July 2018
Monthly Update: What we are up to in Uganda
New Literacy Graduate

You can call it multi-tasking or juggling. Either way, while we have been so focused on revamping our adult literacy curriculum, and right now also on our critical fundraising campaign, our Uganda team still believes we should always be on the ground in the communities, serving our core beneficiaries. Your financial support is helping us to continue the vital background tasks that make our programs work. 

Our great health professional, Jabez, is continuing his community health visits and his radio shows, reaching people who have little access to health care. Being able to call in to the radio program and ask questions about that funny spot on your face, or how to treat a nasty burn, is a big step forward. Next month you will even read about a few people whose lives have been changed by our radio health ministry.

Early in July our staff took a break from working on the huge curriculum update and funding projects to take steps in starting the next set of literacy classes. We visited nine different communities and met with their leaders and even some future students. We must make sure the community is really ready for the program, and really want it for themselves. And we must make sure that the local leaders, in the village councils and in the churches, are ready to work together to support the program. It’s not enough for just the students to want it. Their community support system, their pastors, council members, and family members need to be on board to get them through the two and half year, life-changing course.

The Local Council Chairman in Buwasu Wanale says that because of the mountains and lack of roads, access to education has been very difficult for people in his area, contributing to high rates of illiteracy. In some of the villages, even the church pastors plan on joining our literacy class. In each of these communities we found everyone ready, eagerly awaiting their opportunity to make a new life. We are all ready to go as soon as we have more funding. Please pray with us that we can interest more people in joining us in this work. 

We invite you to partner with us in this community development work by making a regular monthly contribution in any amount. Of course we are also happy to accept one-time contributions. As more funds become available, we can start classes in more locations.

Last month we asked for extra support to meet a serious funds crisis and several people stepped forward and gave some large donations, meeting about half the need. Right now we are asking for your extra support above and beyond normal, to raise just a few thousand dollars more to finish this urgent campaign. We must complete our registration renewal and finish equipping our Uganda team to be able to do their great work. Our goal is $7000 beyond our regular budget. You can help this happen now.  

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