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June 2014
Out of all the issues of our e-newsletter, this is the one I am most excited to send. For the first time, we have a guest column from one of our patients, KC, who has graciously and generously agreed to share her story with us.

We gave KC the option of being completely anonymous, but she has chosen to use her real initials because she is proud of how far she has come. As well she should be.

Recognizing and accepting when our current ways are not serving us takes an open mind, honesty, and courage. Establishing a healthier lifestyle built on a foundation of balance takes motivation, a willingness to address some potentially difficult questions, and patience. Nobody exemplifies these qualities better than KC.

Among all of the important points and lessons embedded in KC's journey, the essential message I hope you take home is that with the right approach, you too can overcome your challenges and find better balance and health.

KC inspires me, and I bet her story will have the same effect on you and the people in your life. KC did not just write for herself; she also wrote to help the rest of us. Please share her piece with family, friends, or anybody else who may benefit from reading it.



Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner

No Such Thing as Perfect


Written by KC, 32-year-old female, Wellesley, MA  


Growing up as an athlete encouraged me to develop a commitment and eventually a passion for health and fitness. Over a year ago, that commitment turned into an unhealthy obsession. I lost the balance I once had and quite honestly it happened without me even realizing it. It took control of my life and isolated me from my friends and family and ultimately, it led me down a path of sadness and despair. This is my story of how strict discipline, unwavering dedication and the pursuit of perfection turned my otherwise healthy lifestyle into a battle with Orthorexia and exercise obsession.

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We have long recognized that weight does not define one's health; nor should it be a barometer of self-worth.


In order to reach more people who are interested in leaving fruitless diets and stereotypes about body size and weight behind and instead focusing on health, we have joined the Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH).

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