June 2017


EMUC's Vision is to be a thriving Spirit-filled congregation; diverse, inclusive, and engaged with the community and creation.

The Mission of EMUC is to offer opportunities for all persons to experience the love of God through Jesus Christ.


Ordinary Time and the Season of Pentecost begins June 5th.   We use the colour green to represent the Season of Pentecost, l asting until Creation Time in the fall and the beginning of the "new year" in Advent.

This will be the last edition of the Communiqué until late August and so, from the Communication Committee who brings the Communiqué your way, our best wishes for a wonderful and safe summer!

TOCIn This Issue

I am sitting here on a rainy Thursday afternoon feeling thankful for so many reasons.  In my own life, and in the life of this wonderful community of faith, there are so many blessings that abound with the showers that come down on us these days. 

Look what is going on:
  • We have the celebration of the ordination of Roni, an event we will rejoice in on June 4th when Roni presides over communion.
  • We have FOUR- and yes, I said four Baptisms coming up on June 11th.
  • We are meeting this Sunday to formally invite a candidate as the new (permanent) Minister.
I am also so happy to say that I will be here until the end of August.  I am so blessed by God to have this extended time with you.  Because of some flexibility with summer months, we are still going to meet on Wednesday evenings for Communion and Prayers.  We live in a very broken world.  Prayer is, in my opinion, one of the most important ministries the church carries out.

Tennyson said, "There are more things that are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of."  Thessalonians tells us "to pray without ceasing".  So, it makes Biblical sense to keep meeting for prayer in the summer.  And in Matthew's Gospel we are reminded that where two or more are gathered in the name of Christ, he is there..."  So, even if it is just a couple of us from time to time, our ministry goes on.

I urge you, in the summer months, to make prayer a priority.  Of all the busyness of our lives, and especially our lives here at Erin Mills, the one thing I have found to be unique in your congregational life is this gathering you have on Wednesday night - to simply pray and gather around the table of Jesus.  He is fully present in both places.

I look forward to being with you in this and many ways this summer.  I will be visiting, but need nothing but an open door. No coffee, cake or anything, just a time to say hello and how is it going?

As we greeted the risen Christ on Ascension Sunday, so let us rise up with the resurrection hope that God gives us.  
                                                                             In faith for a better world.  
                                                                      Rev. Jackie Burnie: Supply Minister 

Joint Search Committee Report
New Minister

On Sunday May 28th, the Joint Search Committee (JSC) called a Congregational meeting to recommend a candidate as EMUC's next minister.  The congregation unanimously approved their choice, Rev. Kathi Phillips, as our next minister starting in September.

Over the past year, the Joint Search Committee consisting of Kathy Andres (Chair), Sylvia Arnold, Neil Ekels (recording secretary), Gabriel Fearon, Hilton Jeffers, Paul Nauss (posthumously), Janet Tait (corresponding secretary), Georganne Vickery and Presbytery representatives: Rev. Lena Maderios and Mary Patterson worked diligently to find the best candidate based on the requirements in the Joint Needs Assessment Committee (JNAC) report.

Over forty resumes were reviewed by the JSC; twenty five candidates were interviewed; and of these the JSC went to/listened to 18 services and sermons.  Five qualified for second interviews and the JSC was prepared to give offers of employment to four of the candidates.   The candidate who accepted our offer was considered the best fit and the one that all members of the JSC were excited about.

The candidate is Reverend Kathi Phillips, currently at Sharon Hope United Church in Sharon, ON.  Kathi was the best fit to the following JNAC report criteria:
  • Worship
  • Pastoral Care
  • Leadership in Congregational Growth
  • Leadership in Community Life, Children and Youth, and collaboration with other churches
  • Education and Leadership Development
  • Administration
In addition, the JSC was looking for the WOW factor, which presented itself as 'personality' and 'spark'.  The JSC was committed to finding a minister who was a 'cut above' and believe they have done so.

