June news & updates
Thank you to our generous NYMB donors!

Last month on May 19th was World Day of Human Milk Donation . Milk banks, healthcare professionals, and parents from over 36 countries came together to create inspirational messages to thank milk donors for their gift of liquid gold which saves babies' lives! Thank you to all of our NYMB donors, we appreciate you.
NYMB Donor Experience

Hear from New York Milk Bank donor April about her experience donating, breastfeeding, and motherhood. If you would like to share your story about donating or receiving milk from NYMB,
please email us!
Featured Donor

Priscilla W
New York Milk Bank Donor Mom, Priscilla has donated over
607 oz. of liquid gold!
"Any way I can help another family, another infant thrive, it’s an honor and I feel grateful that I am
able to do so."
Here are Destiny and Jacques, NYMB Lab Technicians working hard in our lab.
Wendy and Deb from Sirens MC of NYC delivered milk, received by Katherine,
our Milk Bank Assistant!
Jen and Katie from Sirens MC of NYC
picked up over 800 oz. of milk
and delivered it to NYMB!
COVID-19 Studies
  • The COVID-19 Mother's Study is looking for mothers and infants who have been affected by COVID to see how maternity practices impacted moms, newborns and older infants. If you or your baby had COVID-19, we want to hear about your experiences, take the 8-minute survey!

  • Women who have tested positive for COVID-19, are presumptive positive, have not been tested but are symptomatic or have confirmed exposure but are asymptomatic and who are breastfeeding will qualify for enrollment into the breastmilk study. 
  • This study will consist of a telephone interview and up to 5 at home breast milk sample collections over the course of their illness (frozen milk from the time of illness is accepted too). We will also collect medical records related to the infant’s growth, and collect maternally reported developmental questionnaire data up to 2 years of age. 
  • To participate in this study email, call 858-246-1713, or fill out this form!