CEO Message
Hello Friends,

Last week at our West Dallas campus, we held our fourth national "Power of Ten Initiative", food drive-thru, presented by Capital One and Mot Hai Ba Restaurant at Victory Park, in Dallas, to serve one thousands meals to our client families.

We had so many folks show up, and almost not enough food. For most, accepting help and basic food items, is a very hard thing to do. Parents humbly said, "thank you" and we had open and varying conversations from their cars, about all that has transpired this past week. We listened and had meaningful discussions. People wanted to talk and share their fears, hurt and pain. There are pictures, below.

"Coronavirus doesn't discriminate".

We must do more than post a black square on our social media pages. We must personally act to locate inequalities in our daily lives, and have the hard conversations at our jobs, in schools and in our communities. We need to make new laws and start equality education very early at home.

When my children were young we purchased baby dolls for them that had a huge range of skin colors. That sparked conversations and led to lifelong friendships, as they met new neighbors and schoolmates. I remember my daughter in middle school brought a baby-doll to class for an assignment. The teacher acted shocked that she would choose a doll with dark skin to bring - she remarked on it to her. My daughter who was 12 at the time, shook her head at the teacher and said, "shame on you - it's a baby".

As an optimist, I have faith that this country and it's occupants will prevail but only if we stick together with action, not just words - with more understanding from this point forward.

I am not sure what the next few years will bring, but I know that the team at Bryan's House is ready to serve. We are pleased to welcome new Board members and advocates to our family who are willing to put in the hours, passion and dedication to keep our mission alive and thriving.

Here is a video reminder of how powerful it was when we came together during the Harvey Hurricane. Most of the families we served were from very poor neighborhoods, where no essential services were available. As a community you came together to help us provide those services.

We will be focusing on growing our reach ever further in the West and South Dallas regions going forward. We invite the public, corporations and community to join us. That is where the most need is right now, to provide even more access and resources for our families that have children with special needs and disabilities.

We must stand together so we can rise together as a community. If just one child lives in fear, then that's one too many.

Join us as together we continue to deliver inclusive services in more than seven counties, every day.

Stay safe and take good care,

Abigail Erickson-Torres
Board Members Announced
We are delighted to welcome our new class of servant leaders, whose passion, drive, and past involvement with the agency in the last year or more, has led them here. The rigorous process to join our Board ensures that the mission and vision is delivered with excellence, to families that have one or more children with special medical, education and domestic needs in our city.
We will officially launch our #bhsustainers club next month. Stay tuned for news on who we are partnering with. For $10 a month you will receive sponsored goodies to enjoy, as a thank you. Click below to start early.

Ambassadors Announced

We are pleased to announce our new Class of 2021 (pictured below). Our agency Ambassadors will begin their advocacy work in July, and interactions with our client families to deliver our mission with purpose and equality in the next year.
Photos below are from our emergency drive-thru, last Wednesday. We are seeking Amazon wish list items that are highlighted further down this page. If you are with a company that wishes to sponsor an emergency drive-thru, please email We still have 50+ families greatly impacted by COVID-19. New impact data will be reported in July. Thank you.