May/June 2021
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Summer is here, and we have a lot of important updates to share with you in this edition of our Community Beat newsletter. From reminding everyone that ALL fireworks are illegal in Long Beach, to addressing violent crime and launching our North Division Neighborhood Walks, our officers and detectives have been working hard to keep our Long Beach community safe. Please read below to learn more about our efforts to reduce gun violence, the Celebrate Safely campaign, and to keep up with the LBPD! 
Celebrate Safely

We want everyone to enjoy the 4th of July holiday safely and responsibly. In order to keep the City’s residents and visitors safe, all personal fireworks, even those deemed “Safe and Sane,” are illegal in the City of Long Beach. 

The Long Beach Police Department always seeks voluntary compliance to ensure public safety. While officers make every effort to respond to reports of illegal fireworks, they must witness the activity in order to make an arrest.  Community members who witness illegal fireworks activity also have the option to sign a private person’s arrest form which will allow officers to take action after investigating an incident. 

Anyone cited or arrested for fireworks violations may be faced with a $1,000 fine, sentenced to jail for six months, or both. 

For more information about reporting illegal firework activity in Long Beach, please visit the City’s Celebrate Safely website at
Addressing Violent Crime

Year-to-date, there has been an increase in violent crime in Long Beach and we remain committed to reducing gun violence and keeping our community safe. Officers are out walking in the community, proactively connecting and engaging with residents and businesses, and working together to reduce criminal activity and build strong partnerships. 

We are increasing patrols citywide and deploying our Coordinated Response Team to affected areas. We are also continuing our efforts to seize firearms from prohibited possessors to take guns off our streets.  

We’d like to remind our community to be aware of your surroundings and always trust your instincts. If you see suspicious or criminal activity, you can report it by calling Police Dispatch at 562-435-6711, by calling our tips line at 800-222-TIPS, through the “P3” app, through the LBPD app, and online at You can remain anonymous. For emergencies, always call 9-1-1. 

If you have any questions or concerns, we always invite you to contact us directly at:
North Division Neighborhood Walks
Starting on June 15, North Division patrol officers began walking in various neighborhoods in their division, stopping to talk with residents and business owners about issues affecting the community. 

During the Neighborhood Walks program, officers will focus on building strong relationships with the people they serve, including residents, community leaders, and business owners. Be sure to follow us on social media to get the latest updates from our most recent walks. 
Police and Fire Memorial Dedication
The Police and Fire Memorial Ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 4 in the downtown area. The ceremony unveiled the City’s new Police and Fire Memorial Monument which pays tribute to police officers and firefighters who have lost their lives in service to our community. The new monument was a collaborative effort by the City and numerous business and community leaders. 
Etch and Catch event
To help support residents in preventing potential catalytic converter thefts, we partnered with the City of Long Beach’s Fleet Services Bureau to host a free catalytic converter etching event. The event was open to any Long Beach resident to have their vehicle's VIN or license plate number etched onto the catalytic converter of their vehicle. This process can assist LBPD investigations if the catalytic converter is stolen and may also discourage criminals from stealing it. We’re proud to have etched 200 residents’ catalytic converters during this event. 

Additional Etch-and-Catch Events are being planned—keep an eye on our social media channels for future announcements!
Ruby Marin-Jordan Promoted to Bureau Manager
Chief Robert Luna announced his selection of Ruby Marin-Jordan for promotion to bureau manager. Previously serving as our Professional Standards Division Administrator, Marin-Jordan took over as the Bureau Manager overseeing the Department’s Administration Bureau on May 22, 2021.  

LBPD Seeking Volunteers for Trauma Intervention Program (TIP)
We're pleased to announce our partnership with the Trauma Intervention Program (TIP) to bring their much-needed services to our Long Beach community. Through this program, local volunteers are trained to respond to traumatic incidents within the City at the request of Police, Fire and Hospital personnel to provide emotional aid and practical support to victims of traumatic events and their families in the first few hours following a tragedy. The LBPD is seeking Long Beach community members who want to make a difference in their communities and partake as TIP volunteers. 

On the Patrol Beat
Last month, our Coordinated Response Team visited an afterschool program at a local park as part of their ongoing commitment to build strong relationships in the community.  

Responding to car accidents can often be chaotic and challenging, but our officers will always offer a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on. Recently, a North Division resident captured a candid moment of one of our officers tending to a small child after a car accident.  
Earlier this month, South Division officers responded to a call of a catalytic converter theft. As officers arrived on scene, they caught the suspect in the act of stealing another catalytic converter. Officers prevented the crime, arrested the suspect, and acquired evidence.
In May, Marine Patrol Officer Pina's heroic act of rescuing an unresponsive person from the water likely saved that person's life.
Earlier this month, officers responded to a call of a woman being attacked by a Pit bull. Officer Davenport jumped in to stop the attack, allowing fellow officers to render aid to the woman, potentially saving her life.
In mid-June, LBPD officers responded to a drag racing call that resulted in a traffic stop and the impoundment of two vehicles involved in an illegal drag race. In addition to both suspects receiving hefty fines for this illegal activity, it was discovered that one of the drivers was also in possession of illegal fireworks.
Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

In recognition of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, we highlighted several Long Beach Police Department employees who go above and beyond every day to serve our community.  
Mental Health Awareness Month

As part of Mental Health Awareness Month in May, we highlighted the great work of our Mental Evaluation Team (MET) program. Our department has six, two-person teams, each consisting of one sworn police officer and one clinician from the Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. These teams respond to calls for service that can benefit from crisis intervention.   
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