A Day of Service in Detroit with
The Mission Continues
Dear Volunteers, 

Last week we sent an email about our participation in The Mission Continues Operation Motown Muster in Detroit on Wednesday, June 29. If you are not already familiar with The Mission Continues, it is a national nonprofit organization that deploys veteran volunteers alongside non-profit partners and community leaders to work on improving communities through  service projects. 
Stephanie Zarb, Buddy-to-Buddy Program Manager

The Mission Continues is a natural partner for us, given that, just like Buddy-to-Buddy, it is powered by volunteers who are veterans. Operation Motown Muster lasts five days, with each day devoted to a different project throughout various sites in Detroit. We are working on Project Recovery, which seeks to help create clean, vibrant spaces in the Chene Ferry Market area.

We hope that those of you who are interested and able will sign up and join us. If you would like to sign up to work a shiftplease contact Sierra at sierracs@med.umich.edu
or (734) 998-5825. If you would like to participate but cannot make it out on that particular day, consider signing up to volunteer directly with The Mission Continues at its Operation Motown Muster site.

Stephanie Zarb
Buddy-to-Buddy Program Manager 

July 11 | Launching Our Crowdfunding Campaign
Mark your calendars for the launch of our crowdfunding campaign: Monday, July 11. Many of you have already expressed interest in participating, and we will be letting you know about ways you can do so during support calls and through a series of emails in the next few weeks. 
Help Fund Buddy-to-Buddy!
Buddy-to-Buddy in West Virginia
Buddy-to-Buddy is expanding to West Virginia! The West Virginia National Guard will soon implement the program in its state, making West Virginia the second state, after Illinois, where Buddy-to-Buddy will operate outside of Michigan. In preparation for the launch of the program there, Buddy-to-Buddy recently hosted leaders from the West Virginia National Guard for a 2-day training conducted by Program Manager Stephanie Zarb and Training Specialist Bob Short. See below for pictures from this training. 
West Virginia National Guard
Volunteer Veteran of the Month

Larry Hebert was our Volunteer Veteran of the Month for May! He trained to become a Volunteer Veteran last summer and has been an ardent advocate of Buddy-to-Buddy since day one, going the extra mile by covering not just one but two armories, assisting the soldiers at the 1434 and 1431 Engineering Companies at Baraga and Calumet. Read more about Larry...
Welcome, New Volunteers!
We welcomed the following volunteer to our team in May:

Paul Hitch served in the United States Air Force and, later, the Michigan Air National Guard. He is now a Rehabilitation Counselor, working closely with many veterans, and serves as the Chairman of the Region 6 Veterans Community Action Team (VCAT).
Thank you for becoming a Volunteer Veteran!
Top Log Submitters
The top log submissions in May: 

Joe McClellan – 42
     Mark Lindke – 20
    Mike Bachand – 12
    Steve Alguire – 11
     Adeyemi Obanjoko – 11

Thank you for taking the time to submit your logs and using the website to communicate with us. These submissions are key in helping us continue to serve Michigan’s veterans.
Thanks for logging!
Volunteer Recognition Event Photos
Have you checked out the photos from the Volunteer Recognition yet? Head to our Facebook page to view the photo album from this year's event. Special thanks to the Michigan National Guard for photographing the event for us. If you attended and would like the digital file of your photo with General Estrada or any other photos from the event, please email Alyssa Wealty at awealty@umich.edu to request. 
Volunteers at the 2016 Recognition Event
June is PTSD Awareness Month
“Greater understanding and awareness of PTSD will help Veterans and others recognize symptoms, and seek and obtain needed care."
-Dr. Paula P. Schnurr, Executive Director of the National Center for PTSD

It is PTSD Awareness Month, and June 27 is PTSD Awareness Day. Learn more about how you can help raise awareness by visiting the National Center for PTSD's website
Learn, Connect, Share | PTSD Awareness | June 2016
Buddy-to-Buddy Pics
Chrysta Meadowbrooke & John Snyder
Chrysta Meadowbrooke, M-SPAN Research Specialist, and John Snyder, Volunteer Veteran, at the Volvik LPGA Tournament in Ann Arbor.
Paul Jingozian, Budsabakorn Sukapan, and Aubree
Paul Jingozian with his dog, Aubree,
and LPGA pro golfer Budsabakorn Sukapan at the Volvik LPGA Tournament.
Buddy-to-Buddy Volunteers, M-SPAN and Buddy-to-Buddy staff, and MI Nat'l Guard Leaders ad the Volvik LPGA Tournament
Buddy-to-Buddy Volunteers, M-SPAN and Buddy-to-Buddy staff, and
Michigan National Guard leaders at the Volvik LPGA Tournament: Alyssa Wealty,
Paul Jingozian, Sierra Sharpe, Adeyemi Obanjokio, Capt. Nick Anderson,
Chief Ron Hatchew, Jodi Goodman, Mark Lindke, and Lauren Rosenberg.
Buddy-to-Buddy staff with partners from the West Virginia National Guard
Buddy-to-Buddy staff with partners from the West Virginia National Guard: Bob Short, Stephanie Zarb, Karen Yost, Sgt. Vernon Cosner, Rhonda Cooper, Jane Spinner, and Col. Steven Eshenauer.
Buddy-to-Buddy staff with partners from the West Virginia National Guard
Buddy-to-Buddy staff training partners from the West Virginia National Guard. 
Where Will We Be This Month?
Click here to view a calendar of events that either our Outreach Coordinator, Valeria Shipp, or various Volunteer Veterans will be attending on behalf of Buddy-to-Buddy. This calendar gets updated on a regular basis and we encourage you to refer to it frequently.

If there are any events throughout the state that you think might be good for Buddy-to-Buddy to have a table at, please contact Valeria Shipp at vshipp@med.umich.edu or (734) 249-0380.
Buddy-to-Buddy Volunteer Veteran Program
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