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June 2019

If you've been down to visit the Sunday School wing this spring, you may have noticed some changes. A new Montessori pre-school, Mayfair Gardens, has moved into some of the back rooms, which had been the Sunday School's storage closet, Intermediate Classroom, and former Junior Youth classroom. The Intermediate Class is now located in first room as you enter from the lobby link (a.k.a. Mother Bonnie's old office). We have sorted, given away, and relocated what used to be in the storage closet, but we will do a more thorough inventory of materials this summer. If you would like to help with the inventory, please contact Emily Sityar.

The Mayfair Gardens is accepting children ages 2 1/2 to 6 years old for enrollment in September. Learn more at

Another change in the Sunday School wing is the Nursery now has a wall-mounted screen which will live-stream the 10 am service so that our Nursery staff will know what's going on upstairs. We also plan to use the screen next year to access online music resources during Children's Chapel.

Don't forget to bring in a roll of paper towels for the CYM-Pet Ministry project on June 2. Thanks! Join us at Children's Chapel that day to pray for pets and animals in shelters and rescue centers. Our last day of Sunday School is June 9th. Please join us for our Pentecost Picnic in the courtyard, or in Hughson Hall if it rains. Have a wonderful summer!

Emily Sityar
CYM Co-Chair

Upcoming Events

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6/2 : Paper Towel Collection Day for CYM-Pet Ministry Project

6/9: Last Day of Sunday School. Pentecost Picnic Fun!

9/8: First Day of Sunday School 2019-2020 & Welcome back Picnic


If I were to create a mental scrapbook of CYM memories for this year, the following moments come to mind: Fr. Harvey inviting the children to join him at the altar, their faces filling with wonder and curiosity as they looked around them; the Bunting family at CYM's Family Game Night building a tower of blocks as high as they could; Grace and her mom reading at the Children's Service; the Sunday School children dressed in their costumes during the Christmas Pageant, waiting in the narthex for their turn in the play and Mrs. Stone telling them, "You will remember this pageant for the rest of your lives;" Mrs. Zebrowski teaching adults and children how to play "Rise and Shine" on boomwhackers at Children's Chapel; and on the day of the Palm Crosses and Easter Egg Hunt, Liam saying, "This is the best Sunday School day ever!"

Things didn't always turn out as we hoped: for example, when Mr. Zebrowski's donkey costume had no pockets for his TicTacs; when winter's cold blast cancelled Sunday School; or when a child or youth backed away from reading or ushering because he/she felt anxious about the role. (Even as we encourage Calvary's kids to participate in worship services, we should always respect each one's inclination, abilities and youthfulness.) There were also times of grave concern when ill health touched us deeply. "God bless your heart, Fr. Harvey!" was a message on the get-well card that the Sunday School created for Fr. Harvey last fall. We still continue to pray for Deacon Mona's good health.

I hope that you have collected some wonderful memories at Calvary this year, and that you feel as blessed as I do by the fellowship, shared purpose, and Christian love that binds our community together. Thank you to everyone young and old who have participated in and contributed to CYM's Sunday School classes, special events, donation drives, and Children's Services. With God's grace and the help and talents of Calvary's clergy, staff, volunteers, parents, youth, and children, CYM's program has been evolving to meet the needs of families raising their children in a vibrant faith community. Let's savor our happiest memories, and bring our best selves forward for next year.

Emily Sityar
CYM Co-Chair

Paper Towels for 
Pet Appreciation Week 

CYM and Calvary's Pet Ministry are hosting  a Paper Towel Drive for local pet shelters and rescue organizations for Pet Appreciation Week June 2-8. Paper towels are the most requested item for many animal organizations. Please have your child bring in 1 roll of paper towels by Sunday June 2.

Sunday School Recruitment 

CYM is recruiting volunteers to lead Children's Chapel and/or teach Sunday School. Having sufficient volunteers on our team is necessary to comply with Safe Church practice and provide quality Sunday School programming; having many volunteers would make it possible for everyone rotate their weeks of teaching responsibilities, attend to other commitments, and recharge their batteries.

A good Sunday School is essential to the vitality and future of any church, and teaching children and youth about God's love and the Christian way of life can be a deeply rewarding experience. But without some respite for spiritual renewal, teachers may experience burn-out. If you feel God is calling you to be part of our Sunday School team, please contact Emily Sityar at .

We are also seeking to hire one or two Nursery Assistants to work from 9:45am to 11 am Sundays during July and August and 8:45am to 11 am Sundays during the rest of the year. You may also be asked to work at church events where childcare is provided. We need adequate staff coverage in order to provide a safe and caring environment for our youngest parishioners. Please contact Fr. Harvey to apply for the position or have suggestions for recruiting applicants .

All Sunday School volunteers and staff need to undergo Safe Church training and have a background check done. Thank you!

2019 -2020 Sunday School Teachers (so far)
Children's Chapel Leader: (2 needed)
Children's Chapel Music Leader: Lora Bunting

Nursery (Infant - 3 years)
Caregiver: Kelly Blackey, (1 or 2 Assistants needed)

Beginner Class (PreK - K)
Teachers: Natalie Bottomley, Andria McCarthy

Primary Class (Gr 1 - 3)
Teachers: Cinda Stone, Wes Stone, Jency John

Intermediate Class (Gr 4 - 6)
Teachers: Patty Rooss, Kathy Marshall (Part-time?), (1 more needed)

Substitute Teachers, Christmas Pageant and other special event leaders needed.

Many thanks to the volunteers who will be leaving our team next year: Sarah English, Maddie Fleming, Carol Mayo, Sue Schroeder, Ellie Yuhasz, Carl and Pat Zebrowski. We appreciate all the time, energy, talents, and dedication that you have given to CYM. You are always welcome to return to our team whenever your schedules and personal circumstances allow. A warm welcome to Lora Bunting, Jency John, and Kathy Marshall. Thank you for joining our team of Sunday School volunteers.


Children's Chapel

Thanks for worshiping with us this year. Keep a prayer in your heart and a song on your lips this summer!

Nursery (infant - 3 years)
Kelly Blackey
Madeline Fleming, assistant

The nursery has been active the last few months. Maddie and I are looking forward to having the nursery grow with more babies from the congregation...don't forget we are able to support ages 6 weeks to 3-4 years old. We also are in need of a third person (aged 18 and up) to work in the nursery to ensure that we always have two people in case someone is not able to be there - Safe Church would be required.

Come down to the nursery to see what it is all about and to volunteer to help with these wonderful little children.
-Kelly Blackey and Maddie Fleming  
Beginners Class (Pre-K, K & 1)
Dr. Sarah English
Assistant: Andria McCarthy

Thanks for a great year! Have a safe and fun summer.

-Sarah English and Andria McCarthy
Primary Class (Grades 1-3)
Cinda Stone, Natalie Bottomley & Wes Stone 

June is here! Which means summer vacation is just around the corner.
As we finish up this year's Sunday school program we will learn about Ascension Sunday and the miraculous thing that happened that day.
June 9th is Pentecost Sunday and our end of the year Sunday School Picnic! We will start our celebration in Children's Chapel with a lesson. After that, we will move out to the lobby link for food, chalk blessings and bubbles. So much fun as we say goodbye until the fall. Don't forget to wear RED!
During your vacation make sure you go outside everyday and look up, look down and really observe what's out there in this big beautiful world that God created for all of us. Don't forget to say 'Thank you.' Try to learn something new, read books, draw, play and have fun.
We had a great year. Our class was very well attended. It's such a joy teaching your children. They are a wonderful group of thoughtful, kind and caring kids.
Enjoy your summer. See you in September.
Primary class teaching team,
Cinda Stone, Natalie Bottomley and Wes Stone

Intermediate (Grades 4-6)
Sue Schroeder, Patty Rooss & Carl Zebrowski 

Have a wonderful summer! 

-Sue Schroeder and Patty Rooss with Carl Zebrowski

Plans for Parents and Youth

Pastoral Care Ministries and CYM are collaborating on creating a Parent Support Ministry though our efforts are still in the planning stages, and we would appreciate feedback from parents on how Calvary can better support parents who are raising children and youth. One request has been to help parents have an afternoon or evening out while dropping off their kids for a few hours at Calvary. For example, we might show a kid-friendly movie in the Reception Room using the large screen and offer some snacks. Would this be of any interest to your family? If so, what day or time would be most useful? Another idea is that Calvary could host babysitter training classes taught by an organization like the Red Cross, so that we would have trained youths who can help watch the children. Are there any youths interested in these training classes?  Finally if any parents are interested in joining a Mothers and/or Father's Prayer Group, please contact Elizabeth Harten at .

Our Youth Program collaboration with St. Paul's Harris Hill has been put on hold for now. If parents are interested in creating more opportunities for youth, we need your input and involvement. In the past, Calvary hosted a diocese-wide youth dance for middle school and high school students. There have also been some nights of can-jam, rollerskating, and other games. But to have these events again, we need some committed adults as well as interested youth. Beth Morningstar and the Fellowship Committee is willing to work with CYM if there is any interest in social events as these. The Fellowship Committee is already planning a parish-wide and family-friendly Welcome Back Picnic for Sunday, September 8.

Bottle & Can Drive 

Thanks to everyone at Calvary who have been donating their bottles and cans to CYM's drive and to those who have been bringing the bottles and cans to our redemption centers.

Not all beverage bottles are redeemable. Please look for the "NY 5ยข" refundable deposit on the label. We do not get any money for bottles or cans of iced tea, lemonade, kombucha, wine, hard cider, or Canadian beverages.

Please sign up on the sheet posted on the Sunday School Bulletin Board to empty our bins and bring the bottles and cans to either of our two redemption centers :
  • The Integrity Bottle & Can Redemption Center at 2790 Sheridan Drive, or
  • The Millersport Recycling Bottle & Can Redemption Center at 803 Millersport Highway. 
Remember to tell them to credit your returns to "Calvary Episcopal Church."  
From the Diocese

Upcoming Diocesan  
Youth & Family Events 
Go to for registration or ticket information
  • Star War's Night at the Bisons Game: Saturday June 8
  • Sleep Away Camp 2019: August 11-14 for youth that will enter 3rd through 10th grades in the fall. Scholarships are available.
They are like trees planted by streams of water,
bearing fruit in due season, with leaves that do not wither;
everything they do shall prosper.
[Psalm 1:3]
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