We originally planned to send out a much different June Developments. Then the country exploded in reaction to the brutal murder of George Floyd. Yachad, as a Jewish organization, is made up of mostly white people who are generously supporting, working and advocating for decent, healthy housing for the most vulnerable people in our greater communities. We have done a lot of good work over the past 30 years. Now we need to do more. We must do more. We can use our privilege and our wealth to advocate and support the work that must be done now.  
Here are just three organizations strongly recommended by trusted people who have asked us to be their allies. What we can do is support their work with our wealth.   

I ask you to give generously at this time: 
Stop Police Terror Project-DC  i s a local organization committed to opposing police abuses, advocate for alternatives to policing and help build community-led peacekeeping efforts designed to place the power over public safety squarely in the hands of Black and oppressed communities. The Stop Police Terror Project-DC is a product and a successor   to the DCFerguson Movement, a grassroots project created two weeks after Michael Brown was murdered in Ferguson, Missouri.   
Black Lives Matter   is raising funds for local bail funds to support those activists who are arrested and can't post bail. This link will provide access to a variety of funds locally and country-wide that need our support. The Minneapolis Bail Fund is overflowing and is now supporting other cities' funds.   
Baltimore Action Legal: BALT   provides legal support to Baltimore communities as they exercise their civil liberties protesting against injustices rooted in structural racism and economic inequality. BALT is committed to building the power of the local Movement for Black Lives. BALT takes direction from community organizing groups who are on the ground working with the leadership of local activists. BALT is committed to anti-racist practices and to black leadership. BALT is dedicated to politically-conscious lawyering and to using creative, collective solutions to support the Movement for Black Lives in Baltimore.  
Truly, if not now, when? 
Thank you, 
Audrey Lyon 
Executive Director