Volume X | June 2019

It's National Homeownership Month!

Here at St. Ambrose, we are celebrating homeowners and those in search of their place to call "home".

Do you have questions to ask
before you make a decision?

St. Ambrose is here for YOU!
(Call our Homeownership Counselors today
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Whether you are a current homeowner or just decided to buy your first home, here are a few FREE homeownership hints to owning and maintaining your home.
* Curb appeal raises the value of your home. Take pride in the beautification of the exterior of your property. Your home is your most valuable asset.

* Get an energy efficiency audit. In addition to lowering your utility bills, a more efficient home may end up putting money in your pocket thanks to local, state and federal rebates.
* Repairs are a part of homeownership. Make a budget in preparation for unexpected repairs. St. Ambrose has free budget counseling workshops to help you save for unexpected emergencies.
The Results Are In!

NeighborWorks America recently conducted a nationally representative survey of over 1,600 adults ages 18 and over.

"The survey found that the vast majority of Americans say owning a home increases financial stability. The survey also found that although people are very interested in homeownership, they believe it’s out of reach primarily because they don’t understand the process. Only one in five Americans are aware of educational programs available locally."

These are areas where St. Ambrose can help!
We continue to be a resource for you in
your homeownership journey.       

You or your family might be interested in some of the other programs that St. Ambrose offers including attorneys on staff providing free  legal advice financial coaches  who can help you reach your financial goals, and a  Homesharing   program which is a unique housing opportunity that can reduce your housing costs whether you're a homeowner or a renter.

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