June 2019
LWR CERT News & Updates

June 1 is the official start of hurricane season. Please remind your neighbors that the time to review their "Evacuate or Stay" criteria and to replenish their hurricane supplies inventory is NOW!
Do you know a 2019 Active Responder?
As you drive around Lakewood Ranch, you will begin to see vehicles with these identifying stickers on back windows. These 2019 LWR CERT Responder car stickers are being awarded as special recognition to LWR CERT members who have actively participated in refining their CERT skills this calendar year.

Almost 100 members have already qualified as 2019 Active Responders. To qualify to receive a 2019 Responder sticker, members must participate in at least one of the following activities:
  • Hurricane Simulation Exercise
  • Incident Commander or Team Captain Workshop
  • First Aid Refresher Course
  • Basic Training (attended, assisted with or instructed)
  • LWR CERT Board member

The first car stickers were awarded at the May General Meeting. Stickers will be distributed at CERT events throughout the year.

If you see a someone with a 2019 CERT Responder sticker on their vehicle, thank them for their commitment to helping Lakewood Ranch Phase 1 recover after a disaster.
RECAP: May General Member Meeting
What happened when simulated Hurricane Vic blew into LWR?
A big thank you to the 50% of our members who responded to the emails, texts and phone calls telling the Operations Team if they were able to activate or not.

Those that responded did an amazing job! We heard over and over again that teams were impressed with their members and their abilities to think on their feet and triage during the scenarios and to use their radios properly. Well done! This was the first simulation exercise in the history of LWR CERT, and it was a success! Lessons learned are being addressed by the Board and our committees.

The biggest obstacle we face now? The LWR Community would really benefit the most from LWR CERT increasing our numbers of active, trained members. All LWR residents can help by actively recruiting more of their neighbors to help ensure that we are better staffed to handle a real disaster response.
Stock Up: Florida Sales Tax
Holiday May 31 thru June 6
May 31 through June 6 some hurricane supplies can be purchased tax-free in Florida including:
  • Reusable ice packs
  • Portable self-powered light sources (powered by battery, solar, hand-crank or gas) including candles, flashlights, lanterns
  • Gas or diesel fuel containers
  • Batteries, including rechargeable batteries but only AAA, AA, C, D, 6-volt and 9-volt
  • Coolers and ice chests
  • Bungee cords
  • Radios (battery, solar or hand-crank) including two-way and weather band
  • Tarps
  • Portable generators

News You Can Use and Other Interesting Tidbits
Hurricane Preparedness: The July 11 session only has a few seats left. If you have not attended one of this year's Hurricane Preparedness sessions, check your calendar and register TODAY. Registration will close when we reach capacity; the first two sessions were "sold out" weeks before the event. Click here for July 11th details and registration. Invite your neighbors. Attending a Hurricane Preparedness session is the first step toward membership in LWR CERT.

Team Kits: Distr ibution is set for Saturday, June 1 at our storage site in Lakewood Ranch.

IC Radio Tip: IC radios -- and all LWR CERT issued hand-held radios -- are optimized to work outdoors. Reception will be much clearer and your signal will broadcast farther if you are not inside a structure, including a garage.

BASIC Course: In anticipation of growing interest in membership in LWR CERT, the Training Committee has opened another session of the 20-hour FEMA Basic Training course. This October session will meet on a Wednesday, Tuesday and two Saturdays to accommodate potential members' schedules.

Congratulations: Three lucky attendees of the May General Member meeting won handheld Thermacell Mosquito Repellent devices to add to their search and rescue supplies. To qualify for the drawing, more than 64 members RSVPed to the meeting using the link in their email. Thanks!
Search and Rescue Tip
After the Simulated Hurricane Exercise, new member Sharon Kelly thought of a Search and Rescue tip that she shared at our May 23 meeting.

Instead of carrying your backpack and hydration pack on your back, Sharon suggests using a wagon or cart like the one pictured here. This one is collapsible for easy storage and can hold at least two CERT backpacks and hydration packs along with additional water and supplies as needed. Sharon purchased her cart at a local discount store for less than $65 and plans to use it during S&R.

What a great idea, Sharon! Thanks for sharing!
Member News and Members In The News
President Victor Kline was interviewed by Rebecca Fernandez, WWSB ABC 7, on May 10 to discuss hurricane preparations. Click on the photo to the left to watch the complete news story.

Kay Marcus and Mark Marcus presented a Hurricane Preparedness session during the Knights of Columbus Family Night Social at Our Lady of the Angels. They were invited by LWR CERT member Matt Cangemi.

Bob Swiatek came to the rescue of the May General Member Meeting. After repeated calls to IDA, the doors to Town Hall remained locked as attendees for the May 23rd meeting began assembling in the (hot) parking lot. Luckily, Bob, who is also treasurer of CDD1, arrived and was able to use his key card to unlock the doors so our meeting could begin, almost on time. Thank you, Bob!
Upcoming LWR CERT Meetings and Training
Meetings take place at LWR Town Hall unless otherwise noted and are open to members only
Hurricane Preparedness (Open to public) - Thursday, July 11 7 PM
CERT Basic Training Course - designed to train incoming members; existing members welcome to drop in to sessions as a refresher - two Thursdays and two Saturdays in August
2019 LWR CERT Officers
President - Victor Kline
Vice President - Deb Diven
Treasurer - Pat Knowles
Secretary - Marilyn Kline
Newsletter Editor - Karen Emanuelson , Member Engagement and Communications

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