the boat), boat terminology (what is this thingy and what does it do?), how to read wind and water (that was a gust, it's going to be okay!), why does the boat heel (we are not going to flip over and die), points of sail (huh???), as well as tacking and jibing (turning... double huh?). Weather and time permitting we will practice our new skills on a boat at the dock and possibly on the water.

RVSP's required - please register here by June 12. Volunteers will be needed to help skipper small boats and assure water safety.

Questions? Contact Lidia.
Kids Day on the Bay
SAVE THE DATE: July 17, 2021 9AM
A mini-lesson and an opportunity to sail a small boat for our youngest members! We will discuss water safety and basic boating knowledge. Open to kids and grandkids of our members, ages 6 and up!

RSVPs are required for this event - registration link will be provided as the date approaches.

Questions? Contact Lidia.
June Social Events
Hors d'oeuvre Party: June 5th 6PM

Come and enjoy the camaraderie of the evening. Bring your favorite dish to share. It's BYOB or donate to the fridge. Friends and new members are welcome. No RSVP's necessary, just show up. See you all there!

Steak Fry: June 16th 6PM
Kick off the season in style! Usually early summer event, this is one where you won't be disappointed in how your steak is cooked... because you will cook it yourself! We will fire up our large grills and provide the most tender cuts of meat - you do the rest! Side dishes included. Cost: $25 per person. Make check payable to PCC and mail to:

Tom Ristvey
2290 McConnell Rd
Hermitage, PA 16148

Or pay via PayPal on our website.

RSVP to: Tom Ristvey at 724-346-1721 by Monday, June 7.
Welcome new PCC Members!

We'd like to extend our warm welcome to the newest PCC Members this spring. Whether you are a seasoned sailor, just learning the ropes, or simply enjoy time by the water and socializing, we are glad to have you on board!
Josh Lewis

Josh started his sailing career by taking our small boat classes in 2019 and sailing with his dad, Dale.

Welcome to PCC Josh, looking forward to seeing you on the lake!
Dan Elliott

Dan is the Jack of all trades - rigger, salesman, and sailor extraordinaire.

He hails to us from Ullman Sails in Cleveland, so see him for all your sail needs!
Don & Rita Clemente

Don and Rita Clemente live in Greenville PA. Don is the owner and operator of Service 1, sale san service for commercial two way radios. Rita is the VP of community relations in St. Paul's senior Living Community.
Meet the crew!
Beginning last month, we have been including "Meet the crew" series, so that you all can get to know the folks who make sure PCC runs smooth. If you are new to the club, don't hesitate to bug these people for advice, it's their job!

Catch up on previous editions in prior Breeze posted on our Website.
Bill Boros

Bill is there to assure that parking spots for all our water craft are in order. Don’t dare park your boat in the wrong spot or you’ll have to answer to Bill.
Thank you Bill for your tireless efforts of making room for our growing school boat fleet!

Read more here!
Russ Cummings

Ross recently took over the job of Wednesday night race liaison... AKA the esteemed position of Porch Rats Coordinator.

Thank you Ross, for keeping our Rats in line!

Read more here!
Causeway Log 2021

For those who are new to our Causeway Challenge... It was now about 7 years ago that we were looking for a creative way to get folks off the porch and out on the water, and that's when Causeway Challenge started. The objective is simple, you sail from PCC all the way to the causeway, around the pin, and back. You must round the pin and you must sail both ways in order to log your trip. Fill out the Log (on bulletin board) upon completing a trip. At the end of the season we recognize the boat and crew with most completed trips. Good luck competing with those retired guys who've got more time than they know what to do with!

Questions? Contact Lidia.
Jacob to the Rescue!
Jacob Gray has quickly become the go-to guy, aka "Mast Monkey", to help when we forget to install necessary sailing instruments before raising the mast. Here he is installing Gene Soriano's Windex. Jake does a great job, but it's becoming more difficult to hoist him up! I imagine in another year or two he'll have to be replaced! Layla, looking for a job???
Thanks for the pics Jake! Now we have a bird's-eye view of the club!
Our Sympathy
We extend our sympathy to the friends an family of Tom Kachulis who passed away peacefully on May 8, 2021. Tom was a resident of the Sharon area.

Tom was a very active member of PCC (1963 - 2010) and served on many committees. He was an avid sailor and organized multiple excursions to explore his Greek heritage in the Mediterranean and Caribbean seas. He looked over our insurance coverage and would always search out our best options.

Our condolences go out to Tom's family.
Enjoy Wine and Music?
Come on out to the Nova Cellars Winery June 12th to support Ryan and Jamie Paglia's band "Coleville" as they play a new album release show!
Input to our monthly newsletter is encouraged and greatly appreciated! Please email articles and photos to Breeze Editor in Chief, Lidia Gray at szarak2000@yahoo.com by the 25th of each month.
Board of Directors
Bill Gray
Pam Ambrass
VP/Social Chair
Michelle Johnson
Bill Boros
Harbor Master
Ross Cummings
Racing Liaison
Ron Gallagher
Buildings & Grounds
Gene Soriano
Ex-Officio Board Members
Brian Bish
Michelle Bish
Lidia Gray
Breeze/PR/Sailing School