June 2019
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Scouting Prepares Servant Leaders
Scouting promises boys and girls the tools to help them better connect with their family, community and nation. The good deeds Scouts perform every day will improve the lives of those around them and they will be prepared to help others in times of need. 
Because of you, we are able to fulfill this mission and prepare a new generation of youth to be servant leaders in their communities. Tyler is one such future leader. He is an Eagle Scout from Troop 209, chartered by the First United Methodist Men’s Club of Palatine, IL. 

Tyler was named the 2019 recipient of the Pathway to Adventure Council Construction Industry Memorial Scholarship Program, funded by proceeds from the annual Construction Industry Dinner. He will graduate from Palatine High School this year and continue his education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he will pursue a degree in chemical engineering. 
In his scholarship application, he wrote how Scouting played a role in his life at a critical time. A friend confided in Tyler that he was chronically depressed and suicidal, thinking he might end his life that night. After an initial moment of shock, Tyler’s Scouting training kicked in. 

“I remembered to stay calm and told him we would get help for him right away. I knew what I needed to say from the countless talks I’d had under pressure in front of my troop. I was able to find the courage to talk to our band director to get him the help he needed. I can confidently say that emergency preparedness and bravery in that stressful situation might have easily saved a life,” Tyler said.

Tyler exemplifies the character-driven leader we seek to develop through the Scouting program. Your support of the Pathway to Adventure Council enables us to positively impact youth like Tyler. Thank you!
Left Photo:
Tyler received his scholarship from Justin Truetelaar, President of Great Lakes Plumbing and Heating and the 2019 Construction Industry Dinner Chairman.
Right Photo:
For his Eagle project, Tyler supervised 35 volunteers on the construction of a 70-foot stone paved path at Our Saviour's Church in Arlington Heights.
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