A huge 'thank you' goes to each member of the JSC for their dedication and perseverance over the past 14 months!
                                                                                 Kathy Andres, Chair
                                                                             Joint Search Committee

KPWho is Rev. Kathi Phillips, EMUC's Next Minister?
Kathi sent the following letter of introduction which was read to the congregation at the congregational meeting:

The Reverend Kathryn E. Phillips
                                                                                                                                     May 16, 2017
To the people of Erin Mills United Church
Mississauga, Ontario
Good Morning to you all!
My name is Kathi Phillips and I am very pleased that I am to have the honour and the joy to serve as your new minister.
A little bit of introduction to me:
I was raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, the oldest of four children.
My parents and siblings all still live there.
I left home to attend the University of Waterloo. It was there that I met Greg Phillips and we married a few years later.
We have three children who have all left to create homes and lives of their own and they have blessed us with three grandchildren. I am a very proud Grandma - you may get tired of hearing about our beautiful babies!
In 1998, I went back to school to complete my BSc in Psychology at Trent University and then to Emmanuel College where I received an MDiv in 2003. I was ordained by Toronto Conference that spring.
I was a student minister with Lemonville United and Fenelon Falls United. Since ordination I served three years at St Paul's United, Oak Ridges and 11 years at Sharon-Hope United. I am enthusiastic about worship and love to include music and other creative elements in our celebrations.
Outside of the church, music is a big part of our family life. I love to read and knit, and we enjoy getting away to our cottage near Bancroft whenever we can.
I am excited about our ministry together; building on the work you have been doing and looking forward to our future.
I can't wait to get to know you and learn where the Spirit is calling us to go.
I will be praying for you all and hope you will join me in praying for the people of Sharon-Hope as they now start a time of change and discernment.
                                                                                               Yours in Christ,

  LC From the Chair of the Leadership Circle
Anticipation is the Joy

Over the long weekend in May, we were invited by friends to join them on a biking trip in the Niagara on the Lake region.  The event was called Sip and Sizzle and the idea was we were going to ride around on our bikes to various wineries in the area, enjoying sips of wine and a food pairing at each stop.  Not being an avid cyclist, I was worried about the biking aspect of this proposition, but our guide was convinced that Gary and I could handle the flat terrain of Niagara, so off we set.  I was so excited to try something new and was full of anticipation for this journey.  The phrase "anticipation is the joy" stuck with me as I realized that my joy and excitement were coming from my anticipation that this was going to be great.  I had no experience to base my feelings on and I simply felt giddy because my expectations were positive.  We rode 50 km on Saturday and visited 10 wineries.  The day was cool and windy, but the sun shone and the terrain was as flat as had been promised.  It was amazing and despite some fairly throbbing muscles at the end of the day, my anticipation had turned into reality and I still felt so much joy from the experience.

We, at Erin Mills United, have had a lot to anticipate over the last year or so.  And I hope, for all of you, anticipation is the joy.  There are times when we anticipate something and it falls short of our expectations.  There are times that something far exceeds our anticipation.  I just encourage you to find joy in the anticipation of welcoming a new minister to our family.  I believe that having that positivity and the expectation that things will be great, helps to encourage us to filter events with a positive lens.  I am not saying we may not have growing pains, disappointments and conflict, but if we approach these things with positive energy and respect, I know we can resolve whatever challenges we face.  And my hope is, if we anticipate joy, joy will find us.
I would like to sincerely thank the members of the Joint Search committee for their dedicated commitment to the search process.  You have given up so much of your own time and energy to finding Erin Mills a new minister and we are all grateful for your efforts.  

                                                                            Joanne Hines,
                                                                     Leadership Circle Chair

Thank you to:
  • Cindy Young (EMUC Health and Safety co-ordinator) and Heather Bunting (Chair, Membership and Pastoral Care committee) for organizing the AED workshop.
  • Larry van Goozen for co-ordinating the 'Bunch for Lunch' program over the past year.
  • Rachel Scattergood for her presentation on gardening for Women for Women.
  • Cathy Scattergood for taking the lead in organizing Women for Women evenings this past winter.  Also thanks to all who helped with each evening event.
  • Tim Hayes for his superb 'guidance' and organization of the 'Striders' Hiking Group this past year.
  • Patti King for her organization and running of the Garage Sale.  Thanks also to all who helped.
  • Members of the Joint Search Committee: Kathy Andres, Georganne Vickery, Janet Tait, Neil Ekels, Sylvia Arnold, Gabriel Fearon, Hilton Jeffers, Paul Nauss and Presbytery representatives Rev. Lena Maderios and Mary Patterson for their diligence in finding a new minister.

Life at EMUC
Women4WomenWomen for Women

On April 28, twenty-eight women gathered for a vegetarian meal and a presentation on "Getting Your Garden Ready for Spring".  Rachel Scattergood, a Horticulture Technician and Floral Designer, who grew up in EMUC, gave many tips to the Women for Women group on cleaning up the garden after winter, pruning roses and other plants, types of soil, good and bad insects, weeds and the best plants for sun, shade or partial shade.  It was an enjoyable evening and we all learned something new.

