June 2018
Monthly Update: What we are up to in Uganda
Pokot literacy student

In Uganda, the DCI team, made up of Jonathan and a group of educated Ugandans, is still working hard on revising our adult literacy curriculum.  It is a major process, involving all staff in addition to outside consultants and graduates of the program, who provide valuable insight from their unique perspective, in order to get it right.  After more than ten years of teaching these comprehensive life skills, we have learned many things from our teachers and adult students, and we have learned much from living in the rural communities in which we serve. Today the staff poured over the entrepreneurship draft, one of seven subjects we teach our students.  During this short interim period before we start the next round of classes, we are tightly focused on this important work, putting in extra time and resources to make sure our unique program remains the best that it can be, not just for the places in which we are working at the moment, but also the many other places which are asking for our help, and even around the world. We are helping the most disadvantaged people in these communities to be equipped to really change their own lives, with a more mature knowledge of Christ and the world around them, developing skills in all areas of life.  

But right now we have to put this project on hold as we focus for a few days on urgent fundraising.  Even our team of Ugandan staff want to help us get the word out, because they are the most impacted by our budget shortfall.  They have caught the vision of DCI so much that they are taking our goals personally.  They love being a part of the change that we are making in communities here, and they are really excited about the impact they know we can have on a much broader region.  Even the world!  

At the moment we have a funding emergency due to the costs involved in renewing our operating license in Uganda for another five years (did you know we have to pay the Ugandan government to let us help their people?) plus the additional labor needed to help with our major literacy curriculum revision.  We also are at a point where all of our decade-old computers are becoming unusable and need to be replaced.

We are seeking some special gifts this month, above and beyond normal giving.  And we are also hoping that all of our supporters will share this amazing ministry with their friends and anyone they think might catch our vision and become new regular monthly supporters.  

In the meantime, we are hoping to expand the DCI Board with a few new positions.  If you or someone you know might feel called to serve in an oversight and development capacity, please let us know.

Thank you for your interest in DCI. We are pleased to have you on our team. Your prayers for this work are appreciated and we pray that God will bless you greatly.

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