July 2017
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Early Literacy Practice: Talking 
In this tale of bedtime at the barnyard, one animal after another is in the wrong bed. The familiar refrain of "go sleep in your own bed" is easy to chant as you read together and may be one that is commonly heard in a house with little ones! The sounds of each animal precede its picture, allowing you and your child to talk about which animal will appear on the next page.
Talk about the steps your child takes to get ready for bed. You can even make a checklist like this one and make sure each task is done. Talking increases your child's vocabulary and is a great way to get ready to read!  

Early Literacy Practice: Writing 

Explore all of the wonderful things that Peas can do in LMNO Peas by Keith Baker. The Peas are a delightful cast of characters that will take you and your child through a brightly illustrated alphabet. LMNO Peas is a great introduction to the alphabet.
Work on your child's pencil grasp by strengthening their hands with this clever money manipulation coin slot from The Ot Tool Box. This easy-to-make coin slot requires your child to use both hands to get the coins through, which will get them manipulating their hands in ways they typically might not. This is great for building the coordination and strength required to hold a pencil and write.
Early Literacy Practice: Reading 
Where are you? Out of the pond; through the sandbox: these are just a few answers given as a little green snake follows a little pink snake in a day at the park. Where are You? by Sara Williamson is a great look and find book-ask children where the green worm and pink worm are while reading the story.
Wiggly Worm
Here's a wiggly little worm  (Wiggle pointer finger)
Looking for some lunch. (Move finger as if looking around.)
He sees a shiny apple  (Hold up fist like an apple)
That looks good enough to munch. (Pretend to chew)
He opens up his mouth (Open up mouth)
And takes a bite so wide, (Spread hands wide apart)
He pops right through the apple (Poke finger through the hole in the apple)
And comes out the other side! (Wiggle finger)
Early Literacy Practice: Playing     
Explore ice painting with your toddler or preschooler! Painting is a wonderful way to express creativity and have fun. To make the cubes, either freeze paint or mix water and add 1 tablespoon flour per cube. Whisk together before pouring in to the ice cube tray. Add up to 4 drops of food coloring per cube. Freeze slightly and add a craft stick to each cube. Make clean up easier by taking this activity outdoors on a nice summer day. Read about color mixing together with the classic story Mouse Paint by Ellen Stohl Walsh while awaiting your frozen paint cubes!

Early Literacy Practice: Singing   
Singing familiar nursery rhymes and simple songs can strengthen memory and help children learn familiar words. Sing With Me! by Naoko Stoop is filled with favorite nursery rhymes and kids songs and beautiful pictures to go along with the songs.

If you're looking for a great interactive app to sing, Itsy Bitsy Spider by Duck Duck Moose has a lot to offer. Those quirky characters offer a lot of fun as you learn or even record your own version of the song!