RefugeeUpdateRefugee Sponsorship Update

If we have learned anything from the refugee sponsorship process, it is that it is long and slow. A spate of submitting paperwork and getting information will be followed by a lengthy period of waiting and wondering.   We are, at this point, waiting for news and there is not a lot to report on.

In April, we learned that the applications for Tarek, who is completing his master's degree in Egypt, and Nadeem, Oula and their two children have been accepted, processed, assigned a G number  and forwarded to the appropriate embassy. Tarek will be interviewed in Cairo, Egypt. It has been reported that it can take up to eighteen months for those applications to be approved.

 The application for Nadeem and his family has been sent to Abu Dhabi, UAE. The processing time for that embassy seems to be shorter, but approval can still take four to five months after the interview.

As we wait, we pray for the safety and well-being of Tarek; Nadeem and Oula and their children. We are of course grateful for your continued patience and support.

Members of the EMUC Refugee Task Force are:  Hermine Bingham, Muriel Hamdani, Dianne Hope, Janet Morrison, Debby Sturgeon, and Catharine Watts.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

                                                                 Submitted by Debby Sturgeon

AED AED Training

On Saturday, May 13, fifteen people attended a training session at the church to learn how to use the Automated External Defibrillator, which is mounted on the wall in the narthex, beside the photocopy room.  The training was led by an EMS representative from The Heart and Stroke Foundation, and included 'Everyday CPR,' which is necessary to use in conjunction with the AED.  All participants agreed that the training was very clear, informative and valuable.  Thank-yous go to Ian Thompson (who researched and purchased the AED), Cindy Young (EMUC Health and Safety co-ordinator) and Heather Bunting (Chair, Membership and Pastoral Care committee) for making this happen.

                                                                       Submitted by Sandy Hayes

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On May 14th, Mother's Day and Family Day, the Striders visited Centennial Park and Conservatory in Etobicoke.  It was a sunny day and a great way to share this special day with friends and family.


 Recycling Bins Leaving EMUC 
As part of our greening efforts, EMUC has collected paper for recycling Not only did we help save trees, the collection was a fundraiser for the church.
Over the last two years two changes have occurred that resulted in the LC deciding to remove the collection bins from church property.. The company taking the   collected paper was sold and the new one drastically reduced the monies we received each month. In fact the amount is not worth the garbage issues that have always been an issue. On a regular basis other household waste has been placed next to the bins.
Secondly we all now have our own large bins that allow is to continue to recycle paper. At this point the main deposits in our bins are from newspaper and flyer distributors.
The LC would like to thank all of you who have brought paper on your visits to the church over the last decade.
Please continue to recycle.

                                                                     Submitted by David Leeder

Upcoming Events
PicnicCome One, Come All!
EMUC Annual Picnic Sunday

Following the worship service on Sunday, June 11, the Membership and Pastoral Care committee is hosting the EMUC Annual Picnic on the lawn of the church.  Drinks and cold cuts will be provided.  The committee is asking for picnickers to kindly bring an appetizer, salad or dessert to share.

So c'mon out and have some fun in the sun and enjoy the first picnic of our summer!   P.S. Don't forget to bring your own chair (or blanket) and perhaps one of your favourite outdoor games. 
*In case of rain:  The picnic will be held indoors.

                                                                           Submitted by Sandy Hayes

  WOMEN FOR WOMEN, 1-Day Retreat

SAVE THE DATE!  On Saturday, June 17, Women for Women will hold our annual Retreat.  This year, it will be a 1-day retreat at the beautiful (& very close) Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre.  We have exclusive use of the property that day from 9:00 - 4:30.  Your $40 registration fee includes a morning of interactive activities, snacks, a labyrinth walk, a healthy lunch & a creative afternoon workshop (drumming/movement or printmaking).  Register by Friday, June 9 either by signing up on the sheet on the bulletin board or emailing Debby Sturgeon at  Fill out the registration form at the church or include in your email your name, phone number, emergency contact name & number, any allergies & your preference for the afternoon workshop.  Bring your payment to the church office or mail it to EMUC (cheque payable to Erin Mills United Church Women's Retreat).  Invite your friends!  All are welcome.  We hope to see you there.  For further information, please contact Cathy Scattergood or Debby Sturgeon."

June Hike

This month will feature a one hour stroll along the waterfront at one of our favourite local spots, Jack Darling Park on Wednesday, June 21st.  We'll meet right after the Wednesday evening service at 7:15 pm, to car pool down to the Lakeshore.  The group will start the walk at 7:45 pm from the last parking lot at the end of the road after the roundabout on the right side.  Return to EMUC by 9:15 pm.  It should still be light out.

                                                                               Tim Hayes, Coordinator

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