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Los Angeles Only, Call for Volunteers to Stop LA RICS
Smart Meter Saga
Cell Phone Sadness
Cell Tower Sickness
EMF Etc.
New Science and Statistics
I Spy


Los Angeles Only  


Petition to Stop LA RICS 

Volunteers needed in L.A.

We need volunteers in the Los Angeles area to talk with people at the LA RICS cell tower sites who will be exposed to the radiation if the towers go in.  We have been VERY successful thus far in our door to door campaign, but are sadly short on people.  Please contact me if you can do a cell tower site.  You will need to be able to talk with people and hand them a flyer...that's all.  Only takes 2 hours per site.  We will train you and provide flyers. 

My Video on LA RICS and First Net

State Senate Passes Bill to Reform CPUC in Wake of Problems





Smart Meter Saga


From approx. 13.37

Smart Meter Explosion Caught on Camera 


Crisis Averted as Ontario as Smart Meter Explodes Next to Gas Line 


This article accounts the outrageous abuse of the smart meter program.  It will make you angry to read this...


MWC Woman Confronts City Hall About Controversial Smart Meters 


Appeal to Pres. Obama to Secure the Now Vulnerable Smart Grid 


Free Analog Resolution Opt Out Passed by Woodstock, NY





Cell Phone Sadness

The Brain Tumor that Killed Joe Biden's Son Has Been Linked to Cell Phone Radiation



Dr Oz Why Smart Phones Could Cause Cancer in Kids


Cell Phone Industry Sues Berkeley Over Radiation Warning Label Law 


Cell Phone Radiation Could be Changing Your Brain  


Verizon Kills Landlines then Denies





Cell Tower Sickness


Cell Tower in Deering High Roof Undergoes Tests After Fish Die in Classroom  


EMF Tower Population Control Agenda Exposed 


Town to Get Legal Help to Oppose Cell Tower 







SpaceX Founder Files with Government to Provide Internet Services from Space



Health Risks of WIFI 


WIFI Signals Used to Perform Head Count

EMF Etc.

Video to Press Conference 5th Paris Appeal Congress Royal Academy of Medicine



"...the true significance of the discovery lies in the effects it could have on the study and treatment of neurological diseases ranging from autism to Alzheimer's disease to multiple sclerosis." 

Cancer Increases by 44% Over Last Decade in Israel       Google Translate





I Spy

This is a MUST READ article...

NSA Makes Medical Intelligence Operations a High Priority 

Yahoo to Face Class Action Lawsuit Over Spying 

Fake Corporate Names are Painted on These Aircraft so as to Appear Innocuous...

Super fun vid...
New World Order  




This video is a year or so old, but oh so important.  It was recently brought to my attention.  Who is doing the talking here is incredible...
  Canadian Minister of Defense on Abolishing the Banking Cabal and Government Cover Up of Extraterrestrials 


Special thanks for articles from: Deborah Taveris, Jerry Flynn, Sharon Noble, William Meurer, Mast victims, Henrik Eiriksson, Info Wars, Michigan Stop Smart Meters, Omega News, Sandy Fields, Paul Doyon, Safe Tech for Schools, Maryland, Sebastian Sanzotta, Warren Woodward, Dave Ashton, Jenny Miller, Dr, Joel Moskowitz, Dave Ashton, Sandy Fields, Janis Hoffman, Gayl Murphy, Peter Heindl, ftgfarm